Kevin Demoff acknowledges possible mistake in concealing extensions

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The events of Monday explain why the Rams never formally announced (even after last weekend) that coach Jeff Fisher received a contract extension in the offseason. After Fisher was fired, Rams COO Kevin Demoff acknowledged that perhaps the deals for Fisher and G.M. Les Snead should have been announced when they were signed.

Demoff, via ESPN, explained that the Rams decided not to announce that contract extensions had been given to Fisher and Snead once the season began because they could be a “distraction.”

“Maybe that was a mistake in my part,” Demoff said.

The Rams presumably were waiting for the right moment to announce the extensions, but the right moment never came. The best opportunity arrived when the Rams won three straight games to get to 3-1. That window closed quickly as the losing commenced.

It remains to be seen whether and to what extent other changes will be made. The coach and/or G.M. targeted by owner Stan Kroenke may want Demoff to have no authority over the football operations or to be ousted entirely. Which could prompt Demoff to try to steer the process toward candidates who won’t try to render him undermined and/or unemployed.

As to Fisher, it’s widely believed that his two-year extension guarantees only 2017, limiting Kroenke’s buyout obligation. With premium products at the team’s new stadium eligible to be sold no later than February 15, it’s a small price to pay in order to get fans to purchase big-ticket items.

13 responses to “Kevin Demoff acknowledges possible mistake in concealing extensions

  1. “Jeff, in consideration of your great and stellar years as the Rams HC, we hereby honor you with a multi year contract extention addding millions of dollars to your considerable wealth.”

    One day later:

    “Jeff, we have decided to move in a different direction and you are fired effectively immediately!”

    If this isn’t screwed up management, what is???????

  2. jeff fisher info

    I think I read somewhere that his agent is the father of the Rams COO, so the extension seems like a complete favor/golden parachute.

    Way to go Rams.

    Wow, I just looked that up, you’re right about his agent / COO

    Other way around, but still. “Marvin Demoff, son of Rams COO Kevin Demoff, represents Fisher as his agent.”


  3. bigbroncomama says:
    Dec 12, 2016 9:42 PM

    If this isn’t screwed up management, what is???????

    The Browns management.
    The 49ers management.

    Both worse.

  4. Well this should hopefully prevent Fisher from owning the all time loss record by himself. No one would be crazy enough to hire him again. Would they Browns, Niners, Bears, Jags?

  5. Even the Browns ownership is laughing at this one.
    BTW, which takes more talent. Getting multiple coaching gigs, year after year, with a winning record, or getting one year after year while achieving nothing? Dudes got some serous Jedi mind trick skills….or compromising pictures. Either way…

  6. the Browns aren’t laughing because a few years back they were paying THREE head coaches at the same time !!!

  7. Even Jimmy Haslam, the Yorks, and the McCaskey family are scratching their heads over this one.

  8. The Rams are a horribly ran organization. It starts with the owner then goes right on down to Demoff. Both are clueless when it comes to running a winning football organization. Luckily for them winning football isn’t their goal.

  9. They had their perfect time – after winning their first home game against Seattle. They hesitated, they lost.

  10. who cares if/when extensions are signed or announced?…you can fire anyone at any time if you’re willing to eat the buyout….happens all the time.

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