NFL declines to fine players who made snow angels

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The NFL says officials have some discretion in determining whether making a snow angel constitutes an illegal celebration. The league also has some discretion in determining whether to fine a player for an illegal celebration.

The league office confirmed today that neither 49ers cornerback Rashard Robinson nor Packers receiver Randall Cobb was fined, even though both players did snow angels as celebrations, and even though the NFL routinely fines players who break the celebration rules.

The officials in Chicago flagged Robinson for his snow angel, but the officials in Green Bay did not flag Cobb for his. The league’s rules are clear that going to the ground to celebrate is a penalty, but the league isn’t always consistent about enforcing that rule.

25 responses to “NFL declines to fine players who made snow angels

  1. With clanking chains and wheezing breath, The Ghost Of Pete Rozelle, pulled Goodell from his bed to the window… “Look down there in the street, Roger, see the children playing? They’re making snow angels…”.

  2. Can they even fine a guy that didn’t receive a penalty?

    I mean, I know Rog can do whatever he wants and all.

  3. There is an exception to going to the ground being a penalty if they are praying or something religious. Perhaps that falls in line with angels some how.

  4. Snow Angels are highly offensive, I can’t believe Goodell didn’t suspend those players for life.

    Seriously? Snow Angels would be a fine? For what reason?

  5. This is really good news. I assumed they were going to forego the fine and instead place them on the commissioner’s list or administer a lifetime ban or some other such nonsense.

  6. So will the next step be to fill the rulebook with every possible celebration type and say which ones are allowed or not and have the officials memorize it? That’s kind of what has been happening to the rules and it is exactly why the officials are failing.

  7. ““Look down there in the street, Roger, see the children playing? They’re making snow angels…”.”

    Best comment you’ve ever made on this site Gabbert!

  8. I thought you couldn’t go to the ground during a TD celebration? I remember Wes Welker made a snow angel and got fined $10k oh snap wait he was on the Patriots thats why #ThanksRoger

  9. Its for going to the ground to celebrate I said it on the last post about it. Cobb was hit in the endzone so he was on the ground. The 9er CHOSE to go to the ground to celebrate.

    Much like a player who made the Pillow motion with his hands after they sealed the game. Isn’t going to get flagged for the guy who lays down on the ground and pretend to sleep. Both Officials got it 100% right and Blandino is so awful, he still managed to make them look bad.

    Yes it IS nit picky, and none of it should be flagged, but the fact that people forgot you can’t go to the ground to celebrate and seem so flabbergasted by this, surprises me.

    In all honesty this probably started and continue to catch steam as it was, asked about and commented on, by people who didn’t watch both games or understand the different situations, because they didn’t observe it. It may sounds like it is an a apples to apples comparison, by the question, but in the end they are different which causes this confusion, and allowed this thing to Snowball.

  10. Cobb didnt go to the ground. He was already there as a result of the play. The San Gran player did. Thats the difference here, but nobody really wants to discuss that because it ruins everyones preconceived conspiracy theory that the Packers get preferential treatment.

  11. “And in the end, The love you take
    Is equal to the love you make.”

    Famous philosophers said that.

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