Aldon Smith is “mad and frustrated” over lack of decision on his status

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As the NFL continues to exercise its prerogative to not make a decision regarding the potential reinstatement of Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith, Smith is getting upset.

Via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, Smith’s personal trainer said Smith is “mad and frustrated” that the NFL still hasn’t acted on his petition for reinstatement, which was filed 74 days ago.

He is losing hope,” Steve Fotion told Tafur. “They are jerking him around, telling him they’ll have an answer for him on Monday. And then nothing. It seems unprofessional.”

Fotion spoke on Smith’s behalf because, as Fotion explained it, Smith is “too angry to talk and was afraid he would start yelling.”

Smith met with Commissioner Roger Goodell a week ago; through Fotion, Smith said the meeting went well.

“They poked the bear, they poked the bear . . . but they didn’t rattle me,” Smith told Fotion, who told Tafur.

On Wednesday, Goodell told reporters nothing of substance about Smith’s status.

“I’m not going to speculate on where we are and where it’s going to go,” Goodell said, via a transcript provided by the league. “I will tell you that I think it was good for us to be able to meet with Aldon, to hear from him directly and to hear from his representative. The union was also represented there. We were going through all of the information to make sure we have it all absolutely accurate and that we all understand exactly where he is in the process of trying to get himself in a position where he’s got his life in order enough to resume an NFL career. It was good for me to hear from him personally. But when we get to that decision, we’ll certainly announce it.”

On one hand, the NFL apparently is respecting the confidentiality provision of the substance-abuse policy. On the other hand, the NFL arguably is taking full advantage of its collectively-bargained right to take as long as it wants, delaying the decision because it can.

The substance-abuse policy seems at first glance to require a decision within 60 days after application for reinstatement is made. But the deftly-crafted language at no point requires a decision within 60 days; it merely requires that all parties take every effort to allow the Commissioner to make a decision within 60 days. The league interprets the policy as applying no deadline at all.

And so the NFL can issue a ruling whenever it wants, keeping Smith waiting because the NFL can — and keeping everyone in the dark about his status because, given the confidentiality provision of the policy, the league believes it should.

“If they’re trying to break him, they’re not going to break him,” Fotion said of Smith.

Regardless of whether they’re trying to break him, with each passing day Smith moves closer to the breaking point.

101 responses to “Aldon Smith is “mad and frustrated” over lack of decision on his status

  1. Instead of supporting the player and putting him in a position to succeed they jerk him around. What an asinine policy!

  2. Two DUI’s, bomb threats at the airport, gun charges, and more. Yeah, not sure I care about his anger and “frustration.” This is an easy one Roger.

  3. Worlds tiniest violin playing for him right now. They owe this man nothing. He makes the whole league look bad. NFL knows he might mess up again soon. They have every right to wait him out.

  4. Goodell’s management style and tactics are atrocious. Players need to demand these decisions are taken out of his hands and punishments follow clearly defined guidelines in the future.

    The trainer characterized it perfectly: unprofessional.

  5. Getting your personal trainer to talk on your behalf seems like a well thought out idea…

    I’m sure Smith’s agent is also angry, not just at the NFL but at Smith for allowing this dude to spout off for him. Keep your mouth shut, let the agent do his job and talk for you.

    Oh and Aldon should learn that the NFL is in control, they didn’t “poke the bear” he’s not the bear in this case, he’s the prey.

  6. Smith is “too angry to talk and was afraid he would start yelling”
    Sounds like he’s got everything under control now.

  7. Honestly dragging things out can cause a huge issue to a recovering alcoholic adding stress is not ideal.

  8. Moral of the story… don’t get multiple DUIs and threaten cops at LAX. Sorry but I have no sympathy for this guy.

  9. Stallworth and Little both killed people with DUI’s and only missed 8 games for little 16 stallworth.

    Aldon has only harmed himself with bad decisions and drinking has missed over a full season and still nothing from the NFL.

    Floyd just got a DUI where is his suspension? oh wait he was rewarded with going to a team that will be in the playoffs and will play this sunday.

