Bucs activate Charles Sims

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The Buccaneers are getting running back Charles Sims back on the field in time for a push to the playoffs.

Tampa Bay is activating Sims from the injured reserve list to the active roster, according to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times.

Sims played in the first four games of the season and started two before suffering a knee injury that has kept him out the last eight games. He was not off to a very good start, with just 116 yards on 41 carries, but Sims has shown promise in the past and could be an important part of the Bucs’ offense down the stretch.

The Bucs are also promoting receiver Donteea Dye from the practice squad to the 53-man roster and waiving offensive lineman Josh Allen and defensive tackle John Hughes to make room for Sims and Dye on the 53-man roster.

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  1. Sims isn’t an every-down back, but is very good with the ball in space. Great third-down and receiving back, just not the kind of guy who’s going to be able to carry a full workload. Getting him back is a big deal for a team that’s lacking a quality receiving corps due to injuries. Oh, and also because they’re calling up Donteea Dye, who has some of the worst hands I’ve ever seen a WR have.

  2. He’s effective when the other backs are healthy which wasn’t the case earlier this season. He will be a welcomed asset to Rogers and Martin.

  3. Glad to see you back Sims. I haven’t been this excited about the Bucs…well since 2002. Really wasn’t expecting the big jump until year three of the Winston Era…what an awesome surprise this team has been this year! Go Bucs!!!

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    The Bucs remaining schedule :

    12/11 vs Saints

    12/18 @ Cowboys

    12/24 @ Saints

    1/1 vs Panthers

    If they want to go to the playoffs, they can ill afford a loss at home to the Saints. Beyond that, the ball is in their court. At Dallas will be tough, but that division could be decided this week. The rematch with the Saints and Carolina are two games that playoff quality teams win.

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    odd no mention of Rodgers cuz a few days ago u reported Rodgers was going to have a BIG GAME when it was a known fact Sims was going to play too

  6. For the first time all year, it appears like the Bucs are finally going to get healthy. With Jacquizz, Hampster and Sims in the offense, there are some good options for Jameis. Can’t get it downfield to Evans? Check down to Sims or Doug and keep the chains moving!! Go Bucs!!

  7. Rodgers and Martin will split more time in the backfield; Martin is back and making teams plan for him just by being in the game, but he’s likely not 100%. Rodgers adds a great one-two punch as Martin gets back up to snuff. And he will. Sims will likely come in as a slot receiver or the 3rd down receiving back. Frankly, he’s not done well running the out of the backfield, and I don’t know how they’ve not stopped him from pumping his feet (a worthless waste of time and energy) when he steps up to the line–but we’ll see tomorrow. The good news is the Bucs are actually pretty healthy, even with Dotson (RT) and Humphries (WR) out and Shorts (WR) gone for the year.

  8. I would say Martin, a pretty humble guy as it is, is on a new contract, so he just got paid. In his contract year last year he was #2 in the league and really tore it up. A story or notion put out there that Quizz Rodgers will take more of the load was likely put there to light a fire under Martin. Either way, Koetter’s practice last year was to switch off between Martin and Sims. Basically, a very good backfield just got better–another weapon to mix it up some more.

  9. The Bucs have a good shot at a wild card if they 2-2, are likely in if they go 3-1 and can likely win the division if they go 3-1 and win both division games. I expect Atlanta will lose either at home against the Saints or on the road at Carolina–a team who loathes the Falcons. Just happy to be enjoying the ride in December as a Bucs fan–and will be happier when the Bucs make the post-season!

  10. The Bucs are getting healthy and getting hot at just the right time of year. I see them beating the Saint’s, at least once, but twice is very good and I think that the Panthers are done, they’ll be lucky to win one more game. I also think that a win in Dallas is not out of the realm of possibility. The Boys will probably be on “cruise control” that week, looking past the Bucs and could come out flat. So, 4-0, although improbable, is possible and 3-1 is pretty much where I think they’ll end. Division champs?? I think so very much so!! They can make a heck of a run at it this year.

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