Jason Garrett on QB decision: “It’s pretty simple for us”

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In the immediate aftermath of Dak Prescott doubling his season interception total and starting a one-game losing streak, the Cowboys were quick to insist that the rookie quarterback was still their guy.

(The fact those interceptions went from two to four and he had won 11 straight prior to that likely led to their conviction.)

But when questions cropped up in the aftermath about the possible availability of Tony Romo and what it would take for Prescott to lose his grip on the starting job, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was just as forceful.

“You can make it as simple or as complex as you want to make it,” Garrett said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.com. “It’s pretty simple for us: Dak’s going to play quarterback as we go forward.”

Of course, there’s reason to wonder, as Prescott has failed to top 200 yards in any of his last three games, and was shaky at best against the Giants Sunday night, with Dez Bryant continuing to be a bit of an afterthought in the offense (catching one pass for 10 yards against the Giants).

“We’re just focused on Dak playing quarterback for us,” Garrett said. “And we’ll continue to do that in our preparation this week and as we go forward. He’s done a really good job for us up to this point, won 11 of 13 games that he’s started, and he’s handled really every situation as well as you can handle it. So we’ll just continue that way. Tony will be in a backup role for us and he’ll be ready to go if he’s called upon to play.

“But Dak’s done an outstanding job up to this point. [I’m] excited to see him continue to play.”

It’s hard not to ride the streak, but it’s also hard to deny Prescott’s limitations as a passer at the moment — particularly when there happens to be a guy on the bench who has been quite good in that regard in the past.

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  1. “Dez Bryant continuing to be a bit of an afterthought in the offense (catching one pass for 10 yards against the Giants).”


    You must not have watched the game….Dez was targeted as much as anybody in the game. He mailed it in Sun night. Both of Dak’s INT’s were throws to Dez, one of which Dez fell down, the other, he looked like he wasn’t even trying to make a play. He dropped a critical 1st down, to seal the game for NY & oh yeah…. he fumbled the only catch he made…. hardly an after thought.

    I believe Dez’s half @ss effort Sun night was as big a reason for the loss as anyone…..

  2. “…particularly when there happens to be a guy on the bench who has been quite good in that regard in the past.”

    Two things. One, we see that the comment above is the impetus for writing the article, especially when you compare this situation to say Carson Wentz’s. Two, if PFT really felt the way you are indicating, you’d have a link to a story PFT wrote stating exactly how good Romo is/was. The reason you didn’t is because there isn’t one, or at least one without a snarky reference indicating how unconvinced you were about it. The fact is, Romo really doesn’t need your love now when he didn’t get it then, and his name STILL hasn’t been recognized as a word in your filter, but that (oh so common) Wentz-Roethlisberger-Tannehill-etc. has.

  3. Prescott can throw the ball very well. We’ve seen it week in and week out. He makes unbelievable throws in clutch situations. The Cowboys play a very conservative style of offense. They like to run, run, run. They haven’t really tried opening it up so that Dak can have those 300 yard and 400 yard games. Usually when a good QB is having an off day, it’s due to WRs slipping and falling down, dropping balls, or not running good routes. We saw all of that against the Giants. When it came time for Dak to lead the winning drive down the field, #88 dropped the ball and the game was over. It doesn’t matter who the QB is if the WR drops the ball. You don’t bench an 11-2 QB because your WRs drop passes. Or at least 11-2 teams don’t do that.

  4. Hmm Prescott’s limitations as a passer. You mean like limiting the number of throws that can be caught by a defender? One of his int’s was clearly due to a Dez slip and the other was a deep route that had minimal impact on the game. Eli on the other hand made three terrible throws that only cost him one int partly because Church luckily had a cast on his arm. Dak has been better in passing efficiency than anyone expected and this is one Cowboys fan that appreciates that even in a tough loss.

  5. I’m am so glad that Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones are putting all of the vicious writers and reporters in their place lol! Go! Jerry&Jason!!!😉😉👏👏👏

  6. He had 1 bad game. Up until that point he had fewer interceptions in the entire SEASON that what Romo would throw in on HALF.

  7. Garrett has decided it’s okay to lose football games. With an all pro qb sitting on the bench Garrett decided it was better to lose with Dak then take a chance on winning with Romo, Football fans everywhere, it’s as simple as that. Dallas has a coach that’s unable to make the decisions in the critical moments that give his team the best chance to win. He’s done it time and again, obviously poor decision making is not something garrett has grown out of. As “coach” say, “you play to win the game”, let’s repeat that, “you play to win the game” garrett didn’t. A team is the sum total of its parts. Each player has a role, you sub out other players why not qb sometimes? I’m not saying Romo needs to return as starter, but his skills could have won that game. A great coach can handle a locker room, heck, a good coach can. There’s no reason a team has to be divided if it has leadership in place and Dallas does. There’s no reason all the players skills can’t be utilized. It’s kinda like going to a gunfight without all your bullets. Cowboys players are burdened by Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones and always will be unfortunately for them, we as fans also bear that burden. The difference is a player only has to deal with them for the length of their career, fans face a life sentence. I love my Cowboys team, you can have Garrett and Jones. Go Cowboys

  8. The Rump Riders are in serious trouble – their Danish Ham, DAK, was exposed – he is the anti-Romo – he can’t handle any pressure and masks his horrific performance by running.

    The Giants showed that you don’t need to stop the run – you just have to manage it while putting maximum pressure on that fraud DAK.

    I can see the Dallas Rump Riders losing the rest of their games this season as their offense is throttled their awful passing defense is torched. Kirk Cousins lit them up a new one during the last game.

    One and done in the playoffs.

  9. Dear eagles fan, we appreciate your input, it will be filed appropriately.
    We’re certain you’re a valuable member of eagles fan base and we offer our sympathy to all misguided eagles fans. We just can’t understand how you must feel never having known the joy of winning the Super Bowl. We’re truly sad for you in particular as you seem so interested in our boys, we understand that part of you that wishes he could call the Cowboys his own and we understand the conflict that must cause you. Possibly psychological counsel could help but you shouldn’t hold your breath. Maybe you should go ahead and embrace your inner Cowboys, by a Dak jersey and go with the flow, eagles won’t be much better next year and the Cowboys will again be running the east. Go ahead, make that jump, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll feel relieved.
    Go Cowboys

  10. kmartin173 says:
    Dec 13, 2016 9:57 AM
    He had 1 bad game. Up until that point he had fewer interceptions in the entire SEASON that what Romo would throw in on HALF.

    NO dude.. he’s been trending down since the Thanksgiving day game.. wake and pay attention.. this is a trend.

    Tampa will be coming after him all game.. ALL game. The Giants basically just kept bringing pressure all game and of course the ginger clap monkey did NOTHING to try to slow it down.. Jones refers to the guy as a genius… yeah it shows LMAO Not…

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