Lions strengthen grip on NFC North lead with win over Bears

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For the 12th time this season, the Lions trailed in the fourth quarter. For the eighth time this season, the Lions came back and won.

A Matthew Stafford rushing touchdown gave the Lions a 20-17 lead with three minutes to play today, and they hung on to beat the Bears and improve their record to 9-4, including 8-4 in games they trailed in the fourth quarter.

The 2016 Lions are now the only team in NFL history that has come back to win in the fourth quarter eight times in a season.

It was a hard-fought game and one in which Bears quarterback Matt Barkley did everything in his power to help his team win. Unfortunately, a pair of costly holding penalties called back consecutive great passes from Barkley that could have moved the Bears into game-tying field goal range.

It wasn’t a pretty win for the Lions, but it was one that will keep them at least two games up on the Vikings and Packers in the NFC North. Detroit is the favorite in the division with three games to play, something few expected before the season.

25 responses to “Lions strengthen grip on NFC North lead with win over Bears

  1. Those two back to back penalties were killers. So sick of watching great comebacks ruined by questionable penalties.

  2. Got to hand it to the Bears O line. With Cutler out they stepped in during the 4th quarter and did what they could. I just don’t think that Cleveland can be caught. Also like that Fox is showing a great deal of that “Lovie composure” during lousy ref calls.

  3. Stafford ran around 2 Bears, then lowered his head at the goal line and ran through 3 bears arm tackles. Looked like the defenders thought he was going to dive or slide at their feet. Kind of embarrassing effort on their part.

  4. Worst officiated game in Pro Football history!!! A flag on every other play ! They were almost equally bad for both teams.Although the Bears got the worst of it the stretch.😡😡😡😡

  5. You knew that officiating crew would make an impact on the game. Couple bad holding calls at end.
    But if Chicago can find a receiver that can catch a ball they would win a few games

  6. Sorry Bears fans those calls were both textbook holding, nothing bad about them.

    Besides you can’t complain about the refs after they botched the hands to the face call against/on Glasgow.

  7. Lions will NOT be making a run at a SB they can’t possibly keep coming back every game especially if they only really do it against subpar teams and defenses. While Stafford has a knack for comebacks and it will be hard to put this Lions team away I simply am not a believer in the defense nor the inconsistencies of the offense. Will be a tough out but I think Lions are super susceptible to lose Rd 1 come playoff time.

  8. Barkley looks like he might be the future for the Bears.

    Another win for the Lions. They keep over achieving. I’m a Lions fan but they could easily be 5-8. It shows what a top 7 QB can do for your team.

  9. thekiy says:
    Dec 11, 2016 4:19 PM
    Sorry Bears fans those calls were both textbook holding, nothing bad about them.

    Besides you can’t complain about the refs after they botched the hands to the face call against/on Glasgow.



    I agree too many flags during the games when Triplette is in charge, and the hands to the face was literally on the wrong team..


    When you are behind and trying to drive the field to tie it up / take the lead and your O line blatantly holds when your QB is under pressure , it’s gonna get called. Sorry Chicago fans.

  10. Looks like this could come down to week 17 Lions vs Packers in Detroit for the division crown. Lions have to take care of business next week against the Giants.

    Lions now at 9-4 face Giants and Cowboys on the road. Giants will likely be 8-5 next week (playing Cowboys tonight) and Cowboys will likely be 13-1 at week 16. Lions will be 10-5 or 9-6 going into week 17.

    Packers (6-6) have Hawks today, then Bears and Vikings.
    Realistically, they will be anywhere between 9-6 and 7-8 going into week 17; today’s game against the Hawks and week 16 vs Vikings are their real challenges; I don’t expect they’ll have trouble with the Bears next week.

  11. On every play you can call holding……you just need to call it or not call it when one team is supposed win.

  12. Since Da Bears are out of it …..tey need to suck for a higher draft pick……also would rather see the Lions win the division than the Pack!!!!!!

  13. Stafford yet again showed his toughness, determination and instinct to win…putting his head down and running through tackles for the touchdown.

    Matt, don’t EVER do that again!!!

  14. Looks like Ebron will function as Pettigrew #2 – bricks for hands.
    Anquan Boldin is a huge acquistion for the Lions – He was the receiver that caught anything (no matter how high) from Flacco, winning the Super Bowl in 2012.
    Anquan is money in the bank when throwing to him.

  15. Both of those holding calls against the Bears were legit. I know that you could call holding on almost very NFL down but the replays showed that they were not bogus calls.

    2nd week in a row that the Bears folded their tent after almost giving us a comeback thrill.

    We will learn to catch tough balls and not hold so obviously.

  16. There wasn’t a starting receiver on the Bears today that was drafted.

    Let that sink in

    Barkley is a stud…ppl will peg him as a backup because of his past being a benchwarmer. But every throw he tossed was on the money. And he is a leader and team player.

    I would rather watch him than pick #6 ANY day

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