Rams, Nike blew a great opportunity on Thursday night

During a week when there wasn’t much about the Rams to create excitement, their Thursday night uniforms did, at least for me.

The Rams were using the Color Rush campaign as an occasion to go old school, peeling the gold horns from their blue helmets and re-attaching white ones. For the mustard-turtlenecked 6-year-old version of me, the return of the blue helmet with the white horns was a big deal.

The Rams (and uniform supplier Nike) blew it regarding the rest of the ensemble. I, and many others, assuming the Rams would be wearing all-white jerseys with blue numbers and letters and all-white pants with maybe a blue stripe down the leg. Instead, the Rams donned their usual white, blue, and gold jerseys and their white pants with a thick gold stripe bordered in blue.

The problem is that the Rams’ official Color Rush jerseys for 2016 are yellow, not white. But the Rams didn’t wear all yellow, apparently because of the potential clash with the Seahawks’ “action green” ensemble.

So the Rams instead wore their existing white jerseys and existing white pants, mashing them together with white horns on the blue helmets. They should have instead made alternative Color Rush uniforms for the game, which would have looked great when coupled with the blue-and-white helmets — and which possibly would have sold plenty of units in the holiday season.

Even if the uniforms wouldn’t have been marketed, it would have made more sense for the Rams to go all-in with their old-school look. The end result seemed cheap and incomplete.

41 responses to “Rams, Nike blew a great opportunity on Thursday night

  1. Yeah between the lime green and the mix and match Rams unis my eyes were pleading for mercy by the 4th quarter.

    Instead of color rush why can’t the just have classic uniforms? Most of them are better than the current ones anyways.

  2. So you’ve been a Rams fan, were a Vikings fan all season until they started stinking, and now you’re back to Seattle again? You’re the ultimate bandwagon. As bad as my team is right now, I’m so glad you don’t root for them. I’d at least want someone to root for them that actually watches football.

  3. They DID have plans to wear other uniforms…. Jeff Fisher ran off with them after he got canned, thinking he could use them as leverage so he could come back and claim his rightful place as sole record-holder for most losses.

  4. I posted this under a different article, but it seems more appropriate here:

    fortunately, I fell asleep shortly after I took my dog outside to do his thing at halftime. as it is I’m still seeing yellow-green spots this morning; might have singed my corneas or had some unintended refractive eye surgery if I had watched the 2nd half .

  5. The entire Color Rush program has been an abomination, let’s hope it goes the way of the Pink October.

  6. Alternative uniforms for Thursday night games is not a bad idea but the implementation has left a lot to be desired.

  7. One thing is for sure, if something negative about the NFL or any perceived slight Richard Sherman and you will be all over it. How do you live being so negative?

  8. learysdisciples says:
    Dec 16, 2016 11:27 AM
    You’re two cents is worth less than a penny.
    Agreed. At least get someones input that actually watches football. He can’t even name all 32 teams in the league without Google.

  9. Nice kid picture Florio. I remember my Dolphins helmet I had as a kid in the 70’s. I think I still have it somewhere. I agree the Rams/Nike should have come up with an alternate uni for their white-horned helmets. Would have looked great.

  10. cobrala2 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 11:34 AM

    Alternative uniforms for Thursday night games is not a bad idea but the implementation has left a lot to be desired.

    TNF is a bad idea and so is the color rush. I say leave the ugly and gimmicky uniforms to the college programs.
    If you feel the need to do something with the uniform do some classic or throwbacks.

    But please STOP with the things that the Seahawks wore and the other bright orange and reds we have to look at.

  11. This happened to the Browns too. Nike and the NFL did a terrible job planning for this. Browns v. Ravens was supposed to be brown v. purple which apparently doesn’t film well. Fair enough. So swap the Browns color rush uniform from brown jerseys with orange numbers to orange jerseys with brown numbers. Problem solved. So the solution…? Browns in all white. Stupid. Nike should have done something to correct that instead of shrugging their shoulders and walking away.

  12. Should have gone with the yellow color-rushes or, like you said, full-blown old school.

    **** the color blind people.

  13. I watched about 3 minutes of last nights game again.

    Horrible game to begin with but those tacky green things the Seahawks were wearing made the game simply too hard to watch. It’s happened many times this season. It’s either you can’t see the numbers, 49ers black with dark red numbers, Raiders all white with light silver numbers without distinctive outlines or the game is just plain ugly and hard to watch with garish uni’s that make you wonder who thinks this color rush stuff is good at all.

  14. Umm, the Ram’s could not wear the all yellow as they are the away team. Home team decides who wears bold or white. So your theory does not hold up on this one.

  15. Same thing next week. The eagles dropped the ball too. They could have went 80s old school with the Kelly greens to match up with the Giants 80s whites and “Giants” helmets but lorie is on record of purging those great eagles unis from existence. Billionaire ego wanted his own stamp on the unis which is that dreadful blackout and dark garbage green they’ve worn for 20 years now.

  16. Love the Rams original all-yellow color rush unis! Last night’s mix/match was an abomination.

  17. therealraider says:
    Dec 16, 2016 12:08 PM

    I have never seen a single fan wear a color rush jersey.


    You can bet that the Seattle area will be swarming with those puke green things. Fans here are as ignorant and fairweather as they come. They think the “action green” jerseys are AWESOME. Can I get one so I can keep up with Tami and Heather??

    Insert facepalm here.

  18. Based on the hideous Seahawk uniforms from the other night, the clock radio numbers on the Buc unis and the horrible design of the new Browns uniforms, Nike should be fired from designing uniforms for the league altogether.

  19. I love all the manly man, too cool for school guys in here complaining about the color rush uni’s. Lighten up and have some damn fun. A break from the norm is fine for a game. I’d never waste my money on one, but I thought the Seahawks jerseys were kinda cool. I would’ve gone with blue socks though. And I agree, the Rams would’ve been awesome being all white with blue numbers. The throwback helmets they wore were badass.

  20. “Action green”, sounds so much more dynamic than hi-lighter green unfortunately it doesn’t look any better

  21. Even worse were the Army uniforms from last week’s Army-Navy game. They tried to mimic the stylized “AA” from the 82nd Airborne and made all the players numbers basically unreadable with the exaggerated horizontal bulge. This is what happens when the marketing department is allowed to ruin decades of tradition in order to put money in the pockets of NFL owners and big time colleges. I don’t know who profited from the Army uniforms, but I do know they were brutal.

  22. Kroenke was too cheap to spring for new uniforms. He needs that money to complete the eviction of the Texas retirees from their homes on his “ranch.”

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