Dodgeball among new additions to Pro Bowl schedule

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The NFL has announced an addition to the schedule for the week leading up to the Pro Bowl.

The league will hold a Skills Showdown on Thursday, January 26 involving players selected to the AFC and NFC teams for this year’s game. The game and the new event will be held in Orlando, Florida.

The new competition will include four events. There will be a dodgeball game between members of the teams, a relay race, a precision passing contest and a challenge for quarterbacks and wide receivers that will see them try to complete “as many pass attempts as possible before time runs out.”

While it has little to do with the game of football, there would seem to be less interesting things on television on a January Thursday evening than a dodgeball game between NFL players. We’ll see if the viewing public agrees in a little more than a month.

54 responses to “Dodgeball among new additions to Pro Bowl schedule

  1. I wonder how many players will turn this tremendous offer down. A chance to go to Orlando and play dodgeball, run a relay race and play in the softest football game of all time. Me thinks a lot of guys will be saying “no thanks”.

  2. Just make it a more entertaining version of the NFL combine. Would love to see things like QB accuracy, overall deep balls, head to head foot races… Stuff like that. This modified flag football game needs to go away.

  3. anything will be better than having them play football. I CAN NOT BE MORE SERIOUS RIGHT NOW

    The pro bowl, as a GAME, is NOT worth playing, let alone watching.

    I would prefer to watch these grown men battle each other in trivia, chess or some other activity that is NOT FOOTBALL OR DANCING.

  4. for the dodge-ball game will their be an independent physician there to evaluate anyone who might show signs of a concussion and if so will he be forced to leave the game?

  5. This . . . actually sounds kind of fun. Dispensing with the stupid, pointless football game and just doing some kind of silly old-school “Battle of the Network Stars” kind of competition would actually make this worth watching for at least some stupid entertainment. The Pro Bowl is awful, and just trying to figure out some way to make something actually fun out of it is a good idea.

  6. NFL is slowly becoming NASCAR. 20 years ago every track in America was charging $200 for seats in the turns(vs straightaways) and had their fans on multi year waiting lists to pay well in advance. Now, for $36 you can walk up on Sunday and get seats at Daytona, Charlotte or New Hampshire.

    NFL is slowly implementing gimmicky chit like this and little by little they’re turning away their fan bases.

  7. I know the players can dodge a wrench, but can they dodge an ACL tear?

    Be prepared for the safest and least motivated game of dodgeball involving millionaires of all time! The refs will have to be extra crooked to make it interesting.

    It will be sad to see Brady get suspended for more probably than not deflating dodgeballs in the bathroom prior to the event.

  8. If they really wanted to get viewers the dodgeball game would be between the players and the league office and they would use a football instead of a dodgeball.

  9. Does anyone remember a flag football game played in the sand a number of years ago?
    Robert Edwards, the starting RB for NE, tore his ACL.

  10. They should do this by skill groups with non-quaterbacks.

    I would love to see LBs vs RBs or Oline vs Dline or Dbs vs WRs.

    And just throw a kicker or punter in each of these games for hilarity.

  11. ikeclanton says:
    Dec 12, 2016 4:56 PM
    Bill Belichick would make a great Patches O’Houlihan

    Particularly if Goodell was the one that had to try dodging the wrench

  12. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

    Ouchtown, population you, bro!

    All kidding aside, anyone else remember Robert Edwards effectively ending his career in a stupid beach football game? Enough already, NFL. Enough.

  13. Following the 1998 season the NFL decided to have a flag football game for the rookies, the Patriots had a great rookie RB, Robert Edwards who had rushed for over 1100 yards and put up 12 total touchdowns in his rookie season. He severely injured his knee, almost needing to have his leg amputated below the knee because of how severe it was.

    He didn’t play in the NFL again until 2002 where he had 38 touches for 233 yards and 2 touchdowns. That was the end of his NFL career.

    Hopefully this dodgeball game doesn’t end up costing someone the way that flag football game did.

  14. News of a dodgeball game made me flash on the time in middle school when a boy threw the ball so hard he broke a girl’s arm. And these guys aren’t scrawny 12 year olds.

    All the concussion jokes may well become real concussions because invariably someone will take things way too seriously.

