Jay Gruden wants more Rob Kelley on offense

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During a three-game unbeaten streak that started with a tie against the Bengals in London in Week Eight, the Redskins gave running back Rob Kelley at least 21 carries in each game and he responded with 321 yards and four touchdowns over that span.

Kelley hasn’t been used quite as heavily the last two games, both of which have ended with the Redskins on the wrong side of the final score. He had 14 carries of limited effectiveness against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in a game that saw Washington trying to mount a comeback and then 14 more against the Cardinals that resulted in 63 yards.

That game remained close throughout, but Kelley ran only six times in the second half. Coach Jay Gruden said that the team will look to change that over the final four weeks.

“We ideally would like to get that running game going a little bit more — more touches for Robert because he’s been very good as far as running the football,” Gruden said, via CSNMidAtlantic.com. “We have got to make sure that we get him more involved, maintain the time of possession and stay more balanced.”

The Eagles are next up on the schedule and their secondary has been picked apart the last two weeks, so there should be opportunities for Kirk Cousins to throw the ball. Establishing a solid ground game would open up play action possibilities on top of those other opportunities, although it will be up to Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay to ensure that happens.

14 responses to “Jay Gruden wants more Rob Kelley on offense

  1. So I’m supposed to believe it took 3 years (basically) for this bum Gruden to realize he has to run to set up the pass (which has always been the key to the Redskins success). I won’t hold my breath.

    His Starting Running Backs rarely get more than 12-18 carries per game. Usually average around 14. I’ll believe he wants to run more when I see it actually happen.

  2. Well Jay, one might be excited about this news, but too little, too late. On top of that, you said it before and when it’s not to your satisfaction you start overloading the pass. Let’s hope you keep at it. Why do you think Matt Jones gained so many yards late in the game?

  3. Like alot of SUPER WANNABE BILL WALSH GURU’S, Kelley ran 13 yds and it was pass pass pass!

    McVay wants the Colt job so bad!

    Just like the Idiot Cardinals! If they stuck with Johnson, it would’ve been a blow out!!

    So many coaches with their game plans and they can’t modify it to the players they have…..

    Throwing a fade to a 5-10′ receiver against Peterson… AYKM?????????????????

  4. 62% of Redskins plays are pass. Because that’s what the HC wants.

    I always giggle when I hear a HC talk about what he *wants* to do:

    “We ideally would like to get that running game going a little bit more…”

    Then do that! You’re in charge, aren’t you? If you want to call 50 run plays a game, that’s your decision – nobody else’s. Of course, what we all know is that such talk is just lip service.

    By the definition of you job, Jay, you’re running the plays you want.

  5. Especially with Reed sidelined…and not running game. Yea that was real intelligent….and a fade to Djax…with Peterson on him, and they did this after a time out to mull it over not to mention a QB who cannot throw a fade to save his life. Just really bad game planning and execution.
    What is up?

  6. CwickB– Bum? I wouldn’t call Jay Gruden elite by any means, but I don’t think anyone has ever received less respect for turning a 3-13 team into a playoff team in his first two years at the helm.

    He’s no coach of the year, but he gets astonishingly little praise and far too much criticism for what he’s done in DC.

  7. Kirk throwing a fade should be removed from the playbook. I’m happy to see others feel that way too. He’s not a bad QB but that is a pass he cannot compete.

  8. montango says:
    Dec 6, 2016 1:19 PM

    Redskins still looking for thier running back since riggins retired…Cowboys had Tony, Hershal, Emmitt, now Zeke…during and since

    Yeah, I know! Freakin’ Earnest Byner, Stephen Davis, Terry Allen, Clinton Portis and ALF all sucked!


  9. instead of removing the fade from the playbook, Kirk should have changed the play when he saw Peterson on DJax! Either he doesnt have the authority to call audibles yet at the goal line (where we absolutely need it) or he isnt as smart as they say he is!
    Our D sucks big time, 3rd and Joke!!!

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