Eagles players upset about “cheap shot” on Darren Sproles


A hit by Redskins defensive back Deshazor Everett on Eagles running back Darren Sproles when Sproles was attempting to catch a punt led to pushing and shoving on the field and a penalty for Everett.

The Eagles were still upset about the play after the game. Left tackle Jason Peters called it a “cheap shot” and said he had to remind himself not to get thrown out of the game retaliating against Everett. Everett had knocked tight end Brent Celek out of the game earlier in the second half on an illegal blindside block that was penalized, something tight end Zach Ertz referenced after the game.

“Obvious cheap shot. Darren was trying to field the ball, the guy hits him before the ball gets there,” Ertz said, via ESPN.com. “I’ve honestly never seen the guy before, didn’t know who he was going into the game, and if that’s how he wants to make a name for himself, then so be it. I thought it was B.S. Darren didn’t even have the ball and the guy tried to take his head off. He tried to take Brent [Celek]’s head off, kind of knocked him out of the game, too. I don’t know who that guy is, but yeah, I thought it was B.S.”

Everett plowed into Sproles well ahead of the ball’s arrival on the fourth quarter punt, something he said was not his intent when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“I didn’t see him fair catch the ball at all, but I did, I thought the ball was right there in front of me when I went for the tackle, but unfortunately it wasn’t and the ball hit me back,” Everett said. “As you could tell, football is a split second game and unfortunately I didn’t make the right decision, but I was just giving my full effort out there and make a tackle. My condolences to him. It definitely wasn’t intentional for me to just try to take a guy out of the game or anything like that. I was just out there trying to play football.”

Sproles didn’t return after the hit. He wrote that he’s “feeling good” on Twitter Sunday evening.

40 responses to “Eagles players upset about “cheap shot” on Darren Sproles

  1. Listen if Sproles wasn’t so short to begin with it wouldn’t seem as bad as some think, yes he wasn’t allowed to make the catch, but come on, how low does one need to go.

  2. It’s obvious he never tried to steer away from Sproles’ head, either. Absolutely NOTHING split-second about the play.

    But, I wish there WAS retaliation… Eagles weren’t going anywhere weeks ago. Goodell won’t make it right. Neither will refs.

  3. The NFL needs to send a message with a SUSPENSION not FINE. That dude needs drug testing too..looked like a bout if roid rage the whole game for that guy I never heard of. U was at the game and after SEVERAL of his cheap shot’s he was on the sidelines with ALL the other Redskin players high fiving and taunting fans..

  4. The Celek block was a bad call. Celek was right there going for the tackle and he got blocked. It wasn’t Everett’s fault Celek wasn’t looking

  5. What’s up with the cheapshots today. This game, the Denver game and Pacman going off on Pryor.

    It’s bad enough that the league gives us “lip service” on player safety all the while trumpeting it and now the players are getting in on the act too???

  6. I love the hit, to hear Eagles players call it dirty and cheap, music to my ears. Next time signal fair catch or don’t run up to field the ball when the train is coming through Butthead

  7. Thank you Hokies for life. I thought the same thing in regards to why Sproles didn’t call a fair catch. It looked like Everett was trying to time the hit and didn’t time it right…the penalty can’t be argued with but the babies crying about cheap shots can be argued with. If a fair catch were called and Everette hit Sproles like that I would have been in full agreement. I was actually a lottle shocked that a veteran returner like Sproles didn’t fair catch with a defender that close to him.

  8. He didn’t signal for a fair catch because he’s a competitor and he wanted to make a play.

    The rules are supposed to protect returners from hits like that.

    Saying he should’ve signaled for a fair catch is stupid.

  9. How hilarious is it to hear Eagle fans on their high horses over this?

    I’ve been listening to them run their mouths about “The Body Bag Game” for 26 damn years. The franchise actually celebrates that night. Eagle players were talking trash about Redskins players as they lay on the turf, and their fat, bloated, bounty-issuing head coach who never won a single playoff game was smiling the whole time from the sideline.

  10. Looked bad, he got there early, hit him in the head, so he’ll get a hefty fine, but I don’t think he meant it as dirty. Impossible to lay off on punt returners when you get there that close to the ball, and also impossible to get any lower when it’s Sproles. Eagles were justified in their anger, but I guess not angry enough to do something more than whine about it. Simply put, the Skins own them, swept them again, and rubbed their face in it to boot.

