Bryce Petty to start final four games for Jets

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Jets head coach Todd Bowles said that Bryce Petty will start the final four games of the season after another dismal showing for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets’ offense Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

Bowles claimed that the decision to start Petty for the final four games of the season had already been decided prior to Monday night’s outing.

“Well the plan was for us to start him the last four games anyway so we just started a half early,” Bowles said. “We could have won 45-0, he was going to start the last four games.”

If there was any doubt about making a change, Fitzpatrick did little to make a case for himself. Fitzpatrick completed just 5 of 12 passes for 81 yards with an interception as the Colts smacked the Jets 41-10.  The Jets have now lost four straight games and were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Monday night.

“We weren’t doing much in the first half so put the kid in and try to get a spark,” Bowles said.

The Jets were already trailing 31-3 before Petty entered the game in the third quarter. He completed 11 of 25 passes for 135 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

“I didn’t get it done,” Fitzpatrick said.

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    It’s telling when a team has a 9-6 loss to the Rams and 41 – 10 loss to the Colts sandwiched around a hard fought 22-17 defeat at the hands of the Patriots. In that game New England needed a final drive strip sack in order to ” escape ” with a win as the Jets made the Patriots earn every yard. It’s hard to fathom a team with a decent amount of talent and veteran leadership being so inconsistent.

  2. Fitzpatrick with the quote of the year! But he skipped out on training camp and got paid too. He played the Jets just like Revis did.

  3. the only hope for this team is if they lose out and finish 3-13

    only way to get a full rebuild

    it might cost the gm and the head coach their jobs, and it might be justified.

    The defensive has not been prepared to play all season, the coach won’t bench revis even though the effort is gone, and the gm re-signed their Defensive end despite concerns over his attitude, blowing off team meetings and general lack of production.

    The Jets last under Rex ryan finished 4-12. They were awful but cheap since they were so under the salary cap. Now its all gone and they are old and miserable. Thats even worse.

  4. Kaepernick already purchased property in Tribeca.
    Please NYJ, do us a favor in SF, give him a job next Spring.

  5. No Todd, if the Jets won 45-0, besides buying a lottery ticket you would’ve started Fitz the last 4 games. You already started Fitz a lot longer than was reasonable. There was no reason to even start him today or last game either. You were trying to save your job rather than do what’s best for the team. The only reason you are switching now is that starting him for another game will probably get you fired before the season ends.

    Fitz can thank the rabid Jets fans for the $12 million he got this year. Everyone outside of NY had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen this year and Fitz lived up to his reputation.

    Imagine if he had gotten that long term deal for big money that he was seeking. It would’ve been the Buffalo Bills all over again. He is second only to Jeff Fisher in lacking any sort of competence and yet keeps getting big money contracts.

    Does this mean we never have to hear where he went to college again?

  6. “I didn’t get it done,” Fitzpatrick said.


    The Cliff Notes version of Fitzpatrick’s career.

  7. He throws a nice looking ball and seems to have plenty of confidence but the mental aspect and field vision are nonexistent. You really see in him the liabilities of taking on a QB “project” who has physical ability but whose college playing experience (even when extensive) has not prepared him for the requirements of the NFL at all.

  8. I would throw Hackenberg in there. Petty is not the answer. They’ll probably ask Brandon Marshall first.

  9. mmack66 says:
    Dec 6, 2016 7:56 AM
    A sad end for the best quarterback, statistically speaking only, that the Jets have ever had.
    no, that would be Chad Pennington.

  10. The Jets started the year with 4 QBs on the roster. Thats pretty unusual–and a sign that the team wasn’t really confident in any of them.

    Dumb luck that smith got hurt…but I was a little concerned about re-signing Fitz–he had a good 2015 but not likely to post good numbers again, and sadly he regressed. Nobody thought it would be this bad though.

    Throw in bad injuries and bad luck and a promising season becomes a nightmare.

    But the defense…never did I think it would have fallen apart this badly. Are the defensive backs this awful or the defensive coordinator unable to coach? No way this late in the year a unit should still blow so many coverages…ugh!

  11. Speaking of starters, the Jets needs to beef up their secondary by signing that NJ State Trooper and the Security Guard. They both to great angles to intercept the runners and stuffed them on the takedown.

  12. Miami,Buffallo,and the Jets all got there butts kicks this week, the question is which one will rebound this coming week? Bill

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