Hue Jackson says he’s not trying to fool the Bengals regarding Sunday’s quarterback

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As the Browns emerge from their bye, they have arguably one more decent chance to say hello to victory: At home on Sunday against the Bengals.

Some think that Browns coach Hue Jackson is concealing his quarterback choice for Sunday in order to keep the Bengals guessing. Jackson says he’s not.

“I think you guys know who I am,” Jackson told reporters on Wednesday. “Until I see guys do certain things [at] practice am I going to make that decision because it all has to fit. It is not just about one guy. It is about a unit playing together. We have not played as well together in several weeks. It is important that we practice, and I feel good about that decision so we can go out and give ourselves the best chance to win.”

One candidate to start is Robert Griffin III. Jackson explained that he needs to see more in practice from Griffin, who suffered a broken shoulder in Week One, before making that decision.

“I do need to see Robert go through the week,” Jackson said. “It is not so much gamesmanship. We are talking about a young man that has not played much football this year. I need to be for sure about everything that could potentially go on. Before you stick him out there, you want to make sure you are putting guys in the right situation, give him the right opportunity. We will keep practicing and we will keep getting these guys ready to play.”

Jackson agreed that one major factor in determining whether Griffin should play is the fact that he has played in only one regular-season game since the end of the 2014 season.

“[T]here is probably some rust there,” Jackson said. “He has not played a lot of football. Practice is only a simulation of what the game could be. The game is a very different game. That is why I am taking every consideration before truly making this decision about who is going to step out there.”

Whoever it is, the Browns need the quarterback to play better than any quarterback has played all year long for the Browns. Otherwise, 0-12 becomes 0-13 and the Browns move to within games against the Bills, Chargers, and Steelers of matching the Lions in 2008 with zero wins in 16 tries.

15 responses to “Hue Jackson says he’s not trying to fool the Bengals regarding Sunday’s quarterback

  1. I think the only thing that would surprise the Bemgals is if the Browns made a trade Sunday morning for Rodgers or Brady.

  2. Hue Jackson is fooling himself if he thinks he is head coaching material. He’s just another coordinator who is great at coordinating but can’t cut it as the main man.

    He keeps talking about putting guys in the best position to win. This team is so bad that there is nobody he can put in that position because this team can’t win regardless of what Hue decides.

    He needs to line up a OC job someplace and bail out of Cleveland as fast as he can.

  3. Remember the time the Browns wanted to bring back every QB from the past decade but had to axe the idea because there’d be no tickets left over for the fans?

  4. When Jackson’s boys get to 2 – 14 watch how fast they bail out on him and they will mail the last 2 games in, leaving Hue to twist in the evil wind of a 0 – 16 stigma that will stay with him the rest of his career.

  5. It’s like showing a 2 in blackjack and then pondering out loud if you should hit or not. Nobody’s fooled.

  6. …let’s see: RG3 or McClown, McClown or RG3…what the hell, it doesn’t matter, I’ll run sweeps with Pryor all day long…that’ll fool them…

  7. With 15 sacks and at least 30 hits on the QB in the last two games, there isn’t a QB in the league that can win a game for this team. And most of the time the defensive players are coming completely untouched. So go ahead Hue, put RGlll back in so he can be put on IR, so the Browns will be on the hook for another 7 million next season for a hurt QB.

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