Steelers players want to help pay Ramon Foster’s fine

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Steelers guard Ramon Foster wasn’t penalized for pulling Giants linebacker Kelvin Sheppard off of running back Le’Veon Bell in last Sunday’s victory, but he did hear from the league this week.

Members of the team told Jeremy Fowler of that Foster has been fined $9,115 for his actions, which came after Sheppard appeared to grab and twist Bell’s facemask at the end of a play. Those teammates told Fowler that they’d like to chip in to help Foster pay the league and Bell said that he appreciates what the team’s linemen are willing to do for him.

“I’m glad I got my guys,” Bell said. “I call them my goons up front. They are down to ride with me whenever.”

It’s not clear if Bell will have Foster helping him against the Bills this weekend. Foster missed practice on Wednesday for what the team said were reasons not related to injury and was out Thursday with a chest injury given as the reason.

11 responses to “Steelers players want to help pay Ramon Foster’s fine

  1. the moron giant should have been for twisting and pushing bell back on a play where the steelers were just killing the clock . The game was over and the idiot deserved slammed to the ground foster simply obliged .

  2. That’s ridiculous fining him for protecting a teammate. Does Sheppard get fined for the facemask? One of the worst fines I’ve ever seen. And it’s not fine that the NFL thinks that more fines make a finer league. Fine fine fine fine fine fine fine……..

  3. I remember that play. Sheppard was yanking on Bell’s neck the opposite way his teammates were pulling on Bell. Bell was in a very precarious position and Foster appropriately acted.

  4. A team that commits more face mask penalties than anyone has no room to talk about a face mask that never happened. Yet, the fans will whine about this for the next three seasons.

  5. Well I see the sissie is back with his wealth of football knowledge.why not admit you are their biggest fan or takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikethesissieyouare

  6. Foster should just take his punishment and quit whining like a sissy Steelers’ fan who cries for a flag everytime the other team scores. Making everyone else pay his fine = coward.

  7. No dog in this fight, but the fine is ridiculous. Another fine for Goodell’s bonus fund at the player’s expense.

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