Giants player’s home burglarized, vandalized with swastika, racial epithets

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The worst thing to happen to Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock wasn’t a season-ending foot injury or being hit with a 10-game PED suspension.

Whitlock’s New Jersey home was broken into Tuesday night, and the burglars left behind some frightening reminders — including a graffiti swastika, the letters KKK and the message “Go back to Africa.”

“It just re-establishes that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, this can happen to you,” Whitlock told WCBS. “It’s about to be 2017. Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, violence, there’s no need for that.”

Whitlock said some jewelry and video game systems were stolen, but the messages left behind were as frightening as the loss of security that comes with knowing someone has invaded your home. It’s the second time they’ve been broken into, and they were already planning to move before the first incident, which happened over Thanksgiving weekend.

Whitlock’s a fullback by trade, but the Giants have also used him as a special teamer and interior pass-rusher on defense, at least before his injury and suspension.

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  1. Yeah, let’s break in, steal some stuff and then leave some racial epithets and oh yeah…let’s scrawl “KKK” for good measure. Makes total sense.


  2. It’s an indescribable feeling knowing your home has been entered and vandalized. It’s also sad that we must be forced to wonder if this is a real case of vandalism or another Lunenburg Knights situation where an entire town was declared racist only to find out that the mother lied and faked racist graffiti and spray painted KKK on her own house. The details are scarily familiar.

    But please, let’s wait until there’s been an investigation before proclaiming this to be the action of Trump supporters. After all, this is almost 2017. I’d like to think we’ve grown past our witch hunt phase.

  3. How sad. Sad that this still happens. We have lost our way but maybe we never had a grasp on society in the first place. You hear more of it now. “Go back to where you came from.” Really? What 95% of Americans fail to realize, is that America never belonged to them in the first place. You are all from the eastern part of the world. Your ancestors migrated here and instead of thanking them they did, you discriminate against others who are doing the same. How about YOU go back to where you came from. Cause you might have born in the US, but your blood is European and/or Asian. Enough is enough.

  4. Man, that’s unreal. Some people deserve to be outed and shown for who they truly are. I bet those cowards wouldn’t do this is everyone knew it was them.

    Hopefully he’s fine.

  5. Call me cynical, but this can be explained a lot of ways other than white racist criminals. I mean why would someone deliberately leave behind evidence pointing to themselves?

  6. Well the media will make a big deal about this…let’s get to the facts first…it could have been that black guy in NJ recently spray painting KKK and Swastika’s on cars.

  7. It’s always an invasion of privacy when burglarized. But at least you can minimize the impact by accepting that it wasn’t personal. It was just about stuff.
    Leaving personal messages though, raises the bar. That makes it personal. And I hope the entire judicial systems sees it that way also. From the detectives whose overloaded work schedule might normally leave it in the hands of the insurance company to the jury and judge who convict and sentence the punk when he is caught. No leniency is deserved.
    As for Whitlock, I hope he recovers from this. Just cause he’s a tough fullback in the NFL doesn’t mean he’s not affected by this.

  8. You cant blame Trump, blame these low educated individuals. Also, as a black guy I realize these racist and disgusting acts are coming from all sides. You cant fix everyone, these cowards would have never said a word to him in person.

  9. First off this is not about football and is therefore nearly irrelevant.

    Secondly one has to be wary of those who point fingers. I’ve found the people who preach about tolerance are the least tolerant of all.

    In this case, the vandalism could be just what it appears to be or it could be done by equally hateful people who like to incite others.

  10. Dang cellphone keyboards+ autocorrect… I need to down vote my own post for grammar issues.

    My point is this will be the new “normal” it’s sickening and I wish these people would “Go back to 1940’s Nazi Germany” so we could carpet bomb them with impunity. I’m not pro-violence, but in the case of Nazis and other disgraces to humanity, I am.

  11. Really lame, and cowardly. It’s bad enough that someone has those ideas in ta s day and age, but to leave them scrawled all over someone’s house… that’s not only criminal and reprehensible, but gutless. Such bravery to leave notes instead of saying it directly.

  12. BS!! Who does that??? Don’t believe this crap! The top of the pyramid wants chaos and a race war…

  13. Most of these “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes – where the perpetrators are actually from the group of people the “hate” targets.

  14. This is a terrible incident, no matter the circumstances…but it certainly does warrant further investigation. I’ve heard plenty of references to the “KKK” over this election cycle, but I’m yet to actually see anyone with the KKK out in front of these proclamations. In fact, in at least two incidents, the KKK scribblings were done by young African Americans trying to convince folks that an attack was racially motivated, when it was in fact staged. I’d like to see more facts come out before I’m convinced about the source implications.

  15. Didn’t a African American man in Philly just get arrested for being caught spray painting swastikas and kkk symbols on private property? Just saying sometimes this stuff turns out to be somebody trying to create racism where there is none. Which in itself is racist.

  16. Seriously, why not have a security system? Hidden cameras? Especially after the first break in. Not terribly expensive.
    Then show the news the faces of the cowards across national news with a small reward. The suspects would get arrested, and would be real popular in new Jersey jail

  17. Charlie, liberal New Jersey. Swastikas, KKK, etc. doesn’t sound “liberal” to me. You may well need a course on word definition.

  18. “90% of these are hoaxes..blah blah blah”
    anybody have actual stats? proof?

