Cowboys slam door on talk on benching Dak Prescott

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had the worst night of his 13-game NFL career. But that wasn’t enough to get the Cowboys to consider flipping the switch back to one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history.

Asked after the the 10-7 loss to the Giants whether the team considered benching a struggling Prescott for a healthy Tony Romo, coach Jason Garrett said this, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “No, we feel good about Dak playing quarterback for us.”

Owner/G.M. Jerry Jones was even more forceful.

“No. No. No. No,” Jones said, via Davison. “Not at all. Let me just say that.”

Still, it was only a few days ago that Jones said something far different about the prospect of Romo playing this year.

I think Romo is going to get his opportunity,” Jones told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “I don’t want it to happen. But I think he may get his opportunity to get us a Super Bowl. While that’s a mixed bag when I think about it — that means you don’t have Dak out there — but it means, what a story, one for the ages, if he’d step in there and this year help us win a Super Bowl on the field with his skill. That can happen here. We’re not talking about a bus driver out there. We’re talking about a guy who can go out there and move our team.”

Is Prescott moving the team in the way Jones envisions? The rookie has thrown for fewer than 200 yards in three straight games, and his 165 yards on 37 passes from Monday night equate to 4.46 yards per attempt.

“First of all he’s got 13 NFL ball games at a high level under his belt,” Jones said after the loss to the Giants. “What’s he got four interceptions now? Is it four? OK, so he’s got four interceptions in 13 ball games. I feel good about our quarterback, and I like what we are at the quarterback position as well. We should have asked and wanted him to make the drive that might have won this thing for us tonight. We were within striking distance. I don’t want to make excuses. Most of what happened to us offensively tonight was a well coached [Giants] defense more than a failing of a player or players.”

The Cowboys would be smart to ride it out. They’ve already determined that Prescott is the future; yanking him at a time when he’s going through the normal growing pains of becoming a full-time starter could make it harder for him to reach his full potential.

Indeed, Prescott has 20 touchdown passes and four interceptions, with a season average of 7.9 yards per throw. He also has a passer rating of 102.7. Those numbers had him near the front of the MVP race before Sunday night’s game.

Jones nevertheless will get antsy if last night’s performance becomes a trend. Jones desperately wants to win a Super Bowl with a team that he built, and the brass ring is closer than it’s been since the last time the team won a Super Bowl with a team he didn’t build. At some point, Jones will become tempted to try to finish the job with Romo, confident that Prescott will recover from the actual or perceived indignity by 2017, when he’s the clear-cut starter without Romo behind him.

89 responses to “Cowboys slam door on talk on benching Dak Prescott

  1. tough game but not his fault for the loss. dez caused an INT and fumbled at a crucial point in the game

  2. “At some point, Jones will become tempted to try to finish the job with Romo, confident that Prescott will recover from the actual or perceived indignity by 2017, when he’s the clear-cut starter without Romo behind him.”

    And when, not if, Romo goes down where does that leave them? It’s not very Jerrah like but sticking with Prescott is the smart move.

  3. I’m so tired of hearing from Jerry Jones on every little thing about the team. But you can’t really shut him up because he has so much money and he’s in control… What a circus. They’re right up there with the Browns in terms of embarrassing front offices. The only difference is that they can hide it more because they actually win regular season games more often than the Browns.

  4. I can’t see him getting passed both Seattle and NY in the NFC playoffs. They have to hope to avoid both of them. This might now bring MVP to Elliott vs Brady and really deliver it to Elliott who know longer has to battle a teammate for it.

  5. Anyone that doesn’t like the cowboys should take comfort in the fact that, as good as things are going for them now, head case Jerrah will find a way to screw it up for them.

    The cowboys are a relevent nfl team now for the first time in 20 years and everyone everyone knows that is because they have figured out how to keep jerrah away from running the team by lkeeping him busy by running his mouth off to the media.

    But he is still there and he is going to figure out how to screw it up somehow. Guaranteed.

  6. I can’t wait til next game when the camera pans out to Jerrah’s booth after Dak throws a pick in the 3rd quarter. Jerrah will get that pained look like he just swallowed a stripper’s thong and then reach for the phone to tell his puppet: “It’s time! Put Tony in NOW!” And then chaos over the next few weeks will rage as the debate rages: “Who should the Cowboys start in the playoffs?” Don’t forget to vote in the upcoming PFT poll…

  7. Well if Carson Wentz a highly drafted QB that many expected to be a “can’t miss” QB for many years struggle, Jared Goff… being well, Jared Goff, then a 4th round compensatory QB that nobody expected to be good struggle.. well we would all be foolish to not expect this to happen….