  10. A pissed off Aldon come playoff time is exactly what the rest of the AFC does not want to see.

  11. I get wanting to make sure he’s solid before letting him back in the league… but I’m starting to think the commissioner is messing with this dude’s life. What’s the problem? Yes or no Lord Goodell?

  12. No one dislikes Goodell more than me. His abuse of power mixed with his thin skin and incompetency will make him a Nixon like character that will be discussed for decades after he’s gone.

    But Aldon, the NFL is a privilege not a right. You have abused that privilege so many times, if I’m Goodell,I’m not reinstating you unless I’m 100% sure you have changed. Like Chris Carter changed.

    And I don’t get that feeling. If Goodell, after meeting with you, is deciding he needs another off-season to see how you respond being left dangling for another 9 months – I have no problem with that decision.

  13. It’s ridiculous that Goodell can just leave someone twisting in the wind like he’s doing here. A one year suspension should be over with after one year not a year plus whatever king Roger feels like. Roger is a joke

  14. I would love to have aldon back in silver and blackberry but realistically how many times you been busted bro? I guess the NFL feels it can take its time now … but I’d love to have him back

  15. Raider fan here who would love to have Smith back on the field: you gotta believe there is a reason for this – if not it seems some kind of lawsuit should be in order.
    Careful what you wish for – there could be further information yet released to the public. Hope not, but seems logical… or the NFL just hates the Raiders and loves f’n with us. Of course, both could be true!

  16. It’s not a good indication that Smith is ready to resume his career if he couldn’t speak for himself because he was “too angry and afraid he would start yelling”. Either that or his personal trainer who’s apparently speaking on his behalf, is not making him look very good. Maybe the personal trainer should stick to the gym and let his lawyer do the talking. Or maybe the trainer is right and Smith is nowhere near ready. It seems to me if Smith was in good shape and ready to get on with his life and his career in a positive manner, the NFL would reinstate him.

  17. If Smith played for the Giants Goodell would have reinstated him long ago. Goodell’s inconsistent handling of player discipline issues and clear favoritism for certain teams is killing the NFL. He is single-handedly destroying the league’s credibility and this is why TV ratings have fallen off the cliff.

    When will the owners wake up & realize that Goodell is about to cost them billions?

  18. How pathetic is Goodell – has to jerk people around just to make himself think he’s a man. Or maybe he’s trying to show that it wasn’t anything personal against the Pats / Brady – that he thinks having a tyrannical NFL irrationally screwing players is somehow good for the league.

  19. He has no ground to stand on.

    Playing in the league is a privilege, not a right.

    He’s screwed up more than enough times to be banished. He should be thankful he even has a chance to come back. Let the process play out.

  20. This isn’t the first time you’ve had to sleep in the bed you’ve made…at some point you need to look in the mirror in order to identify who keeps making your life so hard.

  21. Unfortunately Aldon, you reap what you sow. Clearly you missed the discipline part of your upbringing, or you were just caudled after leaving the nest. Either way, grown up decisions have grown up consequences. Follow the rules and you can enjoy all the emenities of the lavish lifestyle of high paid NFL’ers.

    Don’t like the process? Then don’t break the rules.

  22. I’m not rattled but I’m so upset I can’t talk without yelling. That’s why you’re not deemed mentally fit to be reinstated.
    Raider fan

  23. Maybe you shouldn’t broadcast yourself getting high while serving your suspension and then try and sugar coat it with a rehab visit. This guy is so stupid

  24. The dude is a clear knuckle head but I don’t even understand why he was suspended and why he isn’t playing yet.

    The nfl is messed up. If there was ever a time since our president elect screwed up the usfl to create a competitive league the nfl, now would be it!

    Should do spring again and use it as a minor league system at worst.

  25. Seems ridiculous to me for the NFL to toy with a young man who is trying to right his own ship. Many workplaces help individuals with addictions overcome them and give them the chance to prove themselves…perhaps, Aldon has finally matured, and the final step to beating his demons is getting back on the field. The NFL’s perceived inaction, in my opinion, only seems to be an unnecessary road block in Aldon’s recovery process. When the stream of mental and physical recovery begins it must be allowed to flow. Seamless transition is key. He knows this is his last chance to make it right and his efforts shouldn’t be stalled. Most of the people I know would become upset if they did everything they were asked to do to right a wrong only to get the silent treatment. Let the kid play, Roger. Stop ostracizing him. If he fails again, its on him, and for the last time.


