Jeff Fisher: “I want a chance to play the Rams”

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Rams Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson may not have had a vendetta against Jeff Fisher, but Jeff Fisher now has a vendetta against the Rams.

I want a chance to play the Rams,” Fisher tells FOX in an interview to be aired during Sunday’s pregame show.

Fisher provides that sound bite with a smile when asked for his “perfect scenario.” In the snazzy clip released by FOX to promote the interview, which starts with a cinematic slow-motion shot of Fisher walking down a hallway, the former Titans and Rams coach also fills in the blank as to why Jeff Fisher was fired.

“He didn’t win enough games, and the organization has a much bigger picture,” Fisher said. “And I don’t think I was ever part of seeing the new stadium.”

There’s the patent-pending I-don’t-make-excuses-here’s-my-excuse maneuver. Fisher admits he didn’t do a good enough job before suggesting, without taking a breath, that it doesn’t matter how good of a job he would have done, he was always getting fired before the Rams christened Kroenkeworld in 2019.

The swiftly and slickly produced interview reconfirms that Fisher is very well connected, both at the league and media level. When the time comes for him to get a new job, he’ll have plenty of people pushing the issue both behind the scenes and out in the open.

Those efforts apparently will focus on the other teams of the NFC West, whenever those jobs next come open. The next best option could be to coach the Chargers, if they move to L.A. and share space with the Rams in their new stadium.

However it plays out, the 58-year-old Fisher isn’t going anywhere. In the end, it takes only one owner to become sufficiently intrigued to give Fisher a chance to coach his third team — and to break the tie with Dan Reeves at 165 for the most career losses.

145 responses to “Jeff Fisher: “I want a chance to play the Rams”

  1. Of course he does – he knows they’re crap and his institutional level of suck he implemented there will carry on for a while.

    Everyone wants to play the Rams

    Easy win.

  2. My gosh…is he like a coaches son/owners son?? Has a lifetime pass to suck and still be a coach? If he is a head coach again….how does that owner sell season tickets??

  3. So do they…..

    This guy – I used to think he was an ok guy. Bad coach but ok guy. I am beginning to think he is narcissistic and can’t find a paper bag any more than he can coach his way out of one. 6 winning seasons, 22 years. Speaks for itself.

  4. I hate the old repeatedly heard, “I accept full responsibility — it’s his fault” routine.

  5. Actually Jeff…. you were given a contract extension…. so obviously SOMEONE had planned for you to be around (for some unknown reason)… but when it became obvious that 7-9 was going to be the pinnacle of your Rams tenure, you had to go.

    You likely spent more time planning how you were going to march out the “RG3 6” for the cointoss than you did for most gameplans – you know – for like scoring touchdowns…

  6. Cy Young has the most career losses of any pitcher. Nolan Ryan is 3rd. I guess you have to be pretty good to stick around that long.

  7. Wants to play them? Play them for what? The rights to the following year’s number one draft pick?

  8. Well, the University of Colorado plays the Rams every year. That would probably be a good starting point in your job search.

  9. He better get hired by a good team and play the Rams now while they still stink because of him … if he wants to have a chance to win.

  10. “I don’t think I was ever part of seeing the new stadium.”

    Who knows what “silent” Stan is thinking…………

  11. SD could hire him! Then he’d get to share a home with his former boss. Fisher and Spanos combined dysfunction would be a perfect combination.

  12. The man is not satisfied TYING the record for most losses ever by an NFL coach. He wants to own it! Now, who’s stupid enough to hire him? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  13. Fisher just spent 5 yrs putting the Rams together. That’s his roster.

    And he knows if there’s one more game he could win, it would be against them.

    Gotta give him credit. He didn’t make tens of millions while losing a record number of games for nothing.

  14. “He didn’t win enough games, and the organization has a much bigger picture,” Fisher said. “And I don’t think I was ever part of seeing the new stadium.”


    Fisher talks in 3rd person? Kind of odd.

  15. Does he have experience as a coordinator? Some of thos spots are bound to open after the season.

    I doubt he will be a HC again

  16. No way anyone should give him another chance, he needs to sit next to Shanahan and be linked to every opening but never get interview…..this clown thinks he would have been fired if he won 12 ball games and made it to the playoffs….no Jeff you were fired because you suck as coach….

  17. Maybe he can play the Rams in a the last game of the season next year so his new team can reach his annual 7-9 record.

  18. Dude needs to chill out and take a cushy league/media job and collect some paychecks and enjoy some golf by the beach.

  19. Dan Reeves must be beside himself. He needed Jeff Fisher to lose only one or two more games and he would no longer have the record as the coach with the most losses in NFL history. If I was Dan Reeves, I would be saying, “I want to play the Rams, too.”

  20. “The swiftly and slickly produced interview reconfirms that Fisher is very well connected, both at the league and media level. When the time comes for him to get a new job, he’ll have plenty of people pushing the issue both behind the scenes and out in the open.”