    Question now becomes; are they willing to sacrifice a potentially successful season to see it through or will they come to the realization that you will get New York Giants effort from now until Feburary, can he handle the pressure. 3 games not throwing for 200 yards against defenses that are good, but have been shredded this year. IDK… maybe the rookie wall is in effect.

  8. .
    I dont understand why anyone asks garret coaching decisions when he isn’t the one making the calls.

  9. Not saying bench Dak but on that last drive Romo would have been the best options, and before the chodes and clowns start dissing, Romo’s 4th quarter heroics are the best in the league over the past 10 years.

  10. Thumbs down my first comment all you want…it’s true. Dak has great athletic skills and is likely going to be very good in this league for long time. But he’s looked better than he is because of 1) An amazing line, 2) An amazing RB and 3) a simplified scheme.

    In the first meeting between my mediocre-at-best Eagles, Wentz looked much better and Dak was confused by the defense. They pulled off a win because of our bad coaching. Dak is the future in Dallas, no question. But those Dallas fans got out the anointing oil, just as Parcels warned you not to a decade ago.

  11. .
    Each week is another defensive coordinator adding to the book on Prescott and the Cowboys. Baltimore looked at the success / failures of the Cowboys – Pittsburgh game and adapted accordingly. Minnesota and the Giants then followed suit. After about a month of the some of the league’s best defensive minds ” conspiring ” against you, things can become more difficult. It’s now up to Cowboys offensive minds to implement counter measures.

  12. Want to now why the ratings are down? When a guy forgets to wipe and now everybody thinks a change is needed. Yikes. the guys not 11-2 as a starter or anything…

  13. Inaccurate quarterback with the benefit of the best offensive line in football and a great running game all season. If teams can stop the run, then that’s the kind of game you’ll get from the kid the rest of the way. Let’s face it, he’s been decent this year, but on any other team, he’s mediocre at best! Keep the L’s coming!!!

  14. Inevitable. He looked like a rookie for the first time in 12 games, against a very good defensive scheme that was well executed. It’s not the end of the world, nor reason to consider bringing in Romo.

  15. He has one bad game and you want to bench him? RELAX! Brady had a 39 QBR the other week and no one is panicking there?

    That’s a rediculous comparison. Brady is the best QB of all time. No one ever panics when he is out there. Dak is a rookie QB who really has yet to be tested, especially in the playoffs. Apples to oranges.

  16. Prescott wins 11 straight games and after one bad game, there’s speculation on benching him?

    Are you people for real?

  17. Dak is a rookie….he plays well within the scheme created for him by Garrett but as he plays in more games there will be more film for opposing teams to watch. The opposing teams statisticians will be able to start breaking down what he does well and not so well and the defense will then play to his weaknesses. He is in his first year and adapting well…..let’s see where he is at in three years…….somebody get Jerry away from the media……

  18. It’s not the end of the world but it could be a crack in the wall.
    If the cowboys O coordinators don’t get a handle on it opposing defenses will be able to counter Dak’s intangibles and force him to be a passer which he cannot win on alone, especially if the running game is shut down.

  19. I don’t think they should bench Prescott, but it’s true that he has looked really bad the last couple games. Just not being able to make anything happen, throwing a lot of really poor passes, making some bad decisions.

    Its strange for it to be happening now. He hasn’t had it easy so far – he’s had plenty of games where he started slow and had to come from behind. He’s been tested. So why look so deer-in-headlights now, when the pressure is off to a degree?

    But the loss yesterday was a team loss, with an emphasis on some really lousy play calling. Everyone was making bad decisions. If they don’t get their heads on straight, this is going to be the 2007 postseason all over again.

  20. Does Jerry Jones’ brain ever stop Jerry Jones’ mouth from saying stupid stuff? I’m being serious – are there ever moments when he thinks to himself “hmmm….maybe I shouldn’t say what I’m about to say” or “hmmmm….maybe I should just keep this to myself”?

  21. only bad thing from this loss (outside of the obvious) is that we have to hear from these incessant giants fans. they talk when their team plays like garbage and loses now that their team played like garbage and won against my Cowboys who somehow played worse on offense–terrible, next week can’t come soon enough.

