Richard Sherman dubs Thursday Night Football a “poopfest”

Thursday Night Football has been called a lot of different things by a lot of different people. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman coined a new term for it on Wednesday, via Sheil Kapadia of

Poopfest,” Sherman said.

“It’s terrible,” he added. “We got home like 1:00 in the morning, something like that on Monday and then you’ve got to play again. Congratulations, NFL, you did it again. But they’ve been doing it all season, so I guess we’re the last ones to get the middle finger.”

Actually, the last ones to get the middle finger will be the Giants and Eagles, next Thursday night. So the Seahawks and Rams get the penultimate appendage.

In the official transcript of his press conference (which surprisingly omitted “poopfest”), Sherman addressed where Thursday Night Football ranks on the things he doesn’t like about the NFL.

“It’s pretty high, top five,” Sherman said. “It’s just no regard, its hypocritical, as I’ve stated before. They make this huge stance about player safety and then they put the players in tremendous danger.”

Sherman acknowledged that nothing can be done about it because the players collectively agreed to it. But he promised that they’ll be on the alert for other potential problems in the future.

“The league probably has something else up their sleeve. They might have a Friday night game planned. Who knows?”

They won’t have a Friday night game on the schedule between early September and early December, in order to preserve the NFL’s broadcast antitrust exemption. Beyond that, anything is on the table — regardless of whether individual players may dub it a “poopfest” or worse.

40 responses to “Richard Sherman dubs Thursday Night Football a “poopfest”

  1. Interesting the word “poopfest” was omitted from the transcript. Nothing like fake and/or not-the-whole-story from the mainstream media again. PC rules!

  2. Does Richard Sherman ever just shut up and not complain about anything. Hell I’ll play on Monday night then again on Thursday or vice versa for the pay he gets without complaints. Shut up and Grow up you are playing a game that many wish we could and you belittle it. Go work a real job for the peanuts the average fan makes per year.

  3. you know, these men cannot get the crap beat out of them and expect to play 4 days later. The Hawks are at home, but the Rams need to travel so there goes a day…. Seriously NFL…..stop the friggin THRUSDAYS !!!!..NFL, you COULD CARE FRIGGIN LESS. IT’S ALL $$$$$$$$$$$

  4. I guess that rules out the excuse of being an entertainer instead of a hero. Way to represent your fellow union members.

    You’re right, though. Monday and Thursday night football sucks to us ham and eggers who have to get up the next day and work. Gee…. no wonder ratings are down…

    .. and you do so well at convincing us to stay up to watch your sorry a$$.

  5. If the Rams and them both play the way they did Sunday then it will be the epitome of a “poopfest”.

  6. I never hear the players complaining about the 10 days off they have to recover after Thursday night games.

    I don’t understand all the complaining about Thursday night football from fans. If you’re not interested in the game or it stinks, just turn it off and watch something else. Were you really looking forward to a Titans vs Jaguars game on Sunday at 1:00 and mad the NFL put it on Thursday instead? Like literally, how is your experience as a fan worse by Thursday night football? There’s a crappy game available for you to watch if you want to… if not, no biggie… don’t watch. There’s plenty of terrible games on Monday nights and I don’t see everyone crying about that.

    I just don’t get why people complain… don’t like it? don’t watch! If you like it and are interested, then watch. These are usually games I would never pay attention to on a Sunday so I don’t care either way. But I guess it’s not cool to not complain about the NFL so there’s that…

  7. Damn, I’d like to get paid millions of dollars to play a game.

    Sherman protests too much.
    Whiney baby.

  8. I like watching football on Thursdays just because I enjoy watching football but if the players dislike it this much, I understand and I think they should get rid of it (and the constant play in other countries). Leave these things for the preseason.

  9. He may not like it, but EVERY team has done it, they haven’t been singled out. No one cared when Washington played Sunday Night, the game probably got done around 1130 East coast time, then had to travel to Dallas to play the 4 EST, for one of Thanksgiving games.

