Mike Tomlin: Report of deflation a “non-story for us”

Sunday began with Jay Glazer of FOX reporting that the Giants had alerted the league office to the fact that a pair of footballs obtained via turnover against the Steelers last Sunday were not fully inflated. It ended (or at least continued, since the night is still young) with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin downplaying the issue.

“I heard about it but we have absolutely no response,” Tomlin told reporters after a win at Buffalo. “We’ll cooperate fully with whatever New York wants to do in regards to that. we have absolutely nothing to hide. It’s a non-story for us.”

Tomlin’s reference to New York implies that some sort of a report was made to the league office, even though the league has said no “formal complaint” was filed. That’s accurate, but so is Glazer’s report that the Giants reported the situation to the league.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger laughed off the situation, telling reporters that the Steelers use “Nerf balls.”

I’ll have an update on the matter during NBC’s Football Night in America.

14 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Report of deflation a “non-story for us”

  1. I know some Steelers fans think like the Patriots two years ago, their team can rally together after this and win a SB but I say not so fast. Your QB lost to Tebow in the playoffs and has one playoff win in about 5 years.

  2. Sorry Chippy, do you think Goodell has the stomach to chase this story after his last fraudulent PR debacle with deflate gate? He’s praying this quietly goes away … Roger is slimy but even he is not that stupid.

  3. I am sure the League would happily show the paperwork the Colts filed in a formal complaint in the second quarter of the AFCCG that prompted them to investigate the Patriots’ footballs at halftime.

    Seriously, the League make up the rules as they go along to whatever suits them.

    Deflategate was a BS controversy to begin with and so is this, but it just shows the only cheaters who really are damaging this game work in the corporate office in Manhattan.

  4. What an absolute joke. This league is so pathetic Goodell must go. The hypocrisy from the league and every owner who said they wanted the Patriots investigated is ridiculous. Same violation much different response.

  5. Stealer fans are hypocrites!
    Check “your team cheats” for a rundown on all 32 NFL teams and cheating!

    #1 Broncos
    #2 Jets
    #3 Stealers!

    Stealer fans = Hypocrites

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