Rex Ryan doesn’t commit to Tyrod Taylor for next week

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The Sunday splash report that the Bills may fire coach Rex Ryan included a claim that the Bills may bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

After the loss to the Steelers, Ryan was asked whether Taylor will be the starting quarterback moving forward.

“We’ll see,” Ryan said.

In fairness to Ryan, it’s possible that he was still a little shell-shocked about the existence of reports that he could be fired as soon as Monday.

“I don’t have any idea, guys,” Ryan said when asked to elaborate on his answer. “I mean I just got through putting everything into a game where we just got beat and we’ll put in everything we have moving forward. But to answer questions about anything else, about rumors or anything else, I think is ridiculous.”

What’s arguably even more ridiculous is the fact that the Bills will owe Taylor more than $30 million in guaranteed money if he’s on the roster in early March. So they’ll need to decide quickly whether to keep him or to cut him loose.

If they cut him, don’t be shocked if the Broncos make a run at him. As Vic Lombardi of Altitude Sports Network said a year ago on PFT Live, the Broncos wanted to sign Taylor in 2015, given his knowledge of Kubiak’s offense from their time together in Baltimore.

20 responses to “Rex Ryan doesn’t commit to Tyrod Taylor for next week

  1. Oh lord please release him and have the Donkeys sign him. The Broncos are in QB purgatory. They sinned big time selling their soul and taking on the HGH cheating, all time playoff choker Manning for the one year dynasty. There’s no question the window has slammed shut for Denver. Three completely tainted Lombardis. The football god’s will make them pay. The bill’s have already come due.

  2. According to the media, the Bills may not be committed to Sexy Text for next week, either.

  3. Sure, Taylor could stand to improve, but does anyone really think Manuel would do better? Still seems a bit early to throw Cardale out there “just to see,” and besides, he’s the 3rd QB for a reason.

  4. I saw Rex answer the question. He rolled his eyes as he was answering it. It was obviously not any kind of serious answer to what Rex thought was an idiotic question.

  5. If they don’t bench Tyrod and give some combination of EJ and CJ a whirl for evaluation purposes, they should at least try a new game plan for the remaining games of the season. Playoffs are not in their future so it is time to begin experimenting so that they can make the most informed QB decisions possible at the end of the season.

    In other words, I’m fine with leaving Tyrod in but only if he is forced to run a complete NFL passing offense. No more gimmick plays and “ground and pound”. Send him out there and make him throw the football 30-35 times in conventional NFL passing plays. If he fails, fine. Doesn’t matter. Better draft position. Cut him at the end of the season. Get rid of Rex too. If he proves he can hack it and play like a real QB when that’s the game plan and he is given the opportunity, keep Tyrod, still get rid of Rex, and bring in a new coach that can install a modern NFL offense and move forward.

    Either way, the “ground and pound” philosophy needs to go. We need a passing QB. Give Tyrod one last chance to show he can do it and prove that his deficiencies so far are a product of poor game planning and coaching. If management already knows that he can’t do it, then rotate EJ/CJ in to see if they are worth keeping in any capacity (back up, bridge QB for the next rookie, etc.). I doubt Cardale would impress but you never know. In the preseason he did some to have some flashes of the “it” factor that a good QB needs. I’m still skeptical but not as skeptical about him as everyone else seems to be.

  6. I think giving up 300 yards to L Bell had more of an outcome on the bills loss then Tyrod’s play. Seems like the offense only played 12 minutes while bell ran for 3 hours straight.

  7. hamlet423 says:
    Dec 11, 2016 10:35 PM
    Taylor has had his ups and downs, but the bills defense has not made plays when needed

    Could the Bills try to hire Doug Marrone again?

    Ups and downs? You want to blame the defense for not making plays? They caused 3 Big Ben interceptions. The offense had -4 yards after the first quarter. Sure, they got ran over by Bell, but they caused 3 INT’s and one of which lead to a touchdown. The offense is horrific, and it’s squarely on the shoulders of Tyrod.

  8. May as well let Rex and Tyrod finish out the year. Putting Cardale in would be like throwing him to the wolves. His game time experience should come during preseason.

  9. Rex should be fired based on the performance of his defense alone. He got rid of the “problem guys” (Mario Williams) he inherited and brought in a lot of players. This is on him. Jim Schwartz’s top 10 defense seems like decades ago.

  10. Sure blame Taylor when you’re D gives up 250 on the ground….as bad as Ben was they should have had 8 man fronts….but this is Rex MO…..defense looks bad blame the O….Jets dropped 36 on his D in week 2 and he fires the OC lol

  11. It never made sense for rex to even take the buffalo job n the 1st place. He basically took the same job he had with the jets which was (when he got to BUF) a good defense and no QB

  12. As far as Ryan getting fired, I think Rex has done a good job with the talent he has on this team. Whaley is the one that needs to go; he is responsible for getting the talent. Ryan deserves another year, more importantly a better GM.

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