    What does he gain for the hoax? i could see if he was some regular joe pining for fame, but dude is already a pro ball player, ON suspension. i really don’t think he wants any more negative heat.

  19. I guess the pleas to stand down until we know what happened has fallen on the deaf ears of those who seem to want this to be a racist act.

    Those who are so ready to declare this a racist act are worse than any actual racist. It’s like they’re hoping for it to be true to support their agenda. The collateral damage caused by these human paraquats is what’s really killing this country. They won’t abide any form of unity. They want this to degrade into mayhem.

    Despicable doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  20. Wish it went into more detail about why they were planning to move BEFORE the first burglary. They had run-ins with people? Bad neighborhood? The article words it like there was a relation to the eventual break-ins, not that they just happened to be thinking of moving somewhere else.

  21. I really don’t like the insinuation that he did it to himself or someone Black did it. As I recall, a middle school D.A.R.E. officer was arrested for…drug possession; Tawana Brawley made up an incredible story. People lie all the time. Since I don’t know what happen, I won’t assume that I do.

  22. @bigbluefan1 says:
    Dec 8, 2016 7:58 AM

    Had to be Eagles fans
    Anybody seen Riley Cooper?

  23. charliecharger says:
    Dec 8, 2016 9:01 AM

    Get used to it. The Neo-Nazi’s feel powerful again. They’re on a roll. We’ve legitimized them.
    Neo Nazis on your tv???? Just like the KKK???
    There’s no proof they really exist… Fear baby…

  24. Doesnt make sense to me either, 2 strikes within weeks of each other? Any other homes targeted in the area of just his and why?? Too many holes in this story.

  25. If he did it or was involved with doing it, he should become “former Giants player”. After all, PED suspension means no game checks for 10 weeks. Insurance fraud anyone? I said I wasn’t going to speculate…

  26. Is there any evidence as to the race of the perpetrators? Sure, it can happen… More likely a disenfranchised democrat (of any race) would do this than someone who voted for a law and order candidate.

  27. Who implicates themselves in any way in a robbery?

    What are the chances of a robbery happening twice in less than 2 weeks to a low paid player who isn’t getting paid because of a PED suspension?

  28. No, this kind of thing does not prove to be false to most of the time. Step outside of your own experience and realize that the way you view the world is not the way many other people do exactly because their experience is so different to your own. Being black or being a minority is simply not always the same as being a white person. When you accept that, that’s when you realize how much worse the world is that you may think it is based off of your own experience. These kind of things happen large and small daily and it needs to be recognized and stopped by all of society.

  29. Seems a little strange. Breaking into a home and stealing is risky enough, but to stick around and spray paint stuff, etc.? A lot of these cases turn out to be hoaxes, an amazing number of them.

    The perpetrators know it fits perfectly into the narrative that the media has established and is likely to be accepted uncritically.

  30. So many of these comments are sad. It’s as if people don’t believe the presence of racism or hate crimes even exists and any accusation of such is an orchestrated attack on all white people. We are only just about 50 years removed from the Civil Rights Movement in the USA, racism is real people.

  31. The majority of the time with these incidents, the perpetrators are actually members of the group that the graffiti targets. Wait and see.

  32. Where I hope this isn’t the case, there does seem something fishy here.

    The alleged burglars took gaming systems but left several laptops and other electronics untouched. Yet, they stayed to vandalize the apartment?

    Guess we will find out more as time goes on. In either case, its not a good thing….

  33. traptses says:
    Dec 8, 2016 7:52 AM
    Sad America nowadays
    It really is, it’s incredible the amount of hate that has developed recently in the USA. It hasn’t been this bad in many decades.

    They want you divided because a divided country is a weak country and America needs to be weak in the “globalization” plan.

    So sad.

  34. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made a living off of keeping racism front and center. Maybe one of those guys broke into his house….

  35. Fishy. As an expert criminologist (I watched Gone Baby) I know criminals leave false clues to try and throw investigators off. I think there’s a good chance that he was robbed by someone who is hoping to have police chase the wrong particular profile.

  36. Twice suspended, so he sure could use some sympathy in NFL front offices.

    No game checks, so that insurance for those two burglaries…boy, that’s really gonna help out.

    Gosh, that’s a special type of burglar. See, burglars don’t tend to like to linger – you don’t last very long as a burglar doing that. It must’ve been very important to this racist burglar fella to make known his feelings on race, while he was stealing stuff. Take some time out to do some tagging. Makes sense.

  37. Someone wrote : “So many of these comments are sad. It’s as if people don’t believe the presence of racism or hate crimes even exists and any accusation of such is an orchestrated attack on all white people.”

    I can’t speak for everyone commenting like this, but I see this as I’ve seen this play out as a hoax in previous cases. Sure hate crimes and racism exist in America. But before I start complaining about how racist America is, let’s just wait a few weeks to get to the truth about this one.

    This one fits the hoax pattern perfectly… liberal city/state… details are fishy… and the guy who is target might be having some money issues thanks to his recent suspension…

  38. It doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s a hoax or a deliberate attempt to throw off the scent from the real perps. Nobody is dumb enough to do this. Reminds me of when the Manson family wrote things in blood at murder scenes to make it look like the work of Black Panthers and ignite a race war.

    This is an old trick. I call BS.

  39. It’s the new reality that has come in with the criminal Trump’s embrace of the alt-Right. The revolt starts on his inauguration day.

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