Sunday Night wrap-up: Bomb to Odell Beckham Jr. beats the ‘Boys

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When you’re one of the best players in the NFL, life comes at you fast.

The Giants had done nothing offensively until Odell Beckham Jr. made their lone  play late in the third quarter, leading them to a dramatic 10-7 win over the Cowboys.

The 61-yard touchdown catch-and-run was an eye-opener, ending an incredibly slow start. It was especialy startling for the Cowboys secondary, as Beckham hit another gear and pulled away after a simple slant.

It was the ninth of 60 yards or longer in Beckham’s career, the most in the NFL since he joined in 2014.

The Giants had managed just 128 yards prior to that play, and it was enough to buoy them long enough for their defense to win the game for them.

And most importantly, Beckham was timely.

The fact he dropped two passes earlier in the game will be forgotten, while Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant’s play which will be remembered will be a late fumble, which came on his first reception of the night. It can turn just like that, and as a result the Giants are 9-4, and have won seven of their last eight games.

The fact the Giants can be in position to let Beckham change games is a bit of a miracle.

They can’t really run, and they can’t really pass-protect well, and Eli Manning just let the ball fall out of his hands at one point.The fact they’re 31st in the league in rushing is the most un-Giants thing about this team, and makes it surprising that they’ve had any success at all this season.

But they’re the only team to beat the Cowboys, and Beckham’s a big reason why.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. There was a feeling all along that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott would eventually have this game.

But then he kept not having it.

Prescott finally looked like a rookie again, throwing a pair of interceptions as the Giants confused him throughout the night.

Prescott only had two picks all season, and hadn’t lost since the Giants beat them in Week One. But he was a mortal 17-of-37 for 165 yards and a touchdown, taking some of the shine off all that premature MVP talk.

2. The Giants spent all the money this offseason on defense.

And it was worth it.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been amazing, and the presence of Damon Harrison in the middle of the line changes the game in many ways. The Cowboys were initially unwilling to run in the middle, and that’s largely because of the large man in the middle.

But the secondary has proven to be enough to carry a lackluster team, and Jenkins’ ability to slow down a player like Bryant is the reason he’s so expensive.

3. The Cowboys defense has seemingly been defined by the fact they overachieve.

But they have at least one legitimate star in the middle of it all, as linebacker Sean Lee continues to prove he’s one of the best every-down linebackers in the NFL.

Lee has the kind of range and instincts to make plays all over the field, against the run and pass. And he’s clearly the emotional leader of a unit that hasn’t gotten enough credit for its role in their success.

Lee was credited with 18 tackles. It just seemed like a lot more.

4. The Giants defense may have found a future contributor at a bargain price.

Romeo Okwara, starting in place of the injured Jason Pierre-Paul, acquitted himself well. The rookie from Notre Dame was in the sights of the Cowboys offense early, as they ran at the place Pierre-Paul vacated early and often.

But Okwara held up reasonably well, and showed flashes of rush ability of his own.

With Pierre-Paul out for at least the regular season and headed into free agency, having plenty of linemen is going to be key, especially having spent all the money this offseason.

5. Hopefully, all the reporters in the Giants locker room are careful during the postgame, or they might get shoved.

Left tackle Ereck Flowers continued to struggle, as he has lately. His inability to keep a hand on Cowboys defensive end Benson Mayowa (one of the most decorated pass-rushers in the NFL, or something) led directly to Manning’s second turnover of the night.

They need more from the 2015 first-round pick, who looks more and more like a right tackle. Perhaps it’s just the contrast of the Cowboys offensive line, but he looked overmatched from start to finish.

69 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: Bomb to Odell Beckham Jr. beats the ‘Boys

  1. Dak looked almost as bad as Carr! This week has been tough on league leading teams.
    Brady’s next.

  2. This is the point to put Romo in. Dak can’t handle what December will have in store for him as starter. I have yet to truly endorse Dak as starter and this is why. Romo time

  3. As strange as it might sound, a loss can be a good thing. This loss will show the Cowboys that you have to play your “A game” throughout the playoffs. They will be humbled and learn from the loss.

  4. I’m a Cowboys fan and I think the right team won the game.

    Dallas had a horrible game plan and obviously someone told Prescott to stop breaking the pocket and running because he passed up opportunities when he might have picked up the first down.

    The other odd thing is that they didn’t run the ball unless Elliot was in there. No Morris, No Dunbar, completely predictable.

  5. The 2016 Cowboys are the 2015 Panthers. Nobody thinks they’re very good and they’ve won a lot more games than they should have. They’ll get bounced out the playoffs then revert back to the mediocre team that they are next year.

  6. Well…I reckon the Giants did NOT get lucky in Week II to be the crowned by their delusional fans, “Super Bowl LI Champions: Dallas Cowboys.” Yes, my Saints SUCK and we won’t be in the postseason but no one crowned them the best in the NFL. Do “dem Cowboys” REALLY want to see the Giants for a third time this season? Laughing out really, really, really, really LOUD!!!

  7. Giants D is very good and have the Cowboys number. Dak looked bad and Dez was just awful. Between last week and tonight I’m not sure if the Cowboys have peaked or if they have just played two good defenses.

    Either way I don’t want to face the Giants in the playoffs.

  8. 6. It’s not a good idea for an Owner to undermine a rookie QB by telling the press that you think his backup will be stepping in soon.

  9. panic time, bring back Romo, fire garrett!!
    lol jk not quite. boys had to lose eventually, and its a division game. doesn’t change anything. Cowboys still the elite of the NFC.

  10. A tough, hard fought game by both teams. Officiating was pretty bad once again – more than one bad call, and at least two or three non-calls that I saw, but it didn’t make a difference in the outcome.

    The Dallas D also looked very good, and shut down the run game of the Giants all night. Elliott was the lone productive Cowboy player, and he kept the chains moving. Prescott, not so much tonight. He looked like a rookie in this one, but it is likely he will wake up against a TB team, and he better because they come in to Dallas on a hot streak.

    Good win by the Giants, but they still have work to do to make the postseason, although they surely helped themselves in the wildcard hunt.

  11. generally they would show the owner on camera in a loss as they also do in wins. I hope Jerry Jones is alright!

  12. It’s much more important to find out why when the Giants measured the Steelers footballs on 12/4/2016 the footballs were found to be at 11.4 & 11.8 PSI

    Those measurements are lower than the 12.50 PSI which is the lowest allowed PSI under the NFL rules. The integrity of the game is at stake here.

    Either the Steelers cheated or the Patriots didn’t.

    It was a Steelers fan that posted a video January 31, 2015 that shows footballs losing PSI when put into a refrigerator. The video is still available on the popular online video site. Just search for: “DEFLATE GATE & WHY SCIENCE SAYS THE PATRIOTS DID NOT TAMPER WITH FOOTBALLS”

  13. It was second and ten, Beckham caught a slant pass at about seven or eight yards then proceeded to house it, and that now constitutes a ‘bomb’?

    It didn’t even travel ten yards in the air, yet you felt the best way to describe that play was by dubbing it a bomb.

    Sensational insight.

  14. I’m a big Cowboy fan to many decades to count. I love Prescott he is the future QB and has us at the money table, the real games start now. The gridiron gets smaller each game for the last few weeks, our offensive line is lights out, D is playing with heart we now need the veteran eyes. Tony Romo one last Dance he deserves it. Just saying.

  15. Even Giants fans have to admit they were lucky with this one.Manning should have had 4 or 5 picks.Dez Bryant is once AGAIN a non factor.Dude is a major distraction.Problem is no one else there to step up!

  16. This defense once against hides the deficiencies of Mcadoos offense. They were great today. And nobody played better than Olivier Vernon. Weird this article wouldn’t mention him. I know the O line is a mess, but this offensive scheme is a killer. The defense knows what’s coming. Every play. Thank god Odell can make plays or we might be in big trouble.

  17. Giants couldn’t run it in 2011 either, and the defense played like this in December/playoffs, as well. But we’ll let you guys keep talking about Dallas and everyone else.

  18. gauchosporlife says:
    Dec 11, 2016 11:42 PM

    Eli is the luckiest QB in the history of the NFL. Hope to see them again in the playoffs.


    Bitter, party of 1…your table is now available!

    Eli has his bad moments, but he gets the job done and wins when it matters most, which is more than I can say for anyone that has played for the Cowboys in the past 20 years.

  19. Just curious, and maybe it’s a little early to be thinking about it, but what do Giants fans think is going to happen with Beckam long term? Clearly he’s special, and one of the best in the league. However, from the outside at least, it seems like his teammates, to put it nicely, aren’t overly fond of him.

    Do they risk letting hit the open market in what could be an EXTREMELY deep WR FA class next year (assuming a bunch of guys don’t get extensions this off-season)? Do they just put what is sure to be a ton of money into a WR that the rest of the team won’t rally around (and who Eli seems like he could do without, if he had another playmaker to take his place), since they don’t have much of a choice? That offense without Beckam isn’t exactly the 80’s niners.

    I can’t see them trading him, historically the return isn’t worth the trouble. I think they’ll bite the bullet and pay him whatever it takes to keep him long term, and hope he matures as he goes along. But I was in the NY area this week, and heard some chatter about it, which I found curious since they are playing better than at least I expected, so was curious to see what other Giants fans thought. If it was just one radio host and his fanbase, or if it was a general question/concern for Giants fans

  20. Prescott’s performance shouldn’t be a surprise. The team has been trending downward for six weeks, but no one seems to notice. Except for a 10 point win against Baltimore, and the bye week against Cleveland, the margin of winning has steadily dropped from six to five to four to two and now to minus three.

    Prescott hit the rookie wall one week after they gave him the starting job, but unless Dallas realize their mistake and corrects it this has all the earmarks of a one and done playoff season.

  21. The Cowboys won only 4 games last season, thus they had a relatively weak schedule this season. They were able to stack up wins against sub-.500 teams, and in several victories, the opponents beat themselves. Now the cracks are showing.
    This was actually the first cold weather game Prescott has ever played in his entire career. And it showed. The weather isn’t going to get warmer in late December and January.
    Opponents now have game film to study their tendencies, and the Giants gave them the blueprint on how to beat this team. And it’s simple.
    Blanket Bryant and stuff the box. Without Bryant, the Cowboys have no deep threat or big play ability. Eliot will get his yards behind the offensive line, but the inability to convert third downs stalls drives. 2 conversions on 24 attempts in the last two games is not conducive to winning close, tough games.
    Bryant has regressed. Whether it’s because he and Prescott just can’t or don’t connect, it’s not apparent he would play any better with Romo. He’s not finishing routes, and when he does get open he’s not making catches. 1 of 9 for 10 yards, only to fumble on a crucial drive is not impressive.
    That leaves short and intermediate passes to Beasley, Whitten and Williams, which are not going to sustain drives, especially not if the third down woes continue.
    The defense has overachieved, but even they cannot protect an offense that stalls.
    Tampa Bay and Detroit are not coming to Dallas to lose, and guaranteed the Eagles are not going to warmly welcome the Cowboys.
    Dallas loses two of these games, and the Giants win two of their remaining games, New York wins the division.
    These Cowboys do not want to go on the road in January. But even if they play at home, I don’t see them advancing past the divisional round. Same as it’s been for the last 21 years, one and done.

  22. Remember back awhile ago when Bryant has that catch no catch, I really enjoyed watching that Bryant train wreck last night. This game had to happen and Tony is smiling, because he knew this was coming, Dak is a rookie he looked shaken at the end last night.

  23. Redskins own the Eagles
    Eagles own the Giants
    Giants own the Redskins
    Cowboys own the Eagles
    Giants own the Cowboys
    Redskins =/= Cowboys

    Life in the NFC East…….

  24. The cowboys are not an impressive team. Good, maybe. They just looked less than normal when under that three man front and decent coverage downfield. This Dak guy is not as good as advertised. A very short run in the playoffs and prepare for next year.

  25. As a cowboy fan, this is actually what I expect on their first playoff game. Fruitless effort.
    Dez Bryant Sucks and is a immature kid that got paid, too bad we can’t trade him.

  26. It didn’t take long for the uneducated to spout the old “Eli is the luckiest QB in History” nonsense.

    Lucky may win a game or two with a fortunate bounce, or heaven forbid a blown call by the Officials. But over a 12-year career he’s reaching a solid standing among the top 10 or 12 QB offensive categories……that’s the kind of History I’m talkin’ about.

  27. Took the league a little longer than I thought it would to figure out Dak Prescott, but they’ve got it now.

    That was NOT a great defense that shut him down last night, and it was without its best pass rusher.

    Cowboy fans can whistle past the graveyard all they want, but I see tough days ahead for the rookie.

    Oh, did you forget he was a rookie?

  28. A few takeaways, from a Giants fan:

    Sean Lee can play. The guy was all over the field and made big plays. If the injury bug didn’t hit him earlier in his career he’d be talked about along with Luke K.

    Giants offensive line is woeful. It seems that Eli is deservedly blamed when he doesn’t perform well but let’s be honest, that line is in shambles and it’s not just Carson Wentz that suffers from terrible line play.

    Giants defensive is fast and is executing. Olivier Vernon, Snaks Harrison and Janoris Jenkins have allowed Steve Spagnuolo to make exotic blitz packages and complex coverage schemes. Add in Landon Collins and you’re talking about a defense that can hang with any offense in the game.

    Great game if you’re a fan of defense – hopefully there’s a part III.

  29. No need to panic Cowboys nation. We’ll take this loss on the chin. But best believe, if we see those Giants in the playoffs we will not lose to them three times!!!! As a matter of fact, this loss will help my Cowboys refocus on the biggest prize of them all…. Next up is the Bucs @ Jerry’s world….

  30. polegojim says:
    Dec 12, 2016 9:04 AM
    Dak looked like a rookie last night.

    Giants kept Zeke in check.

    Good Giants game plan on D


    Dak definitely looked like a rookie, I’ll give you that. But to say the Giants kept Zeke in check? He got 107 yards and averaged 4.5 per carry………not too shabby. He got 80 of those yards before we magically forgot we have the league’s leading rusher and just stopped using him (as usual). The only thing he couldn’t do was score because the rest of our offense was too inept to get him anywhere near the red zone……

    The Giants are not a good team. Despite their record, the hype, and the mouth of other Cowboys fans, I’m not convinced we as a whole are better than average either. The Giants tried their BEST to gift wrap it for us last night and we just kept giving it right back.

  31. Evidently, the Giants have Dallas’ number as well as the Patriots. It’s amazing because most of the time, Eli Manning stinks. He is a turnover machine. Elite? No. Very lucky? Definitely. Him in the HOF is a joke.

  32. @kcchefs58 says:
    Dec 11, 2016 11:39 PM
    In order to spell “elite” you gotta start with “eli”

    Really? If you are talking throwing picks and mediocre QB ratings, yeah, Eli is “elite” in those categories.

    Barry church dropped 2 interceprions he should have caught, and the Giants had one big play from Beckham (where a missed tackle was the reason he was able to take it to the house) that was the difference in the game. Bailey’s missed 55 yarder was another factor, as Beckham’s TD would have tied it had Bailey eaten another couple of Wheaties Sunday morning.

    Dak looked like a rookie in this one, but he has shown he can rebound. On to Tampa Bay.

  33. Congrats to my life long team for a great defensive effort.

    Since the Cowboys are on TV a lot,I have seen many of their games.I love the talent, production and demeanor of MR.Prescott.Just a pleasure to watch!!

    Although every game I watch Elliot and his “feed me” routine,I could not wait until somebody gave him a fork instead of a spoon for his feeding.In the words of the GREAT Tom Landry,act like you’ve been there before.

    Glad it was “my” Giants that shut Zeke and Jerry up.Two of the most obnoxious people in the world,along with Odell Beckham.

  34. Have to admit I thought the absence of JPP was going to hurt a lot more than it did and the offense was going to have to produce. My stomach dropped when Vereen went out.
    They are the opposite of last year’s team, this year they keep finding ways to win. It may not be pretty but it sure makes them dangerous.

  35. edelmanfanclub says:
    Dec 11, 2016 11:39 PM

    Dallas goes 14-2 then loses first round to the Giants in Arlington.

    Guess you have no clue how playoffs work???
    If Cowboys finish 14-2 that means they would be #1 seed and Giants #5. Only game they would face each other in is the NFC Championship game!!

  36. I know how the playoffs work, and I know you are also wrong. IF the Giants are the lower seed left after the first round playoffs, then they WOULD play the Cowboys.

  37. No matter how many “thumbs down” I get, there is no denying that Eli is a turnover machine who happens to be very lucky. He looks great on one play, throws it to the other team the next. We’ve all seen him do it.

  38. gauchosporlife says:

    Eli has his bad moments, but he gets the job done and wins when it matters most,

    So nothing mattered for the previous three seasons?

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