NFLPA to take closer look at Thursday Night Football in the offseason


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, a member of the NFL Players Association’s Executive Committee, has strong and colorful feelings about Thursday Night Football. The NFLPA, however, has not yet decided to apply any entertaining labels to the effort.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFLPA intends to take a closer look at TNF in the offseason. Given that the NFL is interested in renegotiating the current labor deal, changes to short-week football could be among the adjustments discussed.

Given the revenue generated by Thursday Night Football, the NFLPA likely will be inclined to find a way to strike a balance between keeping the package and promoting player health and safety. One possibility will be to ensure that each team playing on Sunday won’t play on the preceding Sunday.

In most cases, this means that the Thursday teams will have their bye the prior Sunday. (One exception would be where teams play on consecutive Thursdays, like the Cowboys and Vikings did in 2016.) While that will create some unusual situations, with two teams not playing in most weeks of the season (including Week One), the NFL had an unusual bye-week configuration from 1999 through 2001, when the league had an odd numbers of teams. In those seasons, one team was on a bye each week of the season, Week One through Week 17.

So the creative use of byes can address one of the primary objections to Thursday games. While that won’t eliminate the reality that every team will play on a Thursday (including the bad teams), let’s address the major flaws one at a time.

19 responses to “NFLPA to take closer look at Thursday Night Football in the offseason

  1. Hopefully, they won’t take a closer look at Seattle’s color rush uniforms, or they’ll go blind.

  2. I like Thursday night football. It’s a week when I can watch a game that I can’t see Sunday because my team is playing. Stop having such turdball teams play. Use the slots for the best matchups, try to have teams coming off a bye play. Who ever wants to watch the Jets and Bills play? And stop the horrible color rush garbage. Stupid and gimmicky.

  3. Not only is Thursday night football too much for the players in regard to recovery time (it’s not enough), we all have to look at the Dr. Seus like colored uniforms the Greedy NFL is trying hawk.

    Is it Seattle or a county road crew?

  4. The solution is pretty simple just do what fans have been saying from the time TNF started and add a second bye week. It’s not like it’s brain surgery or 7th grade physics

  5. Expand Season to 18 weeks. Give each team 2 bye weeks per year, with the bye week just before one of the Thursday night games.

    The league expands the season, the players get more rest, and we get more football.

  6. It’s simply too much. The season is saturated. There’s football on all the time. 6-9 hours a week is a day of rest. 12-15 hours is too much.

    The weeknd of Christmas there’s 21 hours of football if you watch every time slot from Thursday to Monday night. Who has 21 free hours Christmas weekend to watch football? That’s part time job kind of hours.

  7. Please take this game away and the god awful, ugly uniforms with it. Sunday is game day for the NFL. #OwnSunday

    I’d even kill MNF since SNF is essentially the same thing. Or, kill SNF. I’d prefer to eliminate MNF in order to concentrate on owning Sunday.

  8. Get rid of the color rush and go to throwbacks,except for the Steelers jailbird uniforms. While you are at it, bring back a classic play by play man for a game. It would be nice to here Enberg, Vin Scully or even Keith Jackson do a game again

  9. .
    get rid of this poopfest.

    thursday 100% means the nfl does NOT care about player safety never mind viewers.
    It was always nothing but a money grab hoping networks would buy the spot

  10. Bye Weeks Weeks in fantasy football playoffs? The horror. Scrap Thursday and be done with it.

  11. If they expanded the season and started it on Labor Day Weekend, they’d probably see a boost. I suspect the hold-up, as usual, is the NFLPA.

  12. Thursday games every week is over-saturation just like the horrendous color rush uniforms. I’ve been a big NFL fan for 50 years but on most weeks I do not watch the Thursday night games. I remember when the Thanksgiving day games were really special. More games is truly less in this situation.

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