Tyrod Taylor to remain Bills starter

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After the Bills lost to the Steelers on Sunday afternoon, Bills coach Rex Ryan said “we’ll see” when he was asked if there was a chance that the team would make a quarterback change.

Ryan and company took the night before making their announcement on Monday. That announcement is that Tyrod Taylor will remain the team’s starter for their home game against the Browns.

Ryan said that he’s felt all season that Taylor gives the Bills their best chance to win games and that he still feels that way heading into Week 15.

Taylor has not been as effective this year as he was in his first year as Buffalo’s starter and the team ranks 31st in passing yards, although some of his difficulties could be attributed to injuries elsewhere on offense over the course of the season. Whatever the case, the Bills’ issues stopping the run are just one example of the other issues that have plagued the team this season.

The Bills will still have to make a decision about Taylor’s long-term future with the team once the season is over. Given the reports of Ryan’s possible departure, that call will likely not be the first thing on their to-do list when another disappointing year comes to an end in Buffalo.

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  1. As improbable as it may appear. The Bills still have a shot at the playoffs. With the Browns, Dolphins and Jets on their schedule. 9 and 7 is a real possibility. The Broncos, Ravens and Dolphins have tough schedules. Tyrod gives the Bills their best chance to win. He shouldn’t be benched until Buffalo is officially eliminated. Rex could get fired after going 8 and 8 and 9 and 7.

  2. Bills season ticketholder here. I do not think Tyrod is our answer at QB. I do not think Rex is our answer as coach. I DO think we have a pretty talented roster, possibly our best since 2004. With Cleveland, a Tannehill-less Dolphins team and the Jets left on our schedule, I see us finish at 9-7.

    This will be our 17th year of no playoffs in Buffalo. Our little drought we have been raising will be able to vote and serve our country next year…..

  3. Is it true Taylor has never had a 300 yd passing day? In a pass happy league? You can’t win with QB play like that. Imagine if Brady had a back like McCoy?

  4. I believe that a “running” quarterback has no place in the NFL. A running QB has always been a running QB which means he won games with his legs. He never learned how to go through his progressions and develop an awareness of the defensive side of the ball. I’ll take an accurate 5.5 in the 40 guy before a 4.5 QB with a marginally accurate arm.

  5. Only the Bills would give an above average qb a 27 million dollar option. I actually think Taylor is halfway decent. He is not however a 20 mill a year qb. Bills problems have been their injuries at receiver and their defense. Taylor is not the reason, they are losing games. Rex’s defense and their lack of weapons in the passing attack are. Lynn has done a good job with that offense.

  6. Yes, it is true that Tyrod has never had a 300 yard passing game.

    In fact…. before this game vs Pittsburgh, he was on a drought of not having 200 yard passing games!

    Note: Taylor had 70 yards passing through 3 quarters yesterday…. and a bunch of BS garbage time yards in the 4th quarter when the game was over.

  7. Is it true Taylor has never had a 300 yd passing day? In a pass happy league? You can’t win with QB play like that. Imagine if Brady had a back like McCoy?

    I agree totally although I will say he had not lost many games for us. That being said, he has not won many either and you are right, you need a qb to win some games.

    What kills me is with all the kids playing qb year in and year out, they cant find 32 good enough to give every team a legit chance to win? That’s kind of nuts

  8. Put yourself in Rex’s position with your job reportedly on the line then look at your QB depth chart. Of course Taylor is starting.

  9. Jeez, Bills fans are loyal to Tyrod for literally no reason. He’s still a one read and run QB after developing behind Joe Flacco for 6 years, just let him go.

  10. Of course he’ll remain the starter the rest of this year. Have you seen his back-ups? EJ Manuel and Cardale Jones. EJ is done and Cardale isn’t ready.

  11. Tyrod should be benched. He is not starter worthy at all. Not a popular thought but I would rather EJ be the starter to finish out this disastrous season. Irony is, EJ get’s a lot of disrespect while Tyrod get’s all the excuses said? Tyrod simply can’t command wins when needed. Overthrows, under throws, behind, too far in front, low and in the dirt. Those are what he did passing against Oakland. Then there’s his biggest fail. Not going through his progressions. one look, usually the RB, then runs. What really boggles my mind is the disparity with him versus EJ. EJ at one point did these exact same things and he was basically run off the team. Rare is the short QB a good QB. Sure we have the Brees’s, Wilson’s but they also do what a good QB has to do. Tyrod does not. Then you have the Steelers game. Same crap just a different game.

  12. Bills fan here. I was totally against the Ryan hiring. Couldn’t understand bringing in a losing coach. Ryan fell in love with Taylor. He’ll never remove him from the starting lineup. Unfortunately Taylor is not a starting QB in the NFL. He cannot read a defense, doesn’t know where to go with the ball. As witnessed by the multitude of wide open receivers during the course of the game. When he does see them, he can only hit them about 1/2 the time. He doesn’t see the middle of the field where our biggest weapon, Charles Clay is ignored. He must have been talked to about this because he threw 3 or 4 passs over the middle this week.
    He is way to quick to scramble, takes one or two looks and breaks out of the pocket. I don’t think he is trusted with a 2 min offense either. Down by 7 with a little over 2 minutes to play he breaks out of the pocket and gets caught in the field of play instead of throwing the ball away. Then they huddle up! They probably wasted 45-50 seconds of valuable time in a close game. And sadly that wasn’t the only time.
    Every team has injuries. That’s really no excuse. Can you imagine Brady using that excuse. He would find a way no matter who was playing.
    Taylor’s come from behind record is just horrible and if they pick up his option next year, I will be looking for a new team to root for.

  13. Taylor is clueless. Looks like a deer caught in the headlights on the Thruway. The. Does the bestnto run away from the headlights.

    Watching all 22. The guy has the time to pass. Sometimes he has no one open and still holds onto the ballninstead of throwing it away. But most times he tucks it and runs even when he has receivers open. It’s clear the game is too much for him. Good back up but that’s about it.

  14. Living in the northeast I get to see the bills on tv quite a bit. I admire their no quit attitude and gritty nature but tyrod isnt an nfl qb. The bills are a decent qb away from going deep in the playoffs. Well that and a good coach. I’d like to see the bills make the playoffs this season, their fans deserve it. Good luck

    –Raider fan

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