NFL moves on from all-pink October, will let teams pick cancer charity


NFL teams can still wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness if they want.

But beginning next year, they’ll have a choice.

According to Jenny Vrentas of, the league told teams last week they’ll be able to choose their own cancer charity to support next October, which will fall under the league-wide umbrella called “A Crucial Catch.”

So if a team wants to choose some other cancer such as prostate or colorectal or another detectable, screenable cancer, they can. For teams with players or coaches who have been touched by particular cancers, it will allow them to make the campaign more personal, and they can support more than one per season and change year-to-year.

“It’s a balancing act,” Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s VP of social responsibility said. “We have seen a lot of success in having focused, strategic campaigns. Focusing on one cause, fundraising for it, bringing it to life, choosing a message, spreading word among our fans. We are committed to that. But we are also committed to making sure the voice of our clubs are heard and making sure the voice of our players is heard.”

The league has made breast cancer awareness its focus since 2009, and says it has raised close to $15 million for the American Cancer Society during that span through the sale of pink merchandise and other associated charitable donations (including from corporate sponsors). Details are still being worked out for future efforts.

“The truth is, as we transition in 2017, it will be a different kind of year,” Isaacson said. “Once we see how that goes, we will know more for 2018. We hope we raise, if not the same, more than we have, of course. The pressure is on to think about how we can do that. That’s the goal, but I wouldn’t say we have solved that yet.”

Like their recent “Cleats for a Cause” promotion, which allowed players to wear shoes promoting their own personal causes, the league is stepping back, a bit, from its long-held uniformity (in a very controlled way, of course). But by allowing teams some flexibility, teams can also personalize the message, perhaps making it more meaningful to each market.

20 responses to “NFL moves on from all-pink October, will let teams pick cancer charity

  1. It would be nice if the media would do more stories about the incredible contributions some of these men make in their communities. That would be a refreshing change from the never ending drama we read about all too often.

  2. Only about 5 years too late, and after they had to know we all hate it and it is blowhardy and does nothing to increase awareness. BUT you virtue signaled and made some serious cash while you were at it NFL.

    We all know and have known for some time. If you do not know @ breast cancer by now you must be an unwavering conscientious objector and are immovable.

  3. Translation: We’ve tapped the breast cancer money keg to the bottom, let’s see if we can find a few more ways to sell jerseys, keep 95% of the money while stiffing the charities with 5%.

  4. Hide domestic violence and protect those who commit it while giving lip service to women with breast cancer awareness month.

    The NFL doesn’t care at all about women’s issues, only in making sure they don’t realize how intensely the league and especially the Ravens protect their abusers.

  5. Well, when teams like the Ravens (Rice/Suggs), Cowboys (Hardy/a dozen players from the 90’s), Steelers (serial rapist Ben), Giants (Mara/Brown), etc, condone domestic violence, it was very hypocritical. I’m sure the NFL kept most of the money anyway.

  6. Quick, someone call the SJW snowflake feminazis…this is sexist!

    How dare they let people support other cancer foundations, especially those like prostate.

    It’s sad to know that somewhere, some libtard is turning this change into a negative.

  7. Thank goodness. Great cause but the NFL tie-in had more than exceeded its shelf life. Those October Thursday night games with the color rush and pink all going on at once were literally unwatchable.

  8. Doing the math over 8 years. Comes to a little under $59,000.00 per team raised each season. Really? That don’t seem like much.

    Not one nickel came from the owners on that. The players payntonwesr a pink. Liked hatnor pink gloves or cleats. I agree , many players lostnfamily to other types of cancer. Let them choose. Ecause it’s their money, not the NFL s money.

    If each billionaire owner personally donated one million a year towards breast cancer, which in reality is nothing to an owner , that 15 mil from the players plus the owners contribution? 271,000,000.00 dollars. Quite a difference.

  9. so 15 million since 2009?…..that’s 2.1 million a year, and the NFL makes how much annually?……pennies and pathetic imo

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