Associated Press announces changes to All-Pro team format

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In the spring, we shared a report that the Associated Press was considering changes to the way the All-Pro team is composed to better reflect the current NFL.

On Friday, the AP announced changes to that effect. There are shifts on both sides of the ball and on special teams.

Voters will select one running back, two wide receivers, a tight end and a “flex” player who can play wideout, running back, fullback or tight end. They will also select a left tackle, left guard, right guard and right tackle rather than just selecting two players at each position to go with their preferred center.

On defense, there will now be two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers) and two interior defensive linemen (3-4 defensive ends, nose tackles and 4-3 defensive tackles). That should eliminate situations like we had last year when Khalil Mack of the Raiders made the team as both a defensive end and a linebacker.

They are also adding another defensive back spot and explain that “the idea is to reward defensive backs who cover slot receivers.”

There will also now be spots for both kickoff and punt returners rather than one return specialist as well as a special teams/non-returner spot for players who excel at covering kicks.

14 responses to “Associated Press announces changes to All-Pro team format

  1. My take: I don’t like media type nobodies calling these shots. These unathletic worms picked Gina Torretta over Marshall Faulk for the Heisman Trophy in ’92. The Mike Lupica dorks should not control who “earns” high honor NFL accolades.

  2. pryrates2020 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 12:46 PM
    Really won’t matter until they can bring back in the players who would play in the SB and give the game meaning.

    That would be the pro-bowl you’re thinking of.

    and nothing would make that better besides not playing the game at all.

  3. I like the changes. To me this the most important post season accolade now.

    Seeming as how 35% of the players in the league seem to make the pro bowl now, All pro teams really measure the best players.

  4. This just means that now Mack is guaranteed of having been the only player EVER to be selected All Pro at 2 different positions.

  5. jbraider says:
    Dec 16, 2016 1:20 PM
    This just means that now Mack is guaranteed of having been the only player EVER to be selected All Pro at 2 different positions.

    In the same year…

  6. What, no spot reserved for long snappers? I mean, we can’t turn around these days without hearing of a team that just signed a guy that can snap the ball 3 yard further than the regular center. SMH

  7. badmude knows.

    A player from the Raiders accomplishes something unprecedented in NFL history and they change the rule the following year.

    The Tuck Rule? They just waited for Al Davis to die, THEN they abolished that travesty of a rule (a fact surely disputed by all brady loving patsy fans).

    Most recently, the league has Aldon Smith on ice waiting for reinstatement. When asked Goodell said, “I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

    Ok, that last part was fake news. I just wanted to keep up with Drumph.

    Carry on.

    Go Raiders

  8. If they want to improve ratings the easiest way would be to air the thing on a free tv network. No one wants to pay to watch such a poor product when more and more people are cutting the cable and dish from their lives every day. But for free, they might watch at least some of it.

  9. All of you commenting on “the game”, do you not realize there is no game associated with being an All Pro?
    That the pro bowl and All Pro are two very very different and unrelated things?

  10. Tack så mycket för att dela sådan proffsig post. Detta är en de mest användbara artikeln för mig. Jag har lärt mig massa tänker i denna webbplats. Jag kommer bokmärke din webbplats och ta feeds dessutom? Jag är nöjd att söka ut många bra information här inom gällande tack för delning. Vänligen hålla slik. Tack igen.

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