    The only HC who’s more unqualified than Fisher but who keeps getting jobs is “Norv” Turner.

  21. With his giant narcissism he’d be PERFECT for a position in Drumpf’s cabinet!

  22. What world does he live in? He had 5 LONG years to do something with this team and he couldn’t get past .500 because he couldn’t adapt to today’s NFL. He can’t sit there now and spit out his sour grapes. The Rams were beyond patient with this guy and paid him like a winning coach – to the detriment of the organization. The new coach now inherits a roster that hasn’t been held accountable for their play in 5 years. Do you think the hoodie in New England would still have the Rams Mike Thomas on the roster after his play the last two weeks? Or the other receivers who have been dropping passes this year (looking at you Lance KenBRICKS) as if footballs were scalding hot potatoes? No way. You catch the ball on his teams or you go somewhere else. You make the routine tackles on plodders like Blount or you go somewhere else. You don’t just blindly run into the piles of turnstiles on the O-Line – you show some vision and patience and hit the holes – or you run for someone else. In a place like NE or PITT where they win games, a center like Tim Barnes would actually block the guy in front of him every now and then instead of being pushed back into the QB routinely – or he would be sitting on the bench. Sorry Fish – this teams performance is on you. Don’t go making excuses about how you were never in the plans. Winning games puts you in the long term plans.

  23. At least the Rams’ QBs have a chance to be properly coached and can have their careers re-directed in the proper direction.

  24. After the Tennessee fiasco this guy got another opportunity to coach. The owner was patient year after year despite the horrible results, and now that he is gone, he is angry and bitter, wow, stay classy Fisher.

  25. tonebones says:
    Dec 16, 2016 3:48 PM
    Cy Young has the most career losses of any pitcher.

    Can’t quite see the COTY trophy getting named for Fisher

  26. I hope he plays the Rams the very first game he is back and they hang an L on him, giving him first place as a head coach with the most losses

  27. Fisher’s been getting the spotlight, but what in the entire structure of Rams leadership/ownership could make anyone think this will be a good team for the indefinite future?

    This team’s a mess. It’s going to make more than money to fix it.

  28. I’m sure he would! Look at the team HE built, if anyone knows the team well enough to know its weaknesses it is Jeffy. I’m sure if he could only play against that team for the rest of his life……….his record would improve……..but eventually he would lose that next game and be the biggest loser.

  29. Its not like he didn’t get a fair chance, jeez, how many games has he coached in the NFL? Has anyone else coached that many games (or in the neighborhood) and lost as many as he has?

    He’s right about one thing, he is in a class by himself.

  30. littleseizures says:
    Dec 16, 2016 3:59 PM

    It doesn’t matter if he has the worst record in NFL history. Your Mom likely digs his stashe.

    Your Mom’s stashe is way better!!!

  31. tonebones says:
    Dec 16, 2016 3:48 PM
    Cy Young has the most career losses of any pitcher. Nolan Ryan is 3rd. I guess you have to be pretty good to stick around that long.

    Are you serious or delirious comparing him to a couple of the greatest pitchers of all time? You absolutely must be related to Fisher?

  32. The rams job was Fisher’s second chance. I really don’t see any owner putting themselves in media relations hell by hiring Fisher. No fan base has any respect for fisher. Any team, even the browns, would riot the streets if they announced JF as their new HC.

    A 3rd chance to run an organization into the ground is not likely. Maybe he can become some kind of team advisor or GM assistant. That i could see. But no way does he become an NFL Head coach again.

  33. Then buy Madden and set up your own team– Fishville Fishes? in order to play the Lambs. They carried you for years– you should be grateful they were fooled, for WAY too long.

  34. As a former Ram season ticket holder I don’t know what kind of coach Fisher is, good or bad. Coaches are often limited by what they are told to do and by whom (him now telling it in public serves no purpose if he is wanting to coach again). This being said, I have said before and say it now, the dysfunction in the Rams organization does not end with Jeff Fisher. Remember, Kroenke had to lose on the field to drive the fans away so he could say to the other owners the fans would not support him when he wanted to move. Perhaps Fisher was told who to draft, who to play, etc. I know for 7 million a year I might do a lot of things that other coaches might not. Think about it! Sound like Jeff has an ax to grind as to how something went down and how it was portrayed.

  35. He might be an awful coach, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. I don’t think Kroenke was going to keep him around that long either, the Falcons game just convinced him to let him go early.

    Kroenke doesn’t care about this team, y’all. He kept Fisher and Snead around in St. Louis for years because it’s much harder to move a winning team than a losing team. Now that he’s in L.A., we wants to build a profitable franchise, so he’ll try and go get a decent head coach and G.M. to make people buy his merchandise, put more money into the team, start being more active in the press, doing more community events, etc.

    He wants the money, this is how to get it. Fisher is not part, and was not part, of that plan.

