Will any coach be fired during the season?

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In each of the two seasons preceding 2016, a head coach was fired after only four weeks. This year, with four weeks to go, no head coach has been fired yet.

The question becomes whether anyone will be.

There’s been a sense for several weeks that only one embarrassing loss is standing in the way of the Jaguars firing coach Gus Bradley and giving former Bills coach Doug Marrone a test drive for the balance of the campaign. Beyond Bradley, the coaches of the other struggling teams (Browns, 49ers, Bears, Jets) aren’t believed to be in danger of being let go before the day known in NFL circles as Black Monday.

If no coach is fired during the season, it will be only the fourth time that’s happened since at least 2000. Four years ago, no firings happened during the season.

Last year, the Dolphins fired Joe Philbin after a Week Four loss in London. The Titans also fired Ken Whisenhunt, and the Eagles fired Chip Kelly. In all, 27 head coaches have been fired during the season since 2000.

At this stage of the season, it’s smart to wait. Teams that appoint an interim head coach from the surviving staff often see a short-term improvement in performance, as the players try to help the interim head coach shed the temporary label. Otherwise, a new coach will arrive and commence the process of finding new players.

Then, once the interim head coach becomes the permanent head coach, the players can go back to playing the way they did before the prior coach got fired.

21 responses to “Will any coach be fired during the season?

  1. I see no reason to fire Bradley during or after the season. He needs more time to turn the Jags around.

    – a Titans fan

  2. In a lot of cases it isn’t as much bad coaching as much as it is a bad team.

    The Cleveland Browns are a mess. You could fire the coach but could you find somebody better willing to take the job? At least after the Lions went 0-16 everybody knew they could take Matthew Stafford with the first pick. It gave the Lions the chance to hire a better coach than they had before.

  3. McCarthy will not, and should not, get fired. Good grief. Are we that reactionary when a team has a rough stretch? Just a sign of the “instant gratification” world that we live in.

  4. Bradley is going to go on Monday. He has been on life support since the early season, and I think that they will try a guy out in an interim basis for the last few games they have.

  5. I hit “enter” too soon. I also think that Marvin Lewis needs a miracle to last out the season. He will probably make it through to the end, but he is one that amazes me each week he stays with the Bengals.

  6. I’m not really in a great position, as aBills fan, to throw stones. However, at the very least, Capers needs to go, but McCarthy has to at least be considered if they miss the playoffs. Way to much offensive talent, while sometimes hurt, to come out flat, ever. I don’t watch many Packer games, but most, if not all games I see, they just take time to heat up, sometimes never getting more than luke warm. Rodgers deserves some blame as well, but I think a fresh face on the sidelines could ultimately be what’s needed.

  7. “McCarthy will not, and should not, get fired. Good grief. Are we that reactionary when a team has a rough stretch? Just a sign of the ‘instant gratification’ world that we live in.”

    No, he has had a stellar team the last 4-5 years offensively, and a serviceable defense. After the debacle in seattle… conservative play calling on both defense and offense late in the game cost us a shot at a superbowl.. McCarthy trying to run the clock out and Capers playing a 3-man deep, prevent defense when seattle converted on like 3rd and 40…should have immediately been let go. idk how Capers has survived the last 3 years…..

  8. Anytime Green Bay wants to do an even swap of Mike McCarthy for Rex Ryan…hey…just say the word!! We’ll even throw in his defensive genius brother too.

    But you better hurry…we’re looking at a possible Rex for Tom Coughlin swap out too.

    Every Bills Fan

  9. With the exception of Mike Mularkey. He was an interim coach after Wiz got fired and the team became much better after that. It’s really strange too, because I thought he would be a waste of time but he has been exploiting all of our strengths and using them to win us games. I can’t complain at all. Maybe with some more players after the draft he can make us a consistently competitive team

  10. Gus Bradley, if fired, will easily get a Defensive Coordinator job and eventually a 2nd chance at a HC position.

    Defensive injuries to their top draft pick + the Blake Bortles mess + no RB have made their team what it is…a mess.

    If I was a Jaguar fan I would be willing to stay on the bandwagon one more year with him to let that defense be tough and do everything possible to get Romo, and draft RB 1st rnd.

    Then you have your 10 win season.

  11. The worst coaches in the league aren’t necessarily on the worst teams. Marvin Lewis and Mike McCarthy, for example. I think Bradley will end up doing better in his second HC gig, if he gets one someday. He’s still got potential, and if his QB hadn’t forgotten how to play this season we wouldn’t even be having this conversation about the Jags.

  12. The worst thing the Jags could do would be giving Doug Marrone a test drive. He is a terrible coach and it would BE A huge mistake to give him a shop.

  13. As Leveon Bell struts practically untouched for his 3rd TD of the day thus extending the Steeler’s lead to 21-7, the sun slowly sets on the Rex Ryan era in Buffalo and we will soon have our first dismissal of 2016.

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