Ex-Dolphin: Saban cut me for missing practice to be with dying father

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P.K. Sam bounced around the NFL and the CFL as a wide receiver for several years and had a largely forgettable pro career, but he bitterly remembers one incident with one of his coaches, Nick Saban.

Sam wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that when he was on the Dolphins’ practice squad in 2006, Saban cut him for missing a practice — even though the reason he missed practice was that he needed to see his dying father one last time.

“Thank you Nick Saban. Ten years ago today you cut me from the Miami Dolphins because I flew home to hug my dad before he died,” Sam wrote. “CLASSY!”

Saban left the Dolphins to coach Alabama shortly after that, and the Dolphins brought Sam back for training camp in 2007. Saban hasn’t responded to Sam’s claim, but if true, it would certainly fuel the belief that some coaches view their players merely as cogs in a machine, and not as human beings.

94 responses to “Ex-Dolphin: Saban cut me for missing practice to be with dying father

  1. More evidence that Saban is dirtbag POS who happens to be great at coaching college football. Is anybody really surprised?

  2. yankeemofo says:
    Dec 15, 2016 12:46 PM
    Why is he only saying this now?


    10 yrs ago today you cut me…..

  3. Odds that Saban responds-0
    Hard to really picture Nick staying up at night pondering over the perfectly worded tweet.

    The fact that this dude is even bringing it up a decade later is telling. There are always two sides to every story, but the story ends up the same (he was a practice squad player who was cut not exactly a rarity).

  4. Normally, I would say there are probably two sides to this story. But this is Nick Saban we’re talking about, so… totally believable.

  5. yankeemofo says:
    Dec 15, 2016 12:46 PM
    Why is he only saying this now?
    Sam said it was because of the power that Saban still had. Regardless, it’s not the first time such things have been mentioned. Sabin is what he is, a deceptive liar, but successful coach, ahright.

  6. If true that is disgusting and I am sure with the honorable NFL contracts he could not sue for unfair dismissal.

    This is why players want so much money up front in their deals and I for one do not blame them.

  7. @yankeemofo: It’s the 10yr anniversary of the guy getting cut.

    That’s why he’s “just mentioning it now”.

    One must read before one submits comment.

    Works better that way.

    This is just another illustration that Saban is interested in only one thing: Nick Saban.

    Carry on.

  8. Might be true, might not. It’s possible he would have been cut either way. But if this is the whole story (and it might not be), Saban deserves the worst God can deliver.

  9. Not a fan of Saban and he was a crappy NFL coach but this is a dumb story that won’t go any farther than this. Sam was a complete non entity during his time in the league and that was during the few times he was actually healthy.

    So teams are allowed to cut crappy players, but only if their father isn’t dying or maybe if it hurts their feelings now. All sympathy for you for your father dying 10 years ago dude but you got cut because you were a crappy pro player, your father had nothing to do with it and shouldn’t have had anything to do with it.

  10. I will only say this much people….I been following the Patriots for 45 plus years and PK Sam was drafted by the team in 2004…..procede with caution with this is all I will say……..Im not a Saban lover either so please dont come back with that…..Sams had issues….its well known

  11. Dosen’t surprise me one bit. Some people are just heartless and it appears Nick Saban is one of these people.

  12. No one outside of Alabama like Saban. Shut up you were a practice squad guy. YOu made your choice man up. Meow

  13. Players get cut, resigned, re-cut, re-resigned over and over from practice squads all the time. That happens to guys they like let alone someone with family matters going on that prevent their participation. Whether Sabah is a good guy or not and whether or not someone has a valid excuse has next to nothing to do with how teams utilize practice squad roster spot. It’s not even a “sorry it’s a business thing” it’s a “sorry whether you are on the practice squad or we just have your phone number it’s the same thing” thing.

  14. yankeemofo says:
    Dec 15, 2016 12:46 PM
    Why is he only saying this now?