  36. If he does play against the Rams you can bet his new team won’t be playing for a playoff spot.

  37. Fisher is even dumber than I thought he was. This guy has a bigger ego than Rex Ryan.
    Hello Jeff — you stunk as a head coach. So play that!

  38. So he gets paid millions for the rest of this season and next season by a team he isn’t working for, after they already kept him several years past when they should of fired him, and he isn’t simply grateful ???

    What a pig

  39. Hey Jeff, you’re an idiot. The Rams will be better without you. Whatever team takes you will be worse because of you. Do you really want to play the Rams?

  40. This guy gets so much press and chances for being a below average head coach in the NFL. Time to retire Jeff. Live off your millions that you have.

  41. Read that Belichick could go 0-16 for 6 straight years and still have a higher winning percentage than this guy. Why are they treating him like some sort of future HOFer?

  42. As Parcells said, you are what your record says you are.
    Mr. Mediocre, you’ll be lucky to get another job.

  43. Not Head Coaching material. Loses too much. Will either be a coordinator or a position coach or just sit out for a couple of years. That’s the ticket.

  44. What a coincidence, Jeff. The Rams want to play you too!

    I have this really bad feeling that Bills GM Doug Whaley has his eye on Fisher as a possible Rex Ryan replacement.

  45. Record is so close Jeff can Taste it.

    One more loss and he just wishes the rams could be the one to beat him down one last time.

    Retire Jeff , this is sad. If fisher can con one more owner into paying him to coach football he ought to go to prison for being a thief. Ridiculous

  46. delusional

    1. having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions:
    Senators who think they will get agreement on a comprehensive tax bill are delusional.

    2. Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness:
    He was so delusional and paranoid that he thought everybody was conspiring against him.

  47. The Rams paid him millions of dollars for years, for doing a terrible job. He has nothing to be angry about. He should be grateful to the team and Kroenke every time he looks around at his beautiful, expensive house, cars, clothes, and fat bank account.

  48. Think about this –
    Fisher was a bad coach, but he got to be an NFL head coach for years and make millions!

    I’d love to be paid $2.5 million a year for 3 years, and coach a pro team. I’d suck and get fired at the end, but I’d make a lot of money and have fun. Then I could retire.

  49. BB could coach the Rams current roster to a winning season. Fisher could coach the Patriots current roster and they would win 6 games.

  50. seahawkz4life says:
    Dec 16, 2016 3:38 PM

    Lol, Fischer isn’t too bright


    LOL. If you’re going to say someone isn’t too bright, don’t be dim yourself. It’s Fisher, not Fischer.

  51. Jeff Fisher: “I want a chance to play the Rams”
    Ah yes, the rallying cry of loser coaches everywhere.

    Minutes after getting canned for doing a terrible job (or getting crushed by your rival), you start the hollow “I’ll get even!” boasting that no one (not even the guy spewing it) believes.

  52. Now having been kicked to the curb by 2 of the more hands-off owners in Kroenke and old Bud Adams, producing 6 winning seasons in 22 and leaving a legacy of missteps as HC and defacto GM with the Rams, it’s inconceivable that any owners in its right mind would entrust the well-being of their team to “Coach Mediocre.” And if he had not lucked into Steve McNair, the record would have been even more abysmal.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” Einstein

  53. I think he would be good as a coordinator but he has proven time and again that he isn’t a head coach.

  54. I’d take the under on that punt filled over thrown penalty ridden snooze fest of a game! Come to think of it, sounds like a great game to play in London or Mexico. Somewhere very far away.

  55. tonebones says:
    Dec 16, 2016 3:48 PM

    Cy Young has the most career losses of any pitcher. Nolan Ryan is 3rd. I guess you have to be pretty good to stick around that long.

    Comparing baseball pitchers to football coaches is like comparing apples and cinder blocks.

  56. Jeff,

    The Rams hired you and paid you 35 MILLION $$ after you r very long and very mediocre career as Head Coach of Tenn/Houston. (where you made HOW MUCH there? 50 million? more??)

    And you are mad?

    Give me a break.

  57. There were three teams looking to relocate to Los Angeles. It was covered like a horse race. Fisher, a powerful figure in the league for a long time, just happened to be coach of the team that left the others in the dust. Then he gets paid and let go, soon after they got to LA.

    Maybe they had a gentleman’s deal, about him having a legit shot to be their guy in LA, maybe he felt they didn’t honor that deal. Hence the sour grapes.

  58. Why should he be mad at the Rams they wrote a 14 million dollar check for a vacation. If I was the rams I would love to play against Fisher. That’s an easy win.

  59. What a tool Fisher you have had more chances than you deserved. Just stay out of the game. Your tactics are contrary to the new NFL. You are a dirty coach. You have nothing to offer a team but 7-9.

  60. stupid31 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 9:13 PM
    Tom Landry has 162 career losses.

    He was a pretty coach.


    Putting looks aside, Landry also has 250 wins.

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