Clyde Christensen: Matt Moore doesn’t play scared


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill avoided a torn ACL last Sunday, but his knee injury is sufficiently serious that the team is going to have to go with Matt Moore as their starter against the Jets this Saturday.

During a Wednesday press conference, Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen showed plenty of confidence in the backup. He said that he thinks Moore is better than a lot of starters in the league right now and that the team won’t have to make serious changes to the offensive game plan for this weekend’s game as a result of the quarterback switch.

Christensen also said that he thought that the moment wouldn’t prove to be too big for Moore, who last started a game when current Jets coach Todd Bowles was the Dolphins interim coach in 2011.

“He tries to go out and win football games. He’s not scared,” Christensen said. 

Christensen’s confidence level in Moore is a big jump form the way he felt at the end of last season with the Colts. Christensen was the quarterbacks coach when injuries left the team playing Ryan Lindley and Josh Freeman, which Christensen likened to playing with an Uber driver and a hot dog salesman from Coney Island.

One thing Christensen wouldn’t mind repeating is the result. The Colts were able to beat the Titans in Week 17 with that duo and Miami needs a win to keep their playoff hopes from dying out.

12 responses to “Clyde Christensen: Matt Moore doesn’t play scared

  1. Actually, he’s the opposite of Tannehill. He’s a “gunslinger” and will unload it, he will through INTs and he will complete the long ball for touchdowns. Whatever the case, it will be interesting.

  2. I’ve always liked Moore’s play. I don’t think he’s anyone’s long term solution as a starting QB but he’s one of the more solid and capable backups in the NFL. When you can say you’re among the 30 or 40 best at your job in the entire world, you’re doing ok in life. I don’t like the Dolphins historically but this has been a really gutsy season for them and I’m kind of rooting for them to make the playoffs behind some solid play from Moore.

  3. I’ve been a closet Matt Moore fan for years.
    He is way better than Tannehill!
    Before the Jimmy G days, I always wanted the Pats to grab Moore as a back-up to the GOAT.

    Don’t get me wrong…the Dolphins still suck, and aren’t going anywhere, but their QB play will be a bit better.

    What do you think, Chippy?

  4. He’s not more talented than Tannehill but he’s definitely tougher and has the cahunnies to get the job done.

  5. I don’t think Matt Moore starting against the Jets should be an issue for the Dolphins. Could be an issue if he is still the starter against the Bills and the Patriots.

  6. Glad to see Moore get a chance to show his stuff again. I always wished we’d kept him in Carolina, but he got kind of screwed during Fox’s final messed up year. Should be a fun game to watch.

  7. Matt Moore(M8M)Will do just fine against the Jets, and Bills, He can battle once in a rhythm, the problem I see, could be the weather, and the following week vs the Bills, Is Miami staying in NY to play both teams to adjust to the elements and or are they flying back and forth to Miami? I believe they should stay and adjust, That should get them all feeling at ease, then focus on football! Matts been in the league 10+ years and has played in many Big games and many close games too! He is still in good physical condition so its not a concern, if your a fan Now’s the time you should believe and Root for the Miami Dolphins because this years on the line! Fin Up! Go Miami! Get the brooms out and lets Sweep NY Jets and Buffalo Bills! and clean up NYC!!!

  8. No, Jay Feidler was more like David Woodley. A decent athlete, but not a pro QB, not even a good game manager.

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