Ray Rice-like video of NFL draft prospect Joe Mixon released

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Joe Mixon, an Oklahoma running back who would be a first-round draft prospect based on talent alone, today released a two-year-old video of himself punching a woman hard enough that he broke bones in her face.

The video is reminiscent of the video that ended the NFL career of Ray Rice. It shows Mixon following Amelia Molitor into a restaurant and then hitting her, swiftly knocking her face-first to the ground. Molitor first initiated contact with Mixon by pushing and slapping him, but the response by the much bigger and stronger Mixon was far out of proportion to Molitor’s actions. Molitor and Mixon have very different stories about what precipitated the altercation; Mixon said he heard Molitor or someone she was with use a racial slur, while Molitor said she heard Mixon use a homophobic slur.

Mixon released the video himself because a recent court ruling gave the media the right to access the video, and it was only a matter of time before it became public. Once it was assured that the public would eventually see the video, Mixon figured it made more sense to get it out of the way now. Mixon was put on probation for a year as part of a plea deal to a misdemeanor assault charge, and a lawsuit brought by Molitor is pending.

Oklahoma officials had already seen the video but allowed Mixon to play on the team anyway. He redshirted during the 2014 season but remained at the school and has played in 2015 and 2016.

For NFL purposes, this video will make it difficult for a team to justify drafting Mixon, who is eligible to enter the 2017 NFL draft but could also choose to stay in college. Chiefs rookie Tyreek Hill fell to the fifth round of this year’s draft because of his own incident of violence against a woman, but the Mixon case may be more complex. Mixon is an even better college player than the very talented Hill was, but Mixon’s violent incident comes with video, which the Hill case does not. Right or wrong, a video changes public perceptions. The video is why Rice didn’t get a second chance in the NFL while other players who committed acts of violence against women did.

The Mixon video is ugly, and there’s little doubt that his name is now off many draft boards. The question is whether any team at all will be willing to be associated with Joe Mixon.

175 responses to “Ray Rice-like video of NFL draft prospect Joe Mixon released

  1. Patriots draft him the media will talk about how great the patriots are at finding talent in late rounds. Anyone else drafts this guy it will be a disgrace.

  2. A certain recently retired QB , who tea bagged a trainer in college, is really fortunate it didn’t happen now. Imagine the coverage it would have generated if it happened now in the social media Internet age.

  3. As a 150lb dude, nobody would blink twice if this guy knocked me the hell out after I hit him first. Despite his response still being “disproportionate” and despite him being “much bigger and stronger”.

    Equal rights for women!!!!!……. until it is inconvenient.

  4. jchipwood says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:26 PM
    Patriots draft him the media will talk about how great the patriots are at finding talent in late rounds. Anyone else drafts this guy it will be a disgrace.

    J J J what would you do with your spare time if you didn’t have the Patriots. So So sad.

  5. If the NFL does the right thing this guy won’t be playing in the NFL at all. Go North, young man, go North.

  6. So stupid, they find the most convenient times to try to screw people’s lives over. She screwed up and paid the price, he screwed up and paid the price, it’s over and done with. They’ve moved on and so should we

  7. Should read Former future draft pick. Big man punching a girl out. No matter what racial slur she used , if she even did , does not give him an open license to break her face. This crap about violent reaction to racial slurs is ok is just that , crap.

    Any team even thinking about drafting this kid is beyond idiotic

  8. Also let me guess. His agent is going to try to convince us, the general public what he did was wrong but the racial slur brought out a feeling of oppression ? Give this to Kaepernick and let him spin it

  9. If there’s any good thing to come out of this, she probably won’t get drunk and yell racial slurs at minorities any more. Credit to him for at least trying to walk away

  10. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    For those of you condemning Mixon, can you also explain what you believe is the right punishment?

    Lifetime ban? Seems too harsh to me, but I’m curious about others’ opinions.

  11. I would draft him with a later round pick. Let him get suspended for a year, then I’ll have him for 3 years.
    See if he can get himself in order.

  12. If you read the article accompanying the video link, you will see that she is suing him. She is lucky she wasn’t charged with assault.

  13. You won’t be drafted, Bro.
    There is a ton of “meat” every year. You’re in that category. You’re just meat and they don’t need any extra.
    You may get a low budget undrafted contact. A spot on a practice squad.
    That’s your future.
    Nobody will touch you during the draft. Unless you’re top notch. Which you aren’t.