  22. “ridiculous. do people remember how many bad games Brady had when he started out? you have to rally around your QB.”

    Actually, no, I recall very few bad games Brady ever had in his first season as a starter, culminated by a Super Bowl win.

    A Patriots season ticket holder.

  23. This isn’t one bad game, Cowboys fans. Outside of his scrambling ability, Dak hasn’t looked that good in a while, going back to the Eagles game at the end of October. Most recently, I couldn’t understand why the Vikings pass rush was so undisciplined as to let him scramble into open field. He’s obviously the kind of QB you want to keep in the pocket.

    If you absolutely need a 4th quarter drive and you can’t run the ball because time is running out, I don’t see how you don’t want Romo out there for that.

  24. It is fitting that as soon as a playoff spot is cinched, the ‘boys would self-destruct in real time. Mark Sanchez and Jerry can go to the titty bar to console themselves.

  25. Th best thing that could have happened to Cowboys. They needed to lose a game. They have been looking worse and worse every week. I think they have been reading their own press clippings lately. Not concentrating and putting in the work that is necessary to win. I think the loss will help

  26. You would have to be a complete idiot to change your QB 13 games into the season while you are currently the #1 seed in the NFC…… but we are talking about Jerry Jones so….

  27. All the Giants did was copy the same game plan Alabama used against Dak in college. Contain him and make him fit his throws into tight windows. Ole Miss did the same thing and I suspect Belichick will do the same if the Cowboys make it to the SB.

  28. Cowboys win last night if Barry Church doesn’t have a cast on his arm, resulting in 2 easy interceptions bouncing away from him when he hits the turf (including 1 within field goal range).

    Boys have lost TWO games and are still in 1st place with a Bucs team coming to town that could barely muster 16 points against the pathetic Saints defense. Dallas will beat Tampa by at least 10.

    Dak played in the SEC and had played 1 career game with the temperature below 35 degrees. Doug Free was a liability last night allowing pressure on Dak. If anyone wanted to see Romo play, he wouldn’t have finished the game last night. Dak missed some WRs but nobody on offense besides Zeke played with any sort of passion, Dez quit on most of his routes.

    Cowboys will make it at least to the NFC championship game if they can get home field until that game.

    Not much more you can ask for from a rookie 4th rounder. Nobody should be talking unless their team has 11 wins.

  29. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Dec 12, 2016 1:08 PM
    All the Giants did was copy the same game plan Alabama used against Dak in college. Contain him and make him fit his throws into tight windows. Ole Miss did the same thing and I suspect Belichick will do the same if the Cowboys make it to the SB.
    Dak passed for 290 and 300 yards vs Alabama……
    He went over 250 yards twice vs Ole Miss

    You don’t know what you’re talking about

  30. The Cowboys have the 20th ranked passing attack yards per game. Its ridiculous to even mention Dak as MVP let only rookie of the year. 2oth raked pass attack. Trevor Semien and Alex smith are better passers. If he wasnt on the cowboys nobody would know who he is.

    MVP is Ryan or Carr and its not even close.

  31. ggreen657 says:
    Dec 12, 2016 12:24 PM
    “ridiculous. do people remember how many bad games Brady had when he started out? you have to rally around your QB.”

    Actually, no, I recall very few bad games Brady ever had in his first season as a starter, culminated by a Super Bowl win.

    A Patriots season ticket holder.
    Brady lost 4 games his first year as a starter and tossed 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

    – A football fan who does his research

  32. It’s a matchup league and Dak’s skill set doesn’t match up well with teams who play D like the Giants…which is stout run defense and stellar CB play. TB will pose problems for him too. If he can avoid these two teams, they can get to the SB.

    Interesting conundrum because Romo can beat these teams but likely not the ones that Dak has beaten to get to 11 wins.

    Jones isn’t getting younger and he’s not gonna let a SB contender go down with a first ballot HOF on the pines. If Dak continues to endure these typical growing pains, I see Jones going to Romo in week 15 on.

    To be clear…I do agree that Dak will be there for the next 15 years (to my dismay).