    I would guess because when you are a practice squad player, and you want another job in the NFL, you shut up and stay under the radar. You don’t complain to the media about how you were unjustly released, regardless of the reason. Any team can sign a practice squad player from any other team as long as they are willing to give the guy 3 game checks. If there was much of a demand for their services, they’d be on a roster

    My guess would be, now that he has accepted he’ll never play in the NFL again, the filter is gone. To me, it speaks volumes that once the Dolphins got rid of Saban, they re-signed him. Someone in the Dolphins organization obviously felt he got a raw deal

  15. He was originally with the Patriots.

    This could be a case of more than one side to a story. It’s possible Sam told his position coach and the position coach didn’t convey why Sam was absent. There is a better than average chance that the Admiral of the ship knows the ship has janitors but that doesn’t mean he knows that the janitors are doing on a daily or hourly basis. I have a hard time taking this at face value “as is” there is probably more to this that a simple tweet didn’t get into.

  16. When you hear the comments or read some of the other things that have come form former players on Saban, Sam’s sentiment seems to be the exception. I wonder if there are parts of the story he is not telling?

  17. Nick saban cut in front of me to get on the merry go round 15 years ago. Fortunately he was to short to ride

  18. Timing…. He was already probably on the way out & now he’s using his fathers passing as an excuse to cover his real reason for being cut… He stunk
    Blame someone else for your own failures… It’s the American way
    No accountability….again it’s the American way
    See this pattern continuously….. Very sad!!!

  19. This could seriously hamper Saban’s attempt to get back to the NFL as the Rams’ Head….BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH

  20. Man that’s just cold blooded…so you know it’s true.

    “Why is he only saying this now?”

    You should lose your posting privileges for a week. It’s like your fingers started typing before you turned your brain on.

  21. Nick Saban will probably enjoy reading this article. Apparently he takes great pride in exhibiting zero feeling for other people. He sees it as his great strength and a factor behind his great success.

  22. Did he ask for permission or just fly out and tell the coaching staff after the fact? Because Saban may have given the word to cut him, thinking he just no-showed for not reason before he even heard his excuse.

  23. Man ….this has been one negative year for the sport of football.

    The NFL season hasn’t been good and then this sort of thing from college.

    2016 was the least enjoyable football season in years.

  24. It’ll take me a minute to go get my pitch fork and torch. Where we all meeting to express our outrage over this seemly innocuous incident?

    I like mobs!

  25. news reporting today……what a scummy business. Who cares if it’s true or not? Why should I dig into it?

  26. I’m not saying this is the case in this instance, but we had an employee who’s father passed away multiple times. In other words, when he missed work, he used the “I had to go out of town because my father passed away reason” more than once.

  27. For anybody who hasn’t already heard it, the story about Saban and Will Muschamp’s parents is classic. Muschamp ran the defense for Saban with the Dolphins and was out of town with his parents staying at his house. Saban calls them demanding some paperwork THIS INSTANT. Not only do they have to find the papers but since there wasn’t a fax at the house they drive someplace to fax it to him. He calls them back later irate that he still doesn’t have the fax. Turned out he gave them the wrong fax number.

  28. Probably didn’t tell any of his coaches the reason he was missing practice,just left,thinking it didn’t matter. Communication is very important in any relationship.

  29. Part of being “classy” is letting bygones be bygones & moving on.

    I’ve worked for some leaders who were complete SOB’s who have said & done things to other people that were not humane.

    Posting this type of information on the internet for all to see may be intended to make the other person look bad, but it usually makes both parties look bad.

    I am not sure what he intends to achieve by disclosing this issue, but clearly the guy has not gotten over the situation.

  30. If he had been a good player, any team would’ve accommodated him as that’s good PR. When you’re a marginal practice squad player, absence for ANY reason is a good excuse to cut you as you are replaceable. PK, you weren’t good enough to be excused. Sad but true as there’s only a limited number of roster spots.

  31. Google: “Nick Saban Jeno James” and you can read all you need to know about what kind of person Nick Saban is. He’s a first class, arrogant jerk. I just wished Dante Culpepper gave him the arse beating he deserved before he was restrained when he went after him at practice.

  32. I suppose the other way to look at this is: He cut you so you could spend MORE time with your dying dad…

    …either that or maybe u just sucked….

    …or maybe he needed the roster spot to bring a player for a specific scout team look…

    Either way, still crying about it a decade after the fact isn’t a good look.

  33. Sam was never that great, or good, WR people thought he could be.
    Practice squad players like him get cut all of the time.
    This shows a callous decision making process.
    If the Dolphins granted him a day off from practice to see his dad on his death bed, why cut him during that trip? The PS had no stars or rookies on there, in fact the most talented guy on the PS was Marcus Vick! Lol
    Cut someone else, let this guy grieve for a week.
    If needed you can cut him in weeks following his absence.