  14. Technically, in a court of law, she attacked him, and he defended himself. So it would be hard to convict him.
    However, I would not hire him if I were HR at a company.

    But the NFL will take him with open arms, after he gets a suspension.

  15. 4512dawg4512 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:36 PM
    So stupid, they find the most convenient times to try to screw people’s lives over. She screwed up and paid the price, he screwed up and paid the price, it’s over and done with. They’ve moved on and so should we


    Would you let him date your sister? He’s moved on and all. Isn’t that what you just said? Yeah, I thought so. Guys that beat on women deserve jail time, public shaming, lack of job opportunities and everything else that comes with it. No sympathy here, bro. He made his own bed. I hope he goes undrafted myself.

  16. myspaceyourface says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:47 PM
    What a scumbag…
    If that was my sister or daughter he’d be looking for his hand.
    If that was your daughter or sister you should be ashamed.

  17. Why aren’t these people taught that you never hit a woman?

    Good riddance to this guy. McDonald’s is always hiring.

  18. Shouldn’t she be hoping he’s drafted? There is a lawsuit pending and she can expect to hit the jackpot if he’s in a high round.

  19. jchipwood says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:26 PM

    Patriots draft him the media will talk about how great the patriots are at finding talent in late rounds. Anyone else drafts this guy it will be a disgrace.

    Tough week for Chippy…

    1. Ryan Tannehill injured. (is he soft?)

    2. Delategate II – makes anyone that ever called Brady a “cheater” look even more stupid than they looked before. (and that’s not easy!)

    3. Patriots – add a WR that was the 13th pick in the first found of the 2012 NFL draft. (another weapon for the GOAT!)

    All that news has left Chippy so desperate that he is having to resort to trolling articles about players that are still in college. Now that’s funny!

  20. This was like full crack somebody mode didn’t even make an attempt to remove himself from the situation a real punk !

  21. Why is anyone upset by this? She hit him first, don’t hit someone if you don’t want to be hit back. He was just defending himself. Women want equality u Timor doesn’t benefit them to be treated as an equal

  22. 4512dawg4512 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:44 PM
    If there’s any good thing to come out of this, she probably won’t get drunk and yell racial slurs at minorities any more. Credit to him for at least trying to walk away

    Ha, what? He did not try to walk away. He walked right up to the table Hell, he punch her when she tried to push him away. He could have left at any moment before the violence occurred. No credit is due this guy. The girl may well be crazy but the good news is she will not be drafted either.

  23. No sound or information leading up to this one particular event. We should know the WHOLE story before determining guilt or is that reserved just for cops who kill people?

  24. steelerfan63 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:36 PM
    He’ll be a Patriot…

    Had he bought her a drink first and proceeded to rape her afterwards he would instead automatically be a Steeler. If she were his pregnant girlfriend, a Dolphin. Had he used a switch, a Viking. Threw her on guns, a Cowboy. Multiple charges, a Jet. If he proclaimed himself the blood of the city afterwards he might qualify for an ownership stake in Denver. If she was holding an infant, a Raven. Simple assault, a Redskin. If she’s a stripper, a Bengal. If she was his ex, a Cardinal. If there were stairs involved, a Titan. The list could go on and on but hopefully you get the point

  25. Each case needs to be treated on its own merits or demerits. Tyreek’s victim was pregnant with his child while, FWIW, it appears in Mixon’s case the victim was a stranger. Hill was kicked off his team and out of school; however, the victim and the school and law enforcement officials involved came down solidly in favor of his getting a second chance to play football. So far, he has done nothing to embarrass the Chiefs for drafting him…but he still gets savaged in the press every time his name is mentioned.

    Like Hesther Prynne, he will be forever stigmatized, fairly or unfairly. Mixon will have to endure the same treatment. Any team thinking about taking him would be well advised to talk to John Dorsey, Andy Reid or Clark Hunt for advice about handling him if they do take him.

  26. steelerfan63 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:36 PM

    He’ll be a Patriot with all the other scum.
    No offense….but a post like that will cause people to question your credibility.

