Brandon Marshall: I’m bringing my own penalty flag for Byron Maxwell

Getty Images

Before the Jets and Dolphins met for the first time this season, Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall said Dolphins cornerback Byron Maxwell could only stop him by committing penalties and kept talking about Maxwell’s shortcomings after Miami’s victory.

Marshall is banging the same drum ahead of Saturday night’s rematch between the teams. Marshall had five catches for 46 yards in the first game while drawing a pair of pass interference flags on Maxwell and said he got something from an official who works Jets practices to make sure Maxwell’s infractions are noticed this time.

“He’s the same guy. I thought the refs did an amazing job the last time we played them,” Marshall said, via the New York Post. “I think they threw three, four, five flags, so Saturday night I will be assisting the refs and I will be carrying my own flag just in case he decides to conduct himself the same way. I will help the refs out.”

Maxwell said, via the Miami Herald, that Marshall did a lot of talking during the last game but that it didn’t affect him because he’s “out there to do a job.” Despite the penalties, Maxwell did his job well enough to keep Marshall out of the end zone and help the Dolphins to a 27-23 win.