Bruce Arians says Dolphins yelled out fake snap count on first missed PAT

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is calling shenanigans on the field goal block team of the Miami Dolphins.

After J.J. Nelson’s 56-yard touchdown catch in the first quarter, Chandler Catanzaro missed the ensuing extra point try by hooking the ball way left of target. However, Arians says there was an illegal simulated snap count yelled by the Dolphins defensive front.

We had a situation where somebody yelled out a snap count and we snapped an extra point early and missed the first extra point,” Arians said in an interview with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

The snap from Aaron Brewer on the kick was also a bit high, but holder Drew Butler was able to get the ball into a kicking position for Catanzaro’s to make an attempt. Right after the kick, Butler gets up and appears to point twice at a member of the Dolphins following the play.

The missed PAT wasn’t the only problem for Arizona’s special teams against the Dolphins. Catanzaro had a 41-yard field goal try hit the right upright and a blocked extra point was returned for a defensive two-point conversion. The six-point swing in the kicking game was damaging for the Cardinals as Miami would go on to win the game 26-23.

41 responses to “Bruce Arians says Dolphins yelled out fake snap count on first missed PAT

  1. Is Bruce a millennial? Cause that dude never takes the blame. Always someone’s or somethings fault but it’s never on him. Retire already you sore loser.

  2. You know, I’ve always liked Arians, but this season has been him whining about everything that the refs have called that went against his team. Sure, the officiating has been pretty bad this year on some close games, but it has been going on for everyone. Arians is not saying that his team has it’s own deficiencies, he is too busy blaming the refs.

    What he needs to do is tell his team what my coach told me when I played baseball about officials. He would tell us that, a bad call is part of the game from time to time. What we have to do is to PLAY A LITTLE HARDER and OVERCOME those calls and TAKE THE GAME away from them!! But, he would NEVER let us whine about a bad call. Instead, he would tell us that too many errors on our part let to “X number of runs” or a strikeout with runners on base kept us from scoring a run there when we needed it. The same is true for football. When a ref makes a bad call, tell the team to play harder, block harder, run faster, be more accurate in passing and TAKE THE GAME away from them!!

    That’s the difference between a 10-2 team and a 5-7 team most of the time.

  3. So what’s his excuse for missing the other six games and becoming one of the most disappointing teams this season? This guy is a fraud.

  4. Arians used to be one of my favorite coaches in the NFL but now that his team is facing adversity we’re starting to see his true colors. While he may be making a valid point in regards to this, Arians is turning himself into the boy who cried wolf, where each week he’s deflecting blame onto a lot of things but himself.

    Just earlier this week he found it “odd” that it started raining whenever the Cardinals got the ball back late in the Dolphins game. Bruce, journeyman Matt Moore hasn’t started in 5 years and threw a deep pass to set up the game winner in that “odd” rain. Stop making excuses.

  5. Man take your loss like a man, first you complain about the weather, that it rained harder when your team had the ball, now this. Your team injured our qb with an illegal tackle…and got every single big call possible by the refs when evidence showed otherwise.

    ** Believe in Matt Moore **

  6. …and they had some voodoo guy on the sidelines doing a rain-dance every time his offense went out on the field!

    …and the sun was in his team’s eyes no matter which side of the field they were defending! That’s right – it was a sunny rain!!

    …and the dog ate his gameplan!

    …and Saruman kidnapped Gandalf and held him hostage at the top of Orthanc!

    …and every man on that transport died because Harry wasn’t there to rescue them because George wasn’t there to rescue Harry!

  7. Waaaaaaaaa. Does anyone make excuses for losses more than BA?

    1. It only rained when we had the ball.
    2. Dolphins yelled the snap count.
    3. My players tried all day to hurt Tannehill but it took too long.

  8. First he’s whining about it only rained when they had the ball,now he’s whining because his Kicker & snapper had a bad day,Your team is a big disappointment this season coach just handle it & move on.

  9. I didn’t realize they used snap counts on extra points. He really should complain about the lack of first downs they received for penalties. They only received 5.

  10. Arians now picking up Fisher’s slack to become the “king of excuses.”

    How come he’s not talking about the dirty Campbell hit on Tannehill’s knee that wasn’t called which swung the momentum of the game to allow them to crawl back into it, the faux holding call on Tunsil and the clear fumble recovery by Ajayi that was ruled in favor of The Cardinals? And yet the Fins overcame and won despite contending with dirty players and bad refereeing!

    Tell yer story walking Brucie.

  11. This guy lost about 6 games before coming to Miami and now is when he wants to start complaining about conspiracies? Oh man…

  12. Just like his alter-ego Rex Ryan – just CAN’T admit he lost a game, to him – it’s like no other team’s ever gotten a legitimate win against him – ALWAY’S some conspiracy theory rattling in that brain of his!
    What next Bruce? …….. Sun got in your eyes??

  13. The Fins have the longest and most storied history of cheating since the merger. Doesn’t surprise me one bit they did this.

    But its the Fins so nobody cares because they’re such bottom feeders.

  14. The Simulated Snap is on tape and constitutes an unsportsmanlike foul that should have been called but wasn’t. You Fan Girls are all ok if that happens to your team and costs you a game?

  15. Really feel bad for the horrible conditions under which you have to earn your millions, Richard.
    I love this guy’s outspoken, fearless nature – he, not Mathieu should be called the Honey Badger – and I believe he IS the best DB in the game; but damn, is there anyone in America who hates his job as much as Richard hates his? Has he ever had anything positive to say about the NFL? Ever?
    Keep biting the hand that feeds you and the brain controlling that hand starts looking for a reason, any reason, to stop feeding you.

  16. If the fake snap count is true can I be the first to call ” fake snap gate ”
    or even we could have ” cloud gate”, Sorry! Anyway unsportsmanlike conduct is another word for gamesmanship, and that’s what you call it if your not caught. Diving at a players knee on the other hand is perfectly ok Brucie.

  17. Bruce Arians is just making himself look like a sore loser. Take the loss like a man and move on. Bruce is the head coach of a team that has underachieved tremendously this season. Time for him to start taking accountability instead of blaming others for his team’s failures.

  18. bighairbingopro

    There were a lot of bad calls in that games. The refs were throwing flags often and many of those flags were unwarranted. Most of the bad calls went against the Dolphins. The refs may have missed some things but for Arians or Cardinals fans to blame a missed call for that loss is ridiculous.

  19. Bruce and John Harbaugh = Millennial-Induced Coaches who likely have Millennial children


    Just the worst

    This and political correctness is destroying the country

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