FAA declines to allow cranes at Inglewood construction site

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There’s some potential “7-9 bullsh-t” happening with the Rams’ new stadium in Inglewood.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has declined to issue permits for cranes needed to build the structure.

“We’re not going to evaluate any crane applications until our concerns with the overall project are resolved,” FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told Kaplan.

Specifically, the FAA concluded last year that the stadium could be a hazard, because it possibly will interfere with radar at LAX airport. (Separate concerns have been raised regarding terrorism, given the presence of the stadium in the approach to LAX; the FAA apparently is not delaying the project on that basis.)

As Kaplan notes, the scheduled implementation of new satellite technology in 2020 could address the issue. With the stadium due to open in 2019, however, an overlap between the new stadium and the old technology would exist.

The most obvious outcome would be to delay the opening of the stadium until the new satellite technology is in place. But that’s surely not something Rams owner Stan Kroenke will be interested in doing — especially with the Super Bowl set to be played in the new venue in early 2021.

25 responses to “FAA declines to allow cranes at Inglewood construction site

  1. I embraced the Rams moving back to LA but the poor play, organization distinction , attending first game at the coliseum and realizing it’s worse then the Oakland colesium and now this? Epic business failure.

  2. For anyone who has landed at LAX, this should come as no surprise.

    $10 tickets available for yesterday’s game at the Coliseum? Good luck selling PSLs and astronomically priced seats in Inglewood. And the Chargers might play there too? What a joke, everybody on the planet knows that there is ZERO chance of the Chargers being successful in LA, or for LA to support 2 teams, no matter who they are.

  3. chuckaneer says:
    Serves the greedy owners right.

    Class warfare. Politics of division and jealously. Chapter One of the Communist Manifesto. We voted that out last month.

  4. I’ve been wondering about this. I fly in to LAX 3-4 times a months and the site damn near directly below the glide path for the northern runways. Just seems like a dumb place for a stadium

  5. abninf says:
    Dec 12, 2016 1:38 PM
    Class warfare. Politics of division and jealously. Chapter One of the Communist Manifesto. We voted that out last month.

    If you could keep your politics out of our football we might be more inclined to get off your lawn.

  6. This time Re-LAX may just have a totally different meaning.

    LA Nomads may be a more fitting team name.

  7. Levi’s Stadium is in a flight path for San Jose. Planes literally fly over the stadium during games. Four of the largest cranes in the world were used to build the stadium. Something shady is going on here, as in somebody wants to get paid.

  8. The new stadium in Inglewood is about 3 miles away from LAX. The allowable height of a building 10,000 feet away from a an airport is 250 feet. As the distance away from an airport increases, so does the allowable height. Because the playing surface of this stadium is going to be below ground level, the total height is not likely to be much above 250 feet, if at all.

  9. Hollywood Race Track was on that exact location and was in operation until 2013. Why a football stadium that would host significantly fewer events would be worse than the racetrack is anybody’s guess but you can bet that the FAA’s concerns will miraculously go away when whoever has their hand out gets it greased.

  10. Sounds like LAX wants to dip into Silent Stan’s wallet too.
    Write the check to get the work done before 2020 & your crane permits will be approved.

  11. What a disgrace. Kroenke is paying over 2.6 billion with his own money and is now getting held up by the FAA. That is extremely unfair. No wonder they call California “commy-fornia.”

  12. Welcome to economics, California style. What this means is someone at FAA needs to be paid. Hope there’s no spotted owls around. Rams could be in Coliseum for a LONG time.

  13. Other team’s stadiums are close to airports. what is the big deal?? Kroenke is complying with the rules regarding the height of the stadium by making the majority of it below the ground. I am sure the NFL and the Rams will straighten this out.

    The FAA is a bunch of idiots.

  14. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving owner. Judging by some of these comments, however, it appears that mere passenger safety should never stand in the way of a plutocrat making more money.

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