  15. Growing up, the skills competition portion of the pro bowl weekend was at least as much, if not more entertaining than the game itself. Remember Darrell Green as (what seemed like a 50-something) still killing the “fastest man” those weekends?

    A return to that would be welcomed, in my opinion. Run the skills competitions, and make the weekend fun for the players and fans alike. Maybe even mic up everyone for a game of flag football? Give the the line a “one-Mississippi” three count before they can go… I don’t know, and I’m just thinking out loud, but it *should be a good time for everyone.

    It’s (obviously) good for the (owner’s) bottom line to hold the event. Make it something we can all enjoy. Of course we may still have a player pull up with a hamstring or something, but we’d get rid of the major (Eifert, recently) injuries, and maybe all have fun watching players compete for the reigning title of “best of…” for the year, and listening to the banter in what has become not much more than a flag football game anyway as of late.

  16. I’m glad multiple guys are bringing up Robert Edwards! As a fan of the Patriots I remember hearing the comparisons of him to some of the legends. It was early but he had a hell of a year and their O line wasn’t impressive, making it all the more special.

    I remember the talks of this kid possibly losing part of his leg for how absolutely gruesome this injury was, and for what…a stupid game in the sand.

    Sad how it derailed his career but he was a no name. Let Aaron Rodgers or J.J.Watt get a serious concussion playing Dodgeball and this will be a “one&done” in the stupid idea column.

  17. Ferdinand says:
    Dec 12, 2016 5:17 PM

    News of a dodgeball game made me flash on the time in middle school when a boy threw the ball so hard he broke a girl’s arm. And these guys aren’t scrawny 12 year olds.

    Good grief. What kind of balls were they using? Those red balls we used to use wouldn’t have done that.

  18. I may be in the minority on this but I love this idea! People pay money/watch the scouting combine for absolutely no reason but to get hyped up over rookies that may or may not end up sucking. Seeing Pro-Bowl caliber players compete in events is far more interesting to view. I always thought the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge was a great idea, and a better way to get players to compete with a much lower chance of injury.

  19. cowboyfan45 says:
    Dec 12, 2016 4:51 PM
    Eliminating the Pro-bowl, peirod should be first and foremost on the league’s mind!!!!
    What if we just replaced it with a Dodgeball tournament? Haven’t watched the Pro Bowl in a decade, but I’m already setting my DVR for the Pro Bowl Dodgeball tournament– this is going to be must-see television.

  20. The idea of a skills competition is cool, I always like that part of it when I was younger, but dodgeball???

    You know what would be awesome – a basketball game between the best players. I’m 100% serious. It has nothing to do with football, but most of these guys play to stay in shape, and I guarantee they would get competitive with each other.

  21. Let’s have the players run through the American Gladiators course. And/or they could have the really buff juiced-up guys become the New American Gladiators. I would watch this.

  22. As the NFL continues it downward spiral I’ve had no problem finding other ways to entertain myself.

    I used to watch every possible game, all 5 slots every week. Now I watch just the Pats and often now I go out during the game and have it on the car radio while I’m doing errands.

    That a professional football league would add dodge ball as an event to anything it does is an insult to the fans and a total embarrassment.

  23. why does the Pro Bowl just have to go away? someone is watching it. they’re adding what people want and still hearing complaints. you cant win.

  24. It’s much more important to find out why when the Giants measured the Steelers footballs on 12/4/2016 the footballs were found to be at 11.4 & 11.8 PSI

    Those measurements are lower than the 12.50 PSI which is the lowest allowed PSI under the NFL rules. The integrity of the game is at stake here.

    Now would also be a good time for the NFL to publically release the PSI information that was collected during the 2015 season.

  25. Well they brought the skills competition back, that’s a step in the right direction. They just added dumb events. The events should be

    QBs – Longest throw and Accuracy throw competitions
    WR vs DB – agility race combining obstacles with catching balls
    LB vs RB – agility race involving more hitting of bags and pushing sleds
    OL and DL – bench press competition
    K – longest kick contest

    I’d watch it

  26. They need to have a dance competition, since that seems to be the most important thing with the new generation. They’ll be able to “express their emotions”.

  27. Ive got it! “Football Ninja Warrior Relay” for charity, with the money going into a fund for ex players suffering from injuries received while playing.

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