Jeff Fisher on leaks: “We’ll find out where it’s coming from”

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The Rams had nothing to say on Thursday regarding a report of dysfunction between coach Jeff Fisher and G.M. Les Snead. On Friday, Fisher had plenty to say.

“When you’re 4-8, people are frustrated, you know, they’re frustrated,” Fisher told reporters. “We’ll find out where it’s coming from.”

The issue arose from comments made by Fisher to the media on Tuesday that seemed to criticize the front office for the plight of the team. An unnamed Rams source told Albert Breer of that Fisher’s words were regarded as a shot at a front office that Fisher ultimately controls.

“If you go back and look at the transcripts, I was speaking the truth,” Fisher said. “Honestly, I don’t know where this came from. . . . I’ll find out. In our business, unnamed sources, they’re not good. If we’ve got sources within the organization that are speaking, then we’ll address it. But there are no issues between Les and I – by no means. We agree to disagree and we’ve had a fun run, but we’re certainly disappointed – as I said on Tuesday – in the outcome and where we are. We’ve got work to do, but we’re doing it together.”

Fisher specifically took issue with a contention from Breer that front-office personnel “question how hard the team is pushed, with a lack of in-season padded practices being an example of the perceived problem.”

Said Fisher: “Somebody said that we don’t pad our practices. We padded on Wednesday. So whoever is talking obviously has not been out to practice or does not understand the CBA. Enough is enough, Les and I are good, we’re all good. Our focus is on Atlanta right now.”

Fisher also suggested that the characterization of the organization as “Rams Junior High” didn’t originate with anyone in the organization but with those who published the story.

“That came from either the editor or the writer, but I didn’t think the ‘junior high’ thing came from an unnamed source,” Fisher said. “But again, I don’t pay as close attention to those things as you do because I’m more concerned about the Falcons. But I’ll just say this again, Les and I are fine. We work together. We talk every day. I don’t know where that’s coming from.”

Fisher may need to pay closer attention. Breer wrote that “some in the building have come to know [the organization] as ‘Rams Junior High,'” and that the “Junior High” nickname has stuck inside the building. So the name wasn’t manufactured by a writer or an editor; it came from one or more people in the organization.

Regardless, the principal is about to find out who’s been talking out of school. And that’s an exercise that will do little to get those who are or aren’t using the “junior high” nickname to stop.

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  1. Oh boo hoo. Instead of taking it as motivation to do a better job you are more concerned with your country club and drama in house. If I was a fan of this team I’d stop now.

  2. Jeff should be more concerned with continuous penalties, continuous turnovers and continuous bad draft picks (Robinson, Quick, Pead, etc, etc). He has final say on ALL personnel matters so he can’t blame in on any one else

  3. Ted Wells on line 2….would like his “reasonable and customary” fee to get to the bottom of this….

  4. Wow, I’m 3000 miles away, and I can smell the desperation. Nothing about working hard or improving, yada yada, just “we’ll find the leaks”. And that will fix what?

  5. .
    Let’s see : Albert Breer works for SIs Peter King. Peter King and Jeff Fisher are represented by Marvin Demoff, who is the father of Rams COO Kevin Demoff, who also happens to be Fisher’s biggest fan. Breer’s “unnamed source” is about to be hung out to dry before being run over by a fleet of busses.

    The moral of the story : Never talk to anyone who reports to Peter King.

  6. Looks like the l0rd 0f mediocrity has more important issues to worry about besides their next game, and where his challenge flag is.

    It seems every week its just one blunder after another, after over a decade of blunders and 15 years between playoff wins. I’m sure fans of other teams in the NFCW are just thrilled at the thought of having Fisher and Sneed back for another underwhelming year.

  7. Basically there is one winner and 31 losers. That’s the nature of the sport. Unless you’re the lead dog, the view is the same for everyone else.

  8. It’s fun. Try it on for a few weeks, see what you think.

    p.s. The Patriots were not the visiting team.

  9. Fisher is the teflon coach. This will be his sixth straight losing season as a head coach. Worse, in the last 12 seasons–12–(including this one), he’s had 2 winning seasons. He had a decent season in 2007 (10-6) with Tennessee, a very good season in 2008 (13-3)—and he’s not had a winning season since. He was 8-8 in 2009, and losing seasons every year after that. How does he keep his job?

  10. haanster says:
    Dec 9, 2016 6:56 PM
    I sometimes wonder how much more fun it must be to be a fan of the Patriots.

    haanster, I am so wanting to like your comment more than once. Like 50 times . . .