  27. keyshawn22 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 7:09 PM

    Why is anyone upset by this? She hit him first, don’t hit someone if you don’t want to be hit back. He was just defending himself. Women want equality u Timor doesn’t benefit them to be treated as an equal
    I agree somewhat but he used more force against her than she did against him. The punishment should have been proportionate to the overuse of force. Cops should be held to this standard!

  28. favreisadouche says:
    Dec 16, 2016 7:13 PM

    “Oklahoma officials had already seen the video but allowed Mixon to play on the team anyway.”

    That phrase is all you need to know. Disgrace

    What the video does not show is what led up to this event. Conveniently, that story is always left out.

  29. What’s with lack dudes always disrespecting white woman be the same thing if it was on a bus or subway

  30. This happened a while back so NFL won’t be able to successfully suspend him. I very much doubt they will be able to prevent him from entering the draft without some form of lawsuit being filed. Even if nobody drafts him, he will be available as an undrafted free agent. As long as he has been clean since this incident then someone will take a low risk chance on him. However, one sneeze in the wrong direction and that chance will disappear faster than you can say Quidditch!

  31. I wish people would hold Racists cops to the same standard the posters on this thread hold Mixon. What, no need to wait for all the information? Just making your mind up on one video? Hypocrisy at its best!

  32. Brutal…couple of comments on this.

    Firstly, he stated he was ‘cornered’, yet he came back to initiate a conversation with them in the cafe. If he was cornered outside, wouldn’t he want to avoid them after?

    Secondly, he deserves no love for putting out the video himself because he only did that cause it would’ve came out now anyways.

    Thirdly, his little jolt he made at her resulted in that little slap from the girl and his response was so unwarranted.

    All in all, hope this kid never gets to play in the NFL for trying to play the victim.

    Finally, a little off topic, but I don’t hear any critiques of Frank Clark now that he’s on Seattle…guy should be aired out like Greg Hardy was…

  33. While I don’t condone hitting a woman, I must say that the woman invaded his personal space TWICE & was the aggressor in this situation….I would not hold this action against him…. It was an instant over reaction to an unprovoked attack…..not a quality response by this young man, but abuse is abuse & she drew 1st blood….also, he didn’t continue his retaliation beyond his initial response, but instead removed himself from the situation…
    & just because she’s a women doesn’t give her the right to attack another person be it make or female…
    I see no reason to band the kid for what took place

  34. While the audio would help shine light on this scenario a whole lot, the guy tried to resist hitting here, you could see him pull back, after she pushed him first. Then she put hands on him again, and he unleashed.

    Neither of them are great people, for their actions based on the video. They are both young and hopefully they can both learn from this and move forward.

  35. steelerfan63 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:36 PM
    He’ll be a Patriot with all the other scum.

    Unless he raped her, then he and Ben would be best buddies….

  36. As a 150lb dude, nobody would blink twice if this guy knocked me the hell out after I hit him first. Despite his response still being “disproportionate” and despite him being “much bigger and stronger”.

    Equal rights for women!!!!!……. until it is inconvenient.


    No, dude. It doesn’t work like that. Women deserve to be treated equally as human beings, yes. But that doesn’t mean men and women are the same. And you don’t punch women in the face. No one should have to explain that to you.

  37. uhhh, sorry dude but that’s not a “Ray Rice” like video. Ray Rice towered over his girl and wasn’t provoked nearly to the level this chick was. He tried to disengage but she held him and him hard, open palm or not. I am not justifying his actions but the dude was defending himself and he walked away immediately

    Also I hate to break it to you but if he let the girl wail on him that would hurt his draft prospects just as much for his lack of toughness.

  38. Eh, I’m clearly in the minority here, but I’d be willing to give the kid another chance. He was just that, a kid, at the time. 2 years have gone by since then, as far as I know, he’s stayed out of trouble since then. I doubt I’m willing to risk a 1st round pick on it, but wouldn’t mind him getting a chance in general

    I know I didn’t have the sense at 18-19 that I did at 24-25. Also, to me there is a clear distinction between domestic violence, and hitting some random woman because of whatever perceived disrespectful act. While both a monumentally stupid, hitting some random woman could of been a singular lapse in judgement. Domestic violence is NEVER caught the first time

  39. Never. hit. a. woman. Also, never turn someone else’s abuse in to an opportunity to make a joke about an NFL team or player.

