Brandon Brooks diagnosed with anxiety condition

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Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks has missed two of the last three games after getting ill in the hours leading up to the game.

Brooks said Wednesday that he woke up at 4 a.m. last Sunday before the Eagles were scheduled to face the Redskins and started vomiting. He got treatment from team doctors, but was having trouble standing before being scratched from the game. The cause wasn’t the stomach flu, however.

“I found out recently that I have an anxiety condition,” Brooks said, via “What I mean by anxiety condition … not nervousness or fear of the game, what it is is I have an obsession with the game. It’s an unhealthy obsession right now. I’m working with team doctors to get everything straightened out and get the help I need.”

Brooks said he’s taking medication in addition to talking to doctors to “figure out why I’ve constantly searching to be perfect” and beating himself up if he isn’t able to reach perfection. He believes that approach will help him avoid similar issues in the future and keep the Eagles from having to scramble their line at the last minute.

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  1. Ive always had that! Totally know what he is going through, it sucks super bad, its not like anyone can imagine it being either. It begins the moment you wake up, for just a fraction of one second you feel like a normal human, than within that first second of consciousness you can literally feel your chest tighten and this incredible sense of urgency set in for no reason.

    Every day of my life. Could be worse though its just tough being productive when you constantly feel like you are behind the 8-ball.

  2. Good for Brooks for acknowledging this condition–something many players would have covered up for fear of being stigmatized for having a psychological disorder. As Matt from San Diego has said, it is a real and debilitating condition. Fortunately, it’s treatable, and it looks as if Brooks has taken the first step to recovery.

  3. I too deal with anxiety as do many other Americans. What bugs me is the medical industry treats anxiety the same as they treat depression which is INSANE!

    Depression is not caring enough.
    Anxiety is caring too much to the point even small things and get you worked up. Even being aware it can be difficult to lower your heart rate.

    The afflictions couldn’t be more opposite of each other. I never felt depressed until Dr.’s tried me on anti depressants. That did not work out for me. What has worked for me is a plant that is only legal in certain states. I feel sort of bad about saying that in public (suggesting something that is illegal in most states is WAY out of character for me) but if you are like me and want some relief it may just work for you too.

  4. Good on Brooks for coming out with this. Had my first anxiety attack after 9/11 and thought I was dying. I’m better now but it took time. Hopefully he can battle this thing and continue his career. All the best to you, sir.

  5. Have had this for 30 years but now managed pretty well. Lost business, marriage and money. Now that I’m better I don’t care about those other things becuase that was living hell. A horrible feeling that you’re going to die, but just can’t explain it. Go Lions!

  6. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/ cataplexy as well as add. I also have anxiety. My daughter has odd, adhd, ocd, and anxiety. These disabilities are all misunderstood. Hell, auto correct doesn’t even know what cataplexy is. Often times these conditions are consider made up, and people say they are only excuses for lazy people. I came here to the comments, expecting those same hurtful and ignorant responses. I am floored by all of the positive responses. I truly wish all of you the best in life. Your ability to relate to someone who is speaking out on such a huge issue is amazing. This is such a vulnerable topic that most people don’t like discussing for the reasons I mentioned above. So thank you all for being sincere and understanding.

  7. Living with high anxiety is a real detriment to daily life. It’s very difficult for those who don’t suffer from it to understand what it is like.

  8. There is no shame is this. Millions suffer from mental health issues, and we all need to be more open about it. My generalized anxiety turned into full blown panic attacks, as others here have already opened up about. It’s inexplicable to feel like you’re dying for now reason; awful feeling. More awareness, openness, and understanding is needed. Current drugs really do nothing to help (SSRIs don’t touch it and the side effects suck), and you can’t get hooked on benzos. Cognitive behavior has helped the most.

  9. I am a Giants fan, and this is a non fan related issue.

    I hope that he finds the help he needs, so he can get back on the field.

    Terrible for anyone to have to deal with this

  10. Yep, it sucks, I’ve had it for years, your mind is always running 100mph, everything gets blown way outta proportion… the drugs to treat it, are almost worse than having anxiety…. it’s beatable, but it takes determination and time…

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