John Fox continues to be impressed by Matt Barkley

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The Bears became the latest team to fall victim to the Lions and quarterback Matt Stafford’s penchant for late-game heroics on Sunday, but quarterback Matt Barkley helped make sure they went down swinging.

Barkley moved the team into Lions territory after Stafford put Detroit up 20-17 with a touchdown run in the fourth quarter, but two straight holding penalties and a drop by Josh Bellamy on fourth down ended their hopes of winning or tying the game. Barkley’s effort in the loss left coach John Fox feeling good about the way Barkley has handled the job since stepping in for Jay Cutler.

“The young man has continued to impress me,” Fox said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s been thrown in on the road in Green Bay. He came in and started with a week’s work and performed well [against the Titans]. The conditions he played in a week ago [against the 49ers], even though it was at home, it was still tough conditions for a quarterback or anybody that handles the ball. And then really to come here on the road against a good football team in a loud environment, I just continue to be impressed by the kid’s performance.”

Barkley isn’t under contract in Chicago beyond this year, but more good play in the final three games should set him up well for a job with the Bears or someone else in 2017. While it seems unlikely that job would come with any guarantees of starting, a No. 2 job and/or a chance to compete for more could be in the cards for Barkley come March.

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  1. I wonder how many people realize that if Alshon Jeffery had not gotten himself suspended, the Bears very likely may be 5-8 right now instead of 3-10. Barkley did enough to beat both the Titans and the Lions but the Bears’ practice squad (literally) WRs let him down.

  2. John Fox wants to continue to make sure that there is no thought of keeping Jay Cutler next year and if he needs to make Matt Barkley seem like Aaron Rodgers to do it, he will.

  3. This is great. As a Bears fan I’m ecstatic that they’ve found the backup QB of the future. Everyone knows the road to the Super Bowl starts with the backup quarterback.

  4. Barkley’s effort should put a stake in the heart of any talk of Cutler come back to the starting position.

    Barkley gave them a shot and kept the pressure on until the end.

    This season is proof that Megatron’s decision was actually GOOD for the Lions.
    1) Stafford now relies on a whole host of receivers. 2) He’s more consistently than ever, including a few runs to surprise the D’s.
    3) Bolden has been the glue in clutch situations. He has made the entire situation better.

    Imagine if the Lions had a consistent RUNNING game!!! Maybe trade for next season.

  5. But does he think he can lose a Super Bowl with him? He’s done it with DelHomme and Manning…that’s the real test.

  6. Before we crown Barkley as the Bears QB of the future, he only put up 10 points yesterday.
    The truth is, the Defense kept Bears close, not Barkley.

  7. Barkley and Jordan Howard have been one of the very few bright spots this season. Barkley has been a lot better than the results show as well. His WR’s have let him down way too many times along way too many holding call on the O-Line and yet Barkley hasn’t let that stop him from competing to the very end. I like him and I think he’s proven a lot and deserves a chance to come back with a proper team around him. The fact the Bears have been in any of these games he’s started is due to his play.

    And most of all, Barkley has shown more heart in the last few weeks than Cutler has shown in most of the years he’s been in Chicago. It’s time for Cutler to move on.

  8. If you watched Pac 12 football you shouldn’t be surprised by how well Bryce Petty and Matt Barkley did yesterday. Petty was sacked 6 times and still completed 65% of his passes with 3 back up offensive lineman in his first start on the road and sparked the Jets to a come back, and Barkley wills his team every week they both show tremondous leadership ability. The sky is the limit for the both of them hopefully they pan out because winning Bears, Jets, and Raiders teams would make every sunday awesome.

  9. As long as Fox is back next season, Cutler isn’t. Neither one should probably be back in Chicago. Too many mistakes by both, and they don’t seem to be learning from them.

    THat being said, there are ZERO QBs on the Bears roster under contract for 2017 if they release Cutler. Hoyer? Free agent. Barkley? Free agent. Shaw? Exclusive Rights Free Agent. Fales? Can’t even type that with a straight face, but free agent.

    They are going to need to bring at least one guy back, and then look at a QB in free agency and/or the draft to have a full stable of guys at the position. Shaw is back as long as they want him as an ERFA. Hoyer? No reason to bring him back. Barkley is playing better, and putting the team in position to score more points every week. Barkley might be the de facto starter in the offseason program, but that doesn’t mean he will be the guy come week 1 of 2017. I would be scared to go into next season with him as the starter with nothing but Shaw behind him. In Chicago, QBs get elevated for not being Cutler. But that doesn’t mean they are destined for greatness. They might not even be destined for a career.

  10. Not that it matters either way at this point but was Jay Cutler even at the game? I don’t think they showed a single shot of him on the sidelines the whole game, nor did the talking heads really mention him at all. It’s like he’s already being written out of the narrative and the season isn’t even over.

  11. Barkley may not be an elite qb but he is a huge upgrade over captain check down and his 5 yard passes. if Jeffery had been in the last 3 games the bears win them, he would have caught the balls the practice squad guys dropped to lose them. for someone with a supposed weak arm he has not had any trouble firing the ball down field unlike hoyer and also like hoyer does not panic at the first sign of pressure and actually follows his reads instead of dunping it off to a back.

  12. John,

    Could you just get a whole Bears game completed without one OL holding call or one OL false start call? You need to walk before you can run fast.

    Victories are a much more complicated process and will require several rebuild years.

  13. If you watched PAC-12 football you shouldn’t be surprised by how well Bryce Petty and Matt Barkley did yesterday.
    Also, if you watch Pac-12 football, you’d realize that Bryce Petty played for Baylor, which is not and never has been in the PAC-12

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