    Please, lets be responsible adults in here.

  40. Also, all you kids out there, there is at least one lesson you should learn from this. Burn it into your brain, and never forget it…NOTHING POSITIVE STARTS AFTER 2 AM, EVER

    For the guy that questioned what the “UFC” guy didn’t do…come on man, forget the hat, he’s wearing yellow checker pants, how tough can he be?

  41. This is hilarious. Let’s guess by the answers who on this board is still playing ” we be oppressed card “. Epic fun to read some of the remarks. So using the race card is ok for a defense ? Unreal funny

  42. I see a person get up from a table and hit another person, then that other person hit them back. Doesn’t the person who hit first go to jail anymore? This is discrimination. Isn’t there supposed to be equal protection under the law? The girl hit first. Don’t we have equal rights anymore? Mixon is 100% innocent. The girl should go to jail.

  43. If she initiated contact first I dont even see why he was charged. Size has nothing to do with it. If it was a hundred and thirty pound man pushing and slapping him and he punched him would it even be much of a story? Gender shouldn’t be an issue. A slap is a slap regardless of who gives it.

  44. Didnt she shove him and hit him first? Women seem to get a pass in this area. Why? If you hit someone ,especially if you hit first, don’t be surprise if you get hit back. A man shouldn’t hit a woman and a woman shouldn’t hit a man.

  45. You can beat and choke your pregnant wife and still play in the NFL. Ask Tyreek Hill.

    Just make sure there is no video; judges ruling doesnt mean much to the public.

  46. chipwood says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:26 PM
    Patriots draft him the media will talk about how great the patriots are at finding talent in late rounds. Anyone else drafts this guy it will be a disgrace.

    is your entire life the patriots dude??

  47. I have seen this video. An idiot like this does not belong in the NFL and probation for such a crime as this is a travesty. Keep it moving to the CFL.

  48. Ah. And we wonder what kind of people are ruining the NFL. If I was the media I would bury this kid so low he will have to look up when he has to pee. Lawsuit is going to ruin him for about, oh, long time.

  49. Shocking how many people are sticking up for the guy. So what if she pushed him. So what if she half way slapped him. He clearly followed her into the restaurant and initiated the confrontation. He could’ve just walked away. And after she pushed him, he should’ve just walked away again. What is he proving by laying out a girl? Dude’s obviously got a few screws loose and hopefully no NFL team touches him.

  50. not even close to Ray Rice. This girl flat out slaps him and he reacts. If any of you have ever been in an altercation where someone hits you out of nowhere then you know that you just react. He happens to be a world class athlete. If he was a normal guy it wouldn’t have been as bad. It’s hard to say he should have pulled his punch because you aren’t thinking at that point you are reacting. This wasn’t something that escalated, he was assaulted and reacted. Not sure why most of you can’t see that. I’m sure you can say don’t hit a woman when you are thinking about it and are prepared for a confrontation but if you are unexpectedly hit then your reflexes take over.

  51. Yeah, I am from the “never hit a woman” camp. I’ll tell you right now. I got nothing against him.

    He was obviously trying to leave, she GOT UP and shoved him. He pump faked her to get her to back down and she smacked him.

    He smacks her once and leaves. He didn’t sit around beating her up or anything like that. Sometimes people need to know to not hit people. Maybe she learned a lesson.

    Maybe she knew who he was and that he would be drafted and tried to make some money on it. Why else wave him over?

  52. lemmetalkwouldya says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:52 PM

    Wow …. Oklahoma saw this video, and still played the guy?????

    You are not too bright are you ??? He was suspended for a year, made to attend anger management classes and still keep his grades up as a student. The young man has exceeded all that both the courts and the school set as punishments for him. The kid deserves a second chance !!

  53. IMO, Mixon was shafted for ever being prosecuted for this. He was DEFENDING HIMSELF. She pushed him, then slapped him. He hit her DEFENDING HIMSELF. If I am an NFL owner or GM, I am not holding this against the guy. Hell, he was 18 when it occurred as well. He did nothing wrong in my book and I also believe that he will be one of the the better NFL RB’s when does come out. For all of you bashing this kid, ask yourself what YOU or 80% of the males in this country would have done. Case closed.