  27. Just imagine how that tree he hit with his truck feels…and if you think that’s inane, just be glad it was a tree and not some kid on their way to school that morning.

  28. Supposed to feel sorry for a guy who endagered lives by being legally charged 3 times in 3 years for driving drunk, and while driving drunk 1)hitting a tree 2) getting into a hit and run?

    In between that, getting into it with the TSA, and charged for possession of illegal weapons.

    And that’s the stuff that Harbaugh and others on the 49ers didn’t keep out of the media spotlight.

    Let him sit and stew. If anyone not in pro sports did 1/6th of what this guy did, we’d be out of a job.

  29. I may be bias, but this is very unprofessional from that snake Goodell . Give this man a answer already , you’ve had a year to gather “information”. He was suppose to be back like November 17th. Say yes or no already

  30. So the NFL is stringing Aldon along and keeping him in limbo.

    Sounds a lot like what Aldon did to the 49ers organization.

  31. Does Goodell ever do his job? I don’t like to promote unnecessary violence, but I’d like to throw a swift elbow right to the bridge of Roger Goodell’s nose. Do your job! The man has paid his penance and has kept out of trouble since. It shouldn’t have taken this long to come to a decision. Seems like they are trying to bait Aldon into snapping back.

  32. Look at all the stories we have here. Is this really NFL or Pro Wrestling.
    The NFL may not quite be dying but it certainly is coughing up blood. What total tripe ….

  33. Well, maybe Aldon Smith shouldn’t have been a multiple time repeat offender, then he wouldn’t have anything to be “mad & frustrated” about. Idiot.

  34. Per Smith they poked the bear??? Unreal funny. Aldon Smith is a repeat offender. Repeat offenders get in the back of the line.

    Hint hint Aldon; you aren’t playing this year. As a matter of fact , there is no time table on a decision. Have your trainer order you up some humble pie. Because nobody wants your product anymore.

  35. The guy is a moron who put himself in that position. Keep complaining. If I were Goodell, I would just send him a letter. “No.” “Decision made. Stop asking”

  36. stampnhawk says:
    Dec 17, 2016 4:05 AM

    Let him sit and stew. If anyone not in pro sports did 1/6th of what this guy did, we’d be out of a job.

    My comment……..

    Leonard Little and Dante Stallworth ring a bell? Damn, Little killed someone then had yet another DUI.

    Ray Lewis anyone? Adam “PacMan” Jones” Make it rain baby!

    Raider fan here and not defending Smith’s actions, but the league owes him a yea or nay answer. It is that simple.

  37. stampnhawk says:
    Dec 17, 2016 4:05 AM

    Let him sit and stew. If anyone not in pro sports did 1/6th of what this guy did, we’d be out of a job.

    My revised comment, sorry Stamp, did not see the not in pro sports part. Agreed … but with all famous people.

    Being famous and having a boat load of cash seems to clear you of a lot.

    Still think the league should just man up and say yes or no. Sure seem decisive on fines for celebrating or cleats.

  38. this guy put himself in a video smoking da weed after all the substance problems he had before with the nfl……they are taking there time to see if he messes up again…plus he has no room to talk about hurrying up…it is his own fault.

  39. Johnny Football will be reinstated before No-Good-ell reinstates Aldon Smith….

    I can’t wait until this Clown No-Good-ell has to hand the Lombardi trophy to Mark Davis like Roselle had to hand it to Al “Coach” Davis….

    The NFL will do everything it can to screw both the Raiders and New England…

  40. As Red says:

    There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel regret. Not because I’m in here, because you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try to talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can’t. That kid’s long gone, and this old man is all that’s left. I got to live with that. Rehabilitated? It’s just a bs word. So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don’t give a

  41. And for the people with the idiotic names if he was on your team you would be busting down the door to the ” Goody Room” to have him playing again !!!

