Report: Vic Fangio could be part of “massive overhaul” in Chicago


John Fox has been able to fix teams quickly in both his previous stops, but the going has been much tougher in Chicago. And if he continues next year as head coach, some changes to his staff could be inevitable.

Via Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Tribune, one of those on the way out could be veteran defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, as part of a “massive overhaul” of the team’s staff after a disappointing 3-9 start obscured any of the strides they made going 6-10 last year. According to the report, that overhaul won’t include Fox himself.

The Bears have plenty of problems, beginning with injuries and suspensions this year. But many would identify the problems with their offense, as they’ve struggled since replacing offensive coordinator Adam Gase with Dowell Loggains.

Fox hiring Fangio in Chicago was a bit of a surprise to some, as Fox has always run 4-3 defenses and Fangio was a 3-4 guy. But the Bears are built to play a three-man front now, and changing that might create another layer of problems.

If they make a change at all, as coaches get notoriously jumpy this time of year as they look for future employment.

24 responses to “Report: Vic Fangio could be part of “massive overhaul” in Chicago

  1. Yet another one of Nutjob’s failures…can’t even remember the other guy’s name, but I think the Bills canned him earlier this year as well.

  2. Rules of Chicago Sports Journalism
    1) They almost never Break stories.
    2) For a group that covers the team on a daily basis, they seem to be more wrong that right about what is going on in the locker room.
    3) No one predicted the Jay Cutler trade when it happened. One reporter I knew actually went on vacation that week and read about it through the Bahama newspaper.

  3. If they’re cleaning house, Fox built this staff, he’s the one that needs to go. I’d keep Fangio over him. But this is typical in how the Bears run.

  4. The coaching staff is NOT the problem in Chicago, the dearth of talent was. They had a great ’15 draft nabbing Floyd, Whitehair and Howard as bonafide studs. Another year of great drafting AND judicious use of free agency and they will be a team to contend in the coming years.
    Injury-prone headcase vets (Cutler, Jeffery) need to go. A lot of talent is sitting on IR, they’ll be significantly better in ’17 without messing with the coaching staff (again!).

  5. I thought we were blaming all of the injuries. Are we blaming coaching now? If we are, Fox’s mistakes during the year (i.e. changing up the offensive line immediately before the season) were far worse than any imagined mistake by Fangio.

    Forgive me Fox. I know that I do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on Fangio?

  6. Too much white electronic paper to fill. Bears defense is not one of the top 5 issues in Chicago.
    The ranking is:

    1. Owners
    2. Owners
    3. Owners
    4. QB
    5. Fox

    No simple out on the first 3.

  7. Since when did John Fox improve the Broncos?
    That had more to do with drafting good players, so it’s the GM who gets credit.

    The Broncos under Fox were unprepared for the 2013 Super Bowl.

    I’ll credit him with being able to adapt to using Tim Tebow.

    I don’t know how good or bad Fox is, but he doesn’t seem to be all that good.

  8. After reading the headline I was expecting to read that Fangio would potentially be taking over as HC. His defense, despite many impactful injuries, has really been the lone bright spot this year. They even played pretty well last year in a transition year from the 4-3 to a 3-4. If this story is true I’d be very disappointed, but not surprised, in my dysfunctional Bears.

  9. It would be an unbelievably stupid move to dump Fangio, even by the standards of a Bears organization that has made a business out of bad decisions since the mid-1980s. He is by far the most capable and respected member of that staff (including John Fox), and the Bears defense is the only unit of the three that has showed any kind of improvement this season at all. Not to mention, the instant he hit the streets the Packers would sign him on.

    If he gets a HC offer that’s one thing but if this is another Lovie Smith / Ron Rivera thing where a top assistant is being moved out to remove an internal threat, then Fox will be running directly counter to his own “performance based” mantra and it will be quite a bit longer before the Bears return to relevance than even the pessimists predict.

    If they want to make changes, start with the strength and conditioning staff, then the OC and the ST coach. But leave the D alone because it’s finally starting to come together.

  10. HC Josh McDaniel’s and QB Jimmy Garopollo. Package deal. Plus the Bears and Pats have been trade buddies the past couple of years.

    I do believe there is some actual smoke to this claim. You could see it during the Bears/Pats joint practices. Well technically after the practices. That’s when you’d see the Bears front office smooching with JG and JMcD.

  11. Dump Fox keep Fangio would be the best for the Bears. Given the way the Bears org makes decisions though, getting rid of Fangio would be in line with some of the other dumb moves they have made over the years. The draft certainly seemed better this year but after last years fiasco with WR, I’m still not sold on Pace yet. A few better decisions would have put this organization on track much sooner.

    Still I fear Fox will get a pass because of the injuries and we will have to suffer with him for the next year or so before someone wakes up like they did in Denver.

  12. Do it!
    I will personally fly out to Chicago to pick up Lord Fangio and bring him back to San Francisco. We went from a top 5 defense to not even top 30 in two years after Fangio left (was pushed out by man-boy). Chicago’s front office can not be as stupid as the Niner’s, but if they are and let Fangio go then the Niner’s need to correct at least one mistake they made over the last few years.

  13. Fangio is NOT the problem in Chicago…heck, the defense is one of the few bright spots on the team. If a coach has to go it should be the OC followed by Fox. If you conducted a poll of Bears fans across the nation 9 out of 10 would rather keep Fangio and get rid of Fox!!!

  14. Are you friggin’ kidding?!! Fangio is the ONE BRIGHT SPOT in the past 2 seasons. Who with an ounce of brain power would get rid of Fangio and keep Fox and OC Loggains? Especially after Fox was the one blown out of a Super Bowl.
    Here are the problems in Chicago in order of priority.
    1. 93-year-old owner Virginia McCaskey who is clueless about football and to compensate does nothing but put one flunky son after the other in charge of the team.
    2. George McCaskey, flunky son of said clueless owner, who appoints accountant friend Ted Phillips (clueless about football as well) as team president when the position should go to an astute football mind. 1 & 2 is why the Bears are having to seek outside consultants for guidance on their next move.
    3. Building the offense for too long around erratic QB Jay Cutler.
    4. Erratic OC Dowell Loggains.
    5. High draft picks that didn’t work out (Shea McClellin, Kevin White).
    Solution: get rid of inept owner (as Cubs did), have a football mind as team president, get rid of Fox and Loggains, keep Fangio as DC or head coach.

  15. I am now becoming more of the mind that this was leaked out of Halas Hall to Mike Mulligan at the Trib to sound the alarm. Fox is so obviously where the buck stops in terms of the team’s failures and the one who has lost his winning touch (if he really had one). What happened to his big second-season turnaround genius? Didn’t happen this year. It’s like Ditka firing Buddy Ryan, only Fox sure as heck is no Ditka.

  16. why do these coaches always try to change a 3-4 to a 4-3 or a cover-2? Apparently players only play one version so you have to get new players and that takes time.

  17. This had to be floated by Fox. But it has me worried – it makes no sense, which means it’s a distinct possibility for the Bears.

    George, ya gotta bounce Fox, particularly if he’s willing to stoop this low.

  18. The only reason i’d be okay with Fangio not being DC next season is because he’s busy being head coach. Seriously, how he’s rebuilt the defense (with the help of some actually solid drafting on Pace’s part), despite having half the defensive roster on the injury most of the time, is about the only good thing the franchise has had going for it since they hired Marc Trestman

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