Eric Dickerson: Fisher’s offense sucks, Rams should hire Harbaugh

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Rams Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson got his wish today when the team fired head coach Jeff Fisher, and Dickerson didn’t hold back afterward.

Dickerson went on ESPN shortly after Fisher was fired and ripped Fisher for failing to put a respectable offense on the field.

“For lack of better words, the offense sucks. I mean, he killed us, and that’s what it came down to, and that’s on him as a head coach. He put Rob Boras as offensive coordinator to run our offense, and our offense was horrible. I called it a high school offense and Todd Gurley called it middle school,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson said the Rams can only succeed in Los Angeles if they can win.

“We need to win football games,” Dickerson said. “The Los Angeles market is not going to stand for it. . . . There’s a lot to do in L.A. other than to watch football games.”

So what would Dickerson do to change things?

“If I had a choice I would take Jim Harbaugh. I don’t know if he wants to leave Michigan, that’s on him, but I know what he did at Stanford,” Dickerson said. “He turned the Niners around, he took Michigan to No. 5 in the country, he’s done so much. You’ve got to look at a track record of a coach.”

Dickerson got his first wish when Fisher was fired. Time will tell if Dickerson will get his second wish of Harbaugh serving as the next head coach.