  11. Guaranteed this guy voted for HRC: Instead of focusing on the problems and incompetence he is lashing out on those that let people know about them.

    This guys is a loser and fake-winner. Take a shave and take a hike.

  12. I’d guess Deep Throat is one of Les’ staff.Leaks generally come from the GM staff or scouts with the motivation being a quid pro quo from the media (i.e. I’ll be your source if you float my name as a hot prospect for a GM or other job)

  13. I sometimes wonder how much more fun it must be to be a fan of the Patriots.

    I’ve been a Patriots fan since 1975. I’ve experienced what’s it’s like to be a perennial loser and a dynasty. The dynasty is way more fun!

    Hang in there, everything turns eventually.

  14. I enjoy seeing how everyone complains about politics being brought into football yet there’s at least 7 comments right now bringing up Fisher’s assumed political views and/or comparing to a politician.

    Anyways, Rams totally stink and it’s been a rough life. Hopefully in a hundred years I’m not talking about the Warner curse…

  15. Being a manger in the past with people under me ,and having supervisors to control certian areas . was easy to find the culpert , WHOS THE MOST OUT SPOKEN.
    start there an work your way down.
    don’t like em , FIRE THEM.

  16. “I sometimes wonder how much more fun it must be to be a fan of the Patriots.”

    It doesn’t suck, I’ll tell ya that much.

  17. Sorry Ariani, I know your team sucks. That’s too bad. Unfortunately the Hawks have been pretty great since about 2004 and home games have been selling out every year since 1976. Did you know the Hawks are working on having the #1 scoring defense five years in a row….that’s never happened in league history. Did you know that since Carroll arrived, the Seahawks have never lost by double digits, and have had the lead in the fourth quarter of every single game save for two? Add in our SB win and I’m not sure how that’s not a dynasty…..have fun on the NE cheaters bandwagon folks. We do it the right way in the PNW….

  18. “Definitely inaccurate,” Snead said regarding reports of his toxic relationship with Fisher, per Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

    Snead’s retort comes as a reaction to a press conference on Wednesday during which Fisher explained that the organization has to do a “better job from a personnel standpoint” and that he was unaware that the Rams had even signed Snead to a two-year extension.

    “I didn’t blow (his comments) out of proportion in any way,” Snead added. “I realized we were in the same boat as far as getting extensions.”

  19. timmyp716 says:
    Dec 9, 2016 6:35 PM
    Did they check the locker rooms after the Patriots were there?
    Would have been funnier if the Patriots didn’t play the game in Foxboro instead of LA…

  20. Hey Jeff Fisher how bout actually doing some coaching? Your offense has scored 4 TD’s at home this year. Investigate that! We gonna party like it’s 1999 when you’re out the door in 4 weeks.

  21. Fisher is the leak–he wants to put pressure on the rest of the front office…

    and when confronted that he was the leak, he will look and go “yeah, so what? I wish we still had Danny playing RB here…er..I mean WR.”

    He needs to be checked for CTE, although he would need a brain to have it.

  22. He seems more concerned with a snitch than this weeks opponent….I bet LA fan is loving the team the NFL allowed to move into the tax payer funded stadium….

  23. He’ll find the leagues just as quick as he will become a .500 coach. SMH! This team makes the Cleveland Browns look like the model franchise

  24. Fisher sounds like Capt. Queeg in The Cain Mutiny. Nothing is his fault. Paranoia has finally settled in. He wants to eliminate everyone who disagrees with him. Hmm. Sound familiar?

  25. Coach Pornstache’s ship is sinking fast! He’s getting exposed for the
    incompetent fool that he is! Hey Jeff, the 80’s are calling, they want their “look” back…

  26. hamlet423 says:
    Dec 9, 2016 9:50 PM
    Fisher is the leak–he wants to put pressure on the rest of the front office…


    You’ve got it right–I’m surprised you’re the only one to say it.

    Didn’t anyone see The Departed?

  27. jvw1982 says:
    Dec 9, 2016 10:12 PM
    I bet LA fan is loving the team the NFL allowed to move into the tax payer funded stadium….

    The Rams pay rent to USC who controls the stadium and are responsible for it’s maintenance, upkeep and a $100M in pending renovations. The stadium has been around since 1923, it has more than paid for itself. USC receives no tax dollars to support the stadium but instead pays $1M annually to the state in rent.

  28. Make up your mind Fisher-
    Are you gonna find out where the leaks are coming from
    or are you focused on Atlanta?
    4-12 BS
    Don’t know how he gets his ownership and fanbase behind him at 4-8 with 4 to go. SMH

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