  54. What a dbag and I will be curious to see if he gets drafted and if he does, what round.

    I will say this though to all the women out there: don’t initiate confrontations by slapping men in the face. I don’t condone what this guy did but she shouldn’t have slapped him either no matter what he was saying about her friend. Just because you are a woman doesn’t give you the go ahead to hit men.

  55. This is exactly why Donald Trump is president. People get tired of discrimination against men too. You can push equal rights all the way to the other side until it’s the men who are being trampled on. You can’t just make up new laws whenever you want. Talking is legal. Hitting is not. The girl jumped up and attacked the guy. If she were stronger, he’d be lying on the ground. Can Rhonda Rousey go around punching guys out and get away with because she’s a girl? Enjoy Donald Trump!

  56. @patsfan
    ” jerry jones on line a” ahhhhhh maybe you haven’t read the sports page in the last two days. You half witted bandwagon jumper

  57. I’m getting tired of this expectation that because someone may have used a slur, true or not, that it justifies assaulting someone. It does not matter what was said before the confrontation. At all. She was wrong to put her hands on him and he was wrong to put his hands on her. Period.

  58. Weird how many dont think this guy should play in the NFL but some of those same people applauded the Patriots picking up a guy who just had a DUI and was cut. Because he was lucky and didnt kill anyone makes him someone worth applauding a team for signing him?!

  59. He will be drafted for sure. All it takes is a morally bankrupt team, the Vikings for instance, where child abuse is not only tolerated, you will get a pay raise the next season after it happens.

  60. It’s “cool”and exciting to date “bad boys” til they knock u out. She should of known, what did u expect?

  61. All of you guys who say “but she slapped him first”, go tell that to your mother, so she can see how good of a job she did in raising a classless moron. Seriously I can’t believe how many morons here are trying to justify this. Sad state of current affairs.

  62. Ray Rice isn’t in the league because he’s DONE.. dude was averaging less than three yards a carry. As long as the guy is Quarterbacking in Pittsburgh.. .please explain why Mixon doesn’t get drafted??

  63. Meanwhile Ezekiel Elliot and AP, bleeding switch on a child goes unmentioned. But ya, Shake down hill and try to throw him under the bus for accepting his horrendous error and continually going to therapy. Saying something against a superstar or the rookie of the year is bad PR.

    And I also like the “he’ll far exceed Hill’s ability”. Because nothing is as sure as the NFL draft and 1st round running backs. Right Lacy, Ingram, Dayne, Bush, etc…?

  64. The guy was wrong…period but a couple of things

    the guy in the USA hat and all the employees just
    watched and really didn’t react just kind of…
    …oh well

    other thing

    Oklahoma has some BIG girls

  65. I tell my daughter, who is a Collegiate athlete, and my wife, and all female relatives and friends….don’t get up in a man’s face! That in no way is meant to suggest a minimalist view of this aggressive and violent act. I also tell my son, nephews, and male relatives to not ever under any circumstances to clock a female. Thats cowardly, unless you’re actually getting your butt whipped….

  66. Hated today, but if he gives a tearful apology, people will want him on their team. Because I’m sure it’ll never ever happen again.
    I love this age of viral video, we get to see a lot more than these guys want us to see.

  67. Some of these comments feel ridiculous. It’s not this situation, but if a woman is threatening you she should be treated how you would treat any other human being. Do I think he was a little excessive? Absolutely, but if this was a man who was doing this to him it would be ok to retaliate in such a manner?

    I’ve watched the video multiple times and this is what I see:

    1) Whatever happened prior, we do not know, all we start with is the woman and her friends entering, appears she is complaining about something, and then MOTIONS HIM to come over. Who knows what this could have been for. He had the decision to come over, but he maybe the intent was to defuse the situation.

    2) Whatever was said we have no idea. He was waiting for her to be done talking to her friends.

    3) He starts to walk away, and then she jumps up towards him and he turns around noticing it. She ends up pushing him and he seemingly looks like he is going to hit her but stops himself.

    4) She reacts to the fake out and ends up half-slapping (it seems like) him to the face. He violently reacts.

    Regardless of the he-said, she-said nonsense. She initiated it. She motioned for him, he complied and tried to walk away when she jumped at him to push him. I think he was very excessive when she ended up only lightly hitting him, but sometimes safety is the best thing.