  42. curtj5 says:
    Dec 17, 2016 10:54 AM
    If he were a Packers player theyd let him play


    Finish your milk and cookies so you can lay your head down on your desk and take a nap.
    Childish is too mild of a word for you.

  43. Lord Roger just loves to remind everyone that he has the power to mess with the lives of players. This is not about player discipline or helping Aldon overcome his demons but all about someone showing the world that he can jerk people around.

  44. Hey Aldong, playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. You have been given many chances and smoked them all away. The NFL has no legal obligation to reinstate you, zero! Move on. Get a job at the local head shop. You will love it!

  45. Not a Smith fan. The point isn’t whether the kid screwed up. He did! But if its goddells right to say no to reinstatement then say no! Say no and we will allow you to reapply in 3,6,9 months…whatever
    But freaking say something.

    Hell convict go before parole board and get denied but told your next bite at apple will be 12 months from now.

    So is this 2 1/2 months going to be reduced from when he get next le hearing…..or is this just a 2 1/2 month untimed down?

  46. I love the judge and jury comments from over 50% of the above comments….Once again please tell me what has Aldon Smith been found guilty of in a court of law…In this country we do have thing called due process….we also have a thing called law, one of which is the American with Disabilities Act, specifically Chapter 4 which this federal civil law clearly makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals. It is clearly written that “An employer may not discriminate against a person who has a history of drug addiction but who is not currently using drugs and who has been rehabilitated. ‘ Even if the NFL, and the NFLPA agreed to certain terms , they have no legal right to exclude federal laws in the terms and conditions outlined in their CBA…..a matter of fact is it against federal law to over ride or omit the ADA laws

    In other words Aldon, you should sue both the NFL, and NFLPA for discrimination today … this point you have nothing to lose as you can clearly see the commissioner is not going to reinstate you…The mental anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of wages that ypu have experienced because of this discrimination would probably be worth at least 25 million.

    Just Sue Baby!!!!

  47. If you “Aldon Smith” are so mad and frustrated, maybe look in the mirror and see who cause all of the stuff that happened. You are the problem, not the N.F.L. or Rodger Goddell! Idiot!

  48. This is where the Raiders really miss AL. This would not fly if he was still around. Crafts boy Roger would be put in check real quick.

  49. Sorry dude. The ADA does not provide a free ticket for employment for drug addicts with priors. Maybe you should go to law school. I did and have had cases dealing with Chapter 4. You are so naive but very entertaining. Carry on, “counselor.” LOL!

  50. As a 9er fan I’m mad you could not act like an adult, and keep yourself on the field. Just saying…

  51. all you have to do is read article 39 of the current CBA to know what the NFL, and the NFLPA think substance abuse is. Also if being suspended and complying with league requirements during that suspension in order to be reinstated is defined by you as a free ride so be it…. I would take my chance with a jury. Because I do know for a “fact ” that you can not discriminate against him for his disabilty. Sounds to me that your opinion is more like he does not qualify under the ADA.

    As i have stated prior on this topic , i am making my statement that Aldon Smith did everything he was asked to do during his suspension….if he did not, then he should’t be let back.

  52. as far as law school i thought about it for only a brief moment but felt the last thing this country needs is another attorney. I choose medical related field instead to define me as an individual.

  53. as far as law school i thought about it for only a brief moment but felt the last thing this country needs is another attorney. I choose medical related field instead to define me as an individual.
    Maybe you should stick to your chosen profession and not yap about subject matter you have no knowledge about. Thinking about going to law school and being a seasoned lawyer are two different things. Got it?

  54. Hi guys. I got busted for some crimes and my boss caught me smoking dope a couple times and fired me. I think he should re-hire me. I am a changed man. What do you guys think?

  55. The only reason he has not been reinstated is because he plays for the Silver and Black.

    The Raider defense would improve for the stretch run.

    Three owners run this league: Mara, Kraft and Rooney.

    And they all share the same lap dog, Goodell.

    The Raiders, patriots and steelers are in the thick of a battle for home field for the playoffs. Can’t have the Raiders get back someone to chase down the opposing teams QB.

    Carry on.

    Go Raiders

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