  11. Come on now, to say this was a cheap shot or targeting or that he was trying to hurt him is ridiculous. He timed the play wrong and then right before the hit Sproles pretty much went to his knees. If Sproles stays upright, Everett hits him in the chest. Yeah, Everett should’ve timed it better but Sproles would’ve avoided the hit by a fair catch or not dropping to his knees. And to say it’s stupid to say he should’ve called for a fair catch because he was trying to make a play, well goes both ways, Everett was trying to make a play also. And the Celek penalty was bull, Celek ran into him, not the other way around.

  12. Skins fan here and I concede the Sproles hit was u-g-l-y and I can see why players and fans are mad. That said, the Celek hit was legal and a bs flag. Celek saw it coming and the block was clearly part of the play in an effort to help the return. Philly fans crying about that one need to dry their cheeks and man up.

  13. Should have called for the fair catch; he’s a vet, he should know that. It wasn’t malicious or on purpose so it’s silly to even suggest that. The Eagles wouldn’t have won anyhow, the Redskins own them lately.

  14. Most of these people that say it wasn’t dirty would call it dirty if it happened to their team but won’t truly admit it as of right now. & Skins fans have no room to speak, seeing that they have the most penalized CB in the League.. talk less haha

  15. 5’6 Sproles AND 6’0 Everett he can only get so low, the only problem with that play was he didn’t allow him to make the catch, and also if Sproles was starting to squat to make the catch that made him even smaller than his 5’6 frame anyway, all this whining about it being a cheap shot is BS.

  16. As a Skins fan-

    Everett should have been ejected for that hit. And get his pay docked bigtime, and 2-4 game suspension. Although I don’t believe his intent was to hurt, we can’t allow that kind of egregious, reckless play to endanger men on the field. This play on punts needs some revision to protect the future health of players.
    He should have slowed up and sidestepped Sproles if there was doubt as to the ball getting there. There needs to be teeth to this enforcement- not just a 15 yard penalty.

    If the NFL wants to preserve itself, remove hits and bring back tackling- If you’re not attempting to wrap on a tackle, or push out on a block, then you get penalized in game and fined later.

    You may think that sounds silly, but that’s the way you play with your friends and kids, right?

  17. The Eagles had a chance to retaliate but Ryan Kerrigan ended that when he abused the backup RT and crunched Carson Wentz who may have soiled himself as well as lose the football. GAME OVER.

    Eagles fans would have legitimately stood up and cheered if that had happened to any member of the Redskins, as they’ve done it before. Don’t go acting all high and mighty now that it happened to your players. Its football, people get hit. Toughen up.


  18. He didn’t signal for a fair catch because he’s a competitor and he wanted to make a play.

    The rules are supposed to protect returners from hits like that.

    Saying he should’ve signaled for a fair catch is stupid.

    They were both trying to make plays. It’s unfortunate that this was the outcome, but those are the type of things that happen in this game. Moot point. Move on.

  19. @ hendawg21 says:
    Dec 12, 2016 9:38 AM

    5’6 Sproles AND 6’0 Everett he can only get so low, the only problem with that play was he didn’t allow him to make the catch, and also if Sproles was starting to squat to make the catch that made him even smaller than his 5’6 frame anyway, all this whining about it being a cheap shot is BS.
    Getting low has never been the issue considering Sproles has been successfully returning punts for several years. The issue is getting clocked BEFORE he had a chance to catch the ball. If he had caught it and got clocked…it would not have been an issue at all!!

  20. @ vablockaderunner says:
    Dec 11, 2016 9:24 PM

    I hope Jess Atkinson is having a nice smile about this tonight — not at the idea of Sproles’ injury, but about a Philly team complaining about someone else being dirty.
    A Philly team being dirty? Ice hockey yes…Eagles nope…hardly ever close enough to hit somebody hard enough.

  21. The absolutely worst thing that happened was that nobody from the Eagles did anything about it? Not one person?

  22. Isn’t the kicking team supposed to let the returner touch the ball or catch it clean before they even touch him? Thats why they have a rule called kick catch interference. So all of you saying he should of signaled fair catch are stupid, considering Sproles never got the chance to even try and catch the ball when he got drilled. If that were the case, all the kicking team would have to do was run down kill the returner and we’d never see a punt again.

  23. I didn’t realize it was the same SOB who took out both Celek and Sproles… The Sproles hit was dirty and illegal in several ways… early, targeted, defenseless…. you name it. The Celek hit wasn’t as bad but still not clean, it was called as an illegal block, it came from a blind side…. That one was hard for me to tell watching the game on the TV but I have to trust the refs AND announcers on that one.

    Bottom line – this guy singlehandedly did more to damage the Eagles chances in that game than the rest of his defense…. he probably should be suspended for the hit to Sproles but won’t be…..Please tell me this guy didn’t also take out Smallwood….. that would make him nothing but an assassin in a football uniform.

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