    I don’t condone domestic violence, but I think this isn’t a man just going after a woman because he’s more powerful, it’s just a man using defensive training on a person who went after him.

    No offense, but if this was two guys or two women we wouldn’t have this discussion. If it was my daughter/girlfriend/wife/etc I would have attempted to beat the crap out of him, but sometimes you put yourself in a bad situation and you get screwed. He was excessive, but come on, she was just as responsible.

    BTW, this isn’t close to the Ray Rice situation. His girlfriend was trying to walk away and he kept going after her. Then in defense she goes at him once and he knocks her out. He initiated it. This young man, aside from unknown knowledge of beforehand, did not.

  68. freedomofspeechyesway says:
    Dec 16, 2016 7:06 PM
    So NCAA standards are literally lower than the NFL’s. This story’s got legs.

    34 2

    Actually it’s Oklahoma’s “Standards”, if you can even apply that term when they are involved, are the low ones. They have shielded this guy for 2+ years now

  69. I think if Mixon records a sub 4.3 40-yard dash at the combine, NFL teams will look the other way. If he runs a sub 5.2, only the Cowboys will but that is better than nothing.

  70. Let’s be honest here. The same ones saying him laying her out was justified because she hit him first and was therefore a threat that needed to be defended against are the same ones crying foul about the Joe McKnight shooting because using a gun against an angry man twice your size who has you pinned in in traffic and is approaching your vehicle “isn’t necessary” and “should’ve been handled differently.” But a woman half Mixon’s size hits him and she was such a threat to him that in the right for hitting her back though he clearly could’ve walked away? Stupid.

  71. sweetnlow44 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 8:26 PM
    Shocking how many people are sticking up for the guy. So what if she pushed him. So what if she half way slapped him. He clearly followed her into the restaurant and initiated the confrontation. He could’ve just walked away. And after she pushed him, he should’ve just walked away again. What is he proving by laying out a girl?
    The same thing he’s proving if a man hit him. He wasn’t the aggressor. He committed a crime because his response wasn’t self defense and certainly not proportionate, but in the non-criminal world, she had it coming. Any time you hit or slap someone, you’ve got NO business complaining when retaliation comes and lays you out. For it to be otherwise, even for intergender confrontations invites disaster. If ANYONE, male or female, doesn’t want to get punched, its usually a good idea not to hit the other person and provoke a response where there wouldn’t otherwise be a physical response.

  72. The incident happened two years ago. He was provoked and tried to walk away from the situation only to be further physically provoked (assault). He was punished by the team and the justice system. Let the man get on with his life already.
    Bad things happen to stupid people when they do stupid things. She created the situation but Mixon should be punished for the rest of his life. She assaulted him first but……she’s a woman. The joker card that’s used when convienient, what happened to equality.
    Punish him for hitting her, punish her for provoking the incident. Do it at the time of the altercation and let both parties get on with their lives. Alcohol and stupidity doen’t mix well.

  73. I’m sure he didn’t mean to “break her face”! I, for one, appreciate that Oklahoma gave him a second chance to get it right! He has apologized to the woman and anybody else he thinks he owes it to, has done everything asked of him, including uncomplainingly sitting out a year of football because of something that only took a second to happen but will dog him for the rest of his life, no matter whether he is ever violent again or not. As a woman, I can’t even begin to imagine putting my hands on a man, no matter what! I would be afraid he would retaliate and I couldn’t blame him! My mom gave my brother some advice once…Never hit a woman, even when she asks for it, because you will always be the one who gets blamed and shamed. Good luck Joe!

  74. It is incredibly shameful that the University of Oklahoma could possibly continue to play an individual with the video evidence at hand showing the brutality exhibited by Mixon. His disproportionate response to being shoved by a female is more than just an indication of the man’s poor character – it is a harbinger of things yet to come in this young man’s life. In my world, he would never play another down of football at any level, and to allow it is another example of the sick and morbid permissiveness that our society has come to accept. Some acts just don’t allow for a “second chance”.

  75. First of all, I in no way condone this behavior. It is NOT Domestic Assault, there was no relationship between the two. It is a result/reaction to an altercation between two people. We don’t know what was being said prior to her being the primary aggressor as she chose to attack him first. Just as he chose to strike back.

    No one has the right to put their hands on anybody, that’s the rule. I was always told that if you put your hands on anybody in an aggressive manner, be prepared for the return.