    The Bengals showed us how it’s done when they held on to Devon Stills, to help his daughter survive cancer.
    That’s the way you treat players..

  34. I need to get my violin out and some hankies for my tears.

    Hey there are two stories for everything. Wonder if he took off without asking for permission or explaning why he needed to leave? Secondly, maybe he was on the cutting block to begin with hanging by a thread and his leaving and missing the needed work was the the straw that broke the ol camels back.

    You can bet if this was as a star running back this story would not have been told.

    He might have said go on take as much time as you need as in, when you come back your toast anyways.

  35. Oh boo hoo.

    You got cut because you’re not good enough to play pro football.

    Ok, the timing was bad, but did you really expect Saban to carry a guy whom he thought couldn’t help the team?

    Sabans job was on the line, too.

    The ticket holder’s money was on the line.

    Grow up.

  36. Pretty sure that there was a reason Sam “bounced around the NFL and the CFL as a wide receiver for several years and had a largely forgettable pro career.” Probably because he wasn’t a pro caliber receiver.

  37. I find this very believable. Nick Saban is such a despicable human being that I cannot comprehend how any other human being likes him.

  38. This is very sad. I would hope he was going to cut Sam anyway and didn’t let sympathy get in the way of a football decision just unfortunate about Saban’s timing. But if he cut him because he took a day off to visit his Dad like he said, Sam in my opinion would be quite within his rights to chin Saban and certainly let it be known at the time why he was cut. If it happened like he said it did Saban would be an even bigger tool than I already think he is. Saban has to give his side to this story because I can not imagine this will do his reputation any good for a lot of reasons. Can you imagine a decent family letting their son play for a man like that for example. These sort of things have a habit of coming back to haunt you.

  39. I’m not surprised. Alabama seems nameless, faceless, heartless. They just churn out talent that largely don’t amount to much, and when they win a title it feels like an entire season wasted.

  40. Saban might be a good football coach at Alabama where boosters pay to recruit top-talent, but he and Chip Kelly have both shown, college success doesn’t translate to the NFL.

  41. While I get people are saying there are two sides to every story, and there are..

    but in this case. Its Nick Saban.

    He is many things and a very, very successful college football coach. But he might not be fun to share a beer with. He might not really be pleasant doing anything else.

    He is a great coach. But I would offer that that does not make him a good human being. Its easy to confuse success in one field with another or giving Saban more respect because of his celebrity–and there are many other examples (Jeno James–stepping over an injured dolphin to get to his office without a shred of interest or compassion)

    Just think of him as the Mr. Burns (from the simpsons) of college football. Except Burns might be slightly nicer. To Smithers.

    Joe Paterno was suppose to be more than just a coach because of the impact he had in the lives of innocent young students that he forged into tough men playing football for penn state. Well, he had a completely different impact on young people getting touched…

  42. Saban has been out of the NFL for 10 years, Sam even longer. What qualifies this as NFL newsworthy? Slow day I guess.

  43. Here’s another Saban reveal:

    The Jets were playing Miami when Saban was the HC, and a Miami linebacker laid a vicious helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless Lavernius Coles (this was before they made such hits illegal; I am not bitching about the hit)…play was stopped because Coles, who had already had a well-known concussion, was lying on the field, not moving except for his entire body twitching…as the medical personnel approached Coles, most players from both teams retreated to the sidelines…it was obvious to everyone on both sidelines, in the stands and on television what was occurring…and Saban runs over to the tackler and gives him a big congratulatory hug with a big smile on his face…pretty disgusting…

  44. I’d have given anything to have been with my father the day he died. It was unexpected, sudden, 20 years ago.. And there is still not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. P.K. you did the right thing and nobody can take that away from you. You should be proud of yourself.

  45. Saban is not a good Human Being. However highly intelligent (in their chosen Field) winning is all that matters type of people usually are not great human beings. No surprise here

  46. Nick SATAN is a lying sack of manure, and I don’t care if Alabama wins the next ten college football national championships. He will never be forgiven for what he did to the entire Dolphin franchise. This story doesn’t surprise me in the least with Sam. I wonder how many other stories have been buried regarding this dirt bag.

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