    I also think he is frustrated with the teams play, after playing poorly on Sunday, and now playing a team that has given them the fits the last several games. So it feels like he is getting an excuse ready.

    As upset he is about the timing of TNF I think he is going to be even more upset when he walks into the locker room and is blinded by those awful Green Screen Jerseys.

  10. Thursday night football is a joke ( “poopfest” )

    Goodell keeps saying player safety is paramount …

    Well Bullpoop !!

    The Redskins played 3 games in 11 days which included a Sunday NIGHT home game against Green Bay and then 92 HOURS ( from kick off to kick off ) later played IN Dallas on Thanksgiving.

    92 hours ( less than 4 full days ) to RECOVER, prepare and travel.

    How can that be conducive to quality football let alone safe for the players ?

  11. Sherm is right ……the more this dude talks about league matters the more i really like him….(even if he is a hater rival on the field) he is intelligent, has thoughtful commentary, and doesn’t pull any punches we need more dudes like this in the league….

  12. Oh no – the Seahawks have to play on Thursday at home against the Rams!!! How will they ever survive this? Think of all the hours of study they will need to defend against this potent attack, and then after they win…they have to wait NINE days until they play again for what is likely a meaningless game.

    Tragic. Horrible. How could they?

  13. Sherman basically collects millions of dollars and insults his owner every day. He’s good enough to get away with it, but he won’t be for long.

  14. Sherman, Sherman, Sherman. You media twerps run to this guy to get stuff to write about.
    But — he’s right about Thursday Night Football. And he could have added Monday Night Football and games in other countries, too. They’re all a joke and are indicative of how much the NFL really cares about the players’ safety and health.

  15. LOL at the GB trolls…get it out of your system while the regular season is still going on, because it looks like you won’t be around in the playoffs.

    The NFL wisely decided long ago not to interfere with the incubator for new fans: people who follow young players from high school – played on Fridays – to college – which used to be solely on Saturdays – into the Pros. That’s why they don’t put games on Friday at all and avoid Saturdays until the college season is over. That left Thursday as the only option if they wanted to expand the business, which is how they got into this situation. If they could just invent a new day between Saturday and Sunday, everything would be fine.

  16. I’m not saying this to be anti Sherman on this. Because he isn’t the only one to have this opinion. But if you want to do something about it, here is an idea. Don’t play on Thursday. Simple as that. If you want to send a message to the NFL, you, Wilson, Kam, Wagner, etc. All the big names on the Seahawks. Band together, tell the NFL you are boycotting the Thursday night game. If you really want to get rid of the poop fest, take a seat for a week. Done. But until then, shut your mouth and just play. I agree with the players on this one, I 100% agree with Sherman on this one. But talk is cheap. Sit out the game Richard

  17. For those that may not know the NFL avoids Friday Night so that High School football has a healthy attendance in NFL markets. For the same reason the NFL avoids Saturdays and Saturday nights to not conflict with NCAA football.

    The NFL needs healthy HS football so they can feed college football. And college football needs to be healthy to feed the NFL. Once we get to mid to late December when HS is over and college is off for finals (until the New Years Bowl games) now we will see some Saturday games.

    And I also agree Thursday Night Football is terrible and has hurt the NFL image. It’s really unwatchable unless the team you root for is playing.

  18. im more interested in learning about the nfl’s broadcast anti-trust exemption.
    Why cant they broadcast on Friday nights between early September to early December ?

  19. You can’t sit here and talk player safety when you are out there on Sunday blasting people with blindside blocks that were dirty as hell. When you have a teammate punching another grown man in the junk, and when your counterpart on the other side of you is blasting a wideout on a kneel down.

    When you start playing safer yourself, maybe I will listen. Right now, all I am seeing you screaming from the heavens about how bad YOU got it. You aren’t worried about the other players on that field you are worried about your damn self.

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