    Joe has received and completed his punishment for THIS incident. He does not need to be punished for the rest of his life for this. It’s done and over. The incident has been addressed. DONE. Everyone deserves a second chance. Just because he plays football and has the potential to earn money for it, is NO reason to publicly crucify him for the rest of his life.

    Give him some credit for owning up to it all and wanting this released so it can be addressed. Looks as if he is taking care of business. What has he done since the incident? Any problems? Don’t believe so. “Can’t change the past, Only impact the Future”. Still a first rounder.

  76. Instead of causally trashing Tyreek Hill in order to sensationalize this story, how about you talk about how he has owned what he did and is doing everything he can to atone? He’s been on the straight and narrow from day 1 in KC.

    How about we talk about that?

  77. I got no problem with him being drafted, its been 2 years he has done nothing sence, besides she threw the first 3-4 punches. Dont start a fight you cant win!!!!!

  78. For most men, we are taught that you never raise a hand to a woman ,and that’s how you live your life while passing that on to your kids. Then there are other men that don’t get taught that and that is how they go through life.

    It’s tough, in these videos and the events that lead up to them if you aren’t taught that striking a woman makes you less of a man you will retaliate,while others just know you have to walk away.

  79. mongo3401 says:
    Dec 16, 2016 6:37 PM
    This crap about violent reaction to racial slurs is ok is just that , crap.
    In no way condoning the physical assault of a woman, but to the above comment…

    If call someone a racial slur, the reaction to that slur likely will not be a positive one particularly for you.

    The 50s are gone, bruh.

  80. I’m glad the video was released if he were to be drafted the NFL would be sweeping it under the rug so fast. Just like they are doing now with Dede Westbrook, a guy who has multiple DV incidents and is a complete headcase yet the NFL and their kronies over at ESPN are starting to brand and tote him as a high draft pick with sentimental stories about him.

    Another thing the NFL quickly got rid of is the Wendell Smallwood trial, look it up.

  81. This video did not disturb me a bit. Maybe next time she will think twice before putting her hands on a man. I watch women push,slap,kick,men these days and we get in trouble for fighting back. I don’t know why these week ass men say give women all of the equality of men but then let them hit us, use their looks and sexuality as a tool, take our children, take our homes,take our money, get jobs because of looks and then never hold them accountable for their lack of self control. She pushed him….he knocked her out….move on. He did not pummel her after she was down, he left and she won’t make that dumb ass mistake again. I am a married man and I have never touched my wife in anger. I have had a remote thrown at me and various other things but I have held back because of our week ass beliefs as a society that woman are something special. They used to be something special 40 – 50 years ago. Now we spend our time trying to explain why our society sucks because there is no accountability for anyone….especially woman.

  82. How many movies have we seen where the victim gets pushed, hits self on the head and dies immediately or later due to a slow brain bleed. In many cases, the injury was not intended but it happens.

    This is still unresolved from a life or death situation. She lost consciousness and was totally out of it later. I am hoping she went to the ER for a head CT and concussion check. He could be charge later if this thing goes south with her. Rest assure her family is talking to the lawyers and assuming he will go into the NFL, they will want financial compensation.

    The team that drafts him will be associated with the upcoming legal drama. So this is not over. I do hope she is OK.

  83. It’s OBVIOUS why he released the tape first.

    If the media released it FIRST to the public, most likely, they would only show Mixon striking her. By releasing the tape first, he can show that she slapped and pushed him first (regardless of what you all think about “a man should never hit a woman no matter what”, which is a VERY sexist idea).

    By doing this, the public can now see that she has some culpability instead of just placing 100% of the blame on Mixon. (Yes, she does. If she slapped him, that is assault, whether you feel Mixon’s actions were justified or not).

    I’m not saying Mixon’s actions were justified, but she was the initial aggressor and is at least partly to blame for the incident. People need to learn that it is NEVER ok to hit any MAN OR WOMAN, unless you are defending yourself. If you chose to assault someone, especially someone bigger, tougher and stronger, you are putting yourself in a very dangerous place and you have to live with the consequences.

    Sorry if this makes me sound like a “jerk”, but the alternative is a chauvinistic pig.

    Women = Men; that means the same rules apply to everyone.

