Jets won’t move Darrelle Revis to safety this season

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Several great cornerbacks have eventually had to make the transition to safety later in their careers.

Charles Woodson, Rod Woodson, Ronde Barber, Aeneas Williams, Jason Sehorn, Ronnie Lott and Antrel Rolle were all initially cornerbacks before moving to safety for the latter stages of their careers.

It’s a switch New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis could have to make sooner than later as well. However, it won’t be this season.

It’s not a thought process right now,” Jets head coach Todd Bowles said, via Rich Cimini of “It’s something we might talk about in the offseason. It ain’t gonna happen over the next three games.”

The Jets could use help at safety following the season-ending injury suffered by Marcus Gilchrist last week. And with the Jets having little to play for, giving Revis a chance at a new position in a three-week audition could have made some sense. Instead, the Jets will have to determine whether the move makes sense for 2017.

18 responses to “Jets won’t move Darrelle Revis to safety this season

  1. Did you actually just mention Jason Sehorn in the same breath as Ronnie Lott, Aeneas Williams and the Woodsons???

  2. Revis doesn’t like to tackle though. And did you really call Antrell Rolle and Jason Sehorn great??

  3. Revis lost a step and they want to move him to safety? I don’t see this being an improvement for him, especially since he looks like he’s mentally checked out. He’s already retired, it just hasn’t hit week 17 yet.

  4. Bowles explains his coaching to the press: “It’s not a thought process right now.”

    Anyway, Bowles knows that if he did anything he’d have to face Revis’ mommy when Big Revis sends her around to move his locker for him. And it would embarrass that football genius The Woody to have to admit that his uber-expensive Revis Island has silted up to become merely an isthmus!

    (Isthmus – I’ve wanted to use that word for decades).

  5. 1. Revis is avoiding contact, including tackling, so he doesn’t get hurt. A safety who avoids contact is the same as fielding 10 players.

    2. Revis will be cut after the season, if he gets seriously injured, would they have to pay him more next year?

    3. The team needs to rebuild, better to put out young, unproven players, and pray they improve. Playing an older and bad veteran on a 4 win team gains nothing.

  6. He’s not going to be on the team next year.

    Not to mention you actually have to tackle to be a safety. With all of Revis’ shortcomings in coverage nothing is more surprising than his unwillingness to form tackle anymore. One of the greatest tackling DBs I’ve ever seen in the past.

    The Jets are making the right move and just signed two promising safeties from the practice squad to get playing time down the stretch.

  7. hate on revis all you want but those saying he doesn’t tackle clearly haven’t seen him play..

    before this season one of revis’ greatest attributes was his physicality including being an above average tackler for a cb.

  8. Is a safety worth $15.3 million? I mean, unless he chooses to restructure his contract, I would think it might be best just to take the $6 million cap hit and move on.

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