  33. “The rookie has thrown for fewer than 200 yards in three straight games, and his 165 yards on 37 passes from Monday night”

    In the final four Seahawks games of 2013, second-year Russell Wilson threw less than 200 yards against all three division rivals, and only mustered 206 yards against the Giants. Against Arizona, he bottomed out at 108 yards. He had fewer than 150 yards in three other games earlier in the season.

    He won a Super Bowl that year.

    The sky ain’t falling yet, Cowboys fans.

  34. newmancave2016 says:

    Exposed. Told you so.

    Was Eli exposed? Because he didn’t look any better, just one pass luckier.

  35. yeah JJ bring Romo back in. Guaranteed loss in the first round to whomever..even the browns.

  36. Great. Now take the shackels off and let him get back to using his legs to pick up first downs when the opportunity is there.

    He had chances last night but looked hesitant to run.

  37. Initially with a new QB, the defense doesn’t have tape on the QB. It takes awhile for teams to get enough on a new QB to really be able to game plan for him. Once they do, they will take away what he is comfortable with, and he will have to adjust – usually “on the fly”. Pretty hard for rookie to be able to do that, and in the playoffs he will be going against the best defenses, who often have extra time to scheme.

  38. If these past few games are taking place earlier in the season, then I could see Romo getting his job back. When you look at all the history & tradition of the Cowboys franchise, not once have they ever won 11 straight. How you can you bench the kid who lead them to 11-2? Ridiculous question to ask in the first place

  39. Jerry was just saying Tony Romo might get a chance to play if Dak gets injured. That’s all. Dak has won a lot of games in the fourth quarter. If #88 catches that ball, maybe the Cowboys win the game. There have been a lot of comebacks that wouldn’t have been comebacks if receivers dropped passes. The QB always gets the credit and the blame, but there are always receivers that make catches too. Last night Dez couldn’t make the catch. Most of the time he does. Dak came into the game with 19 TDs and only 2 ints. That’s incredible! You can’t bench him, even with a healthy HOFer on the bench.

  40. I don’t think the Cowboys were exposed by the Giants. The Giants team was built specifically to deal with the Cowboys O-line. Dolphins & Jets played Cowboys last year, so the Giants were able to have front row seats of Vernon, and Harrison matched up against the Cowboys O-line.. This is obviously why the Giants targeted them in free agency. People laughed when the Giants gave Jenkins all that money, now he is arguably the best corner in the NFL. Landon Collins has emerged as one of the best safeties in his 2nd year, and the cornerbacks are pretty solid. I think the Cowboys will be ok, I would have more faith in the Giants, if our offensive line didn’t make every defense look like the 85 bears.

  41. Just like many of us have been saying for months. As soon as Dak Prescott plays like a guy that was drafted in the 4th round, the calls will come for Romo. Looks like the throw up there and hope Dez catches it jut ain’t working anymore.


  42. If Dak is the QB of the future for the Cowboys, you don’t bench him because of a poor game. You ride with him and let him grow as a professional athlete in this league.

    Don’t turn it into another Vince Young/Kerry Collins situation, when Jeff Fisher benched VY after poor outings in favor of the veteran. That is a great way to kill a young QB’s confidence.

  43. They’re trying to get Tony Tomorrow a ring using the strategy Peyton Manning used last season.

  44. I knew Jerry couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Keep it up, Jerry! He’s going to undermine locker room confidence in the guy that’s got them this far. Then he’ll blame Garrett when they blow it in the playoffs.

  45. Dallas Rump Rider fans better enjoy what they’ve seen because it is all going to end now.

    The entire NFL knows that the Danish Ham, DAK, cannot handle a pass rush – he is so inaccurate under pressure that he should be rushed and hit as often as possible – even late hits.

    The key is to stack eight men in the box to stop the run – 100 yards from Elliot will hurt no defense – and then that takes away the fraud DAK’s rushing to bail out his incompetence as a passer.

    DAK will get off two passes per game that are good. But he won’t hurt you any other way but running.

    Hit him – hit him even if it is late – this clown has been exposed and is a complete fraud. If it were not for his runs, his team would be a losing team. So the key is to stop him from running and dare him to beat you man to man. He can’t. He won’t.

  46. I can honestly say that Dak looked like a deer caught in the headlights on Sunday night against NYG. The synaptic signals weren’t flowing for him, for sure. Tampa Bay’s defense is tough and going to be rough on Dak, especially if they’ve studied the film on Dak. Let’s see how he does. Crossing fingers that he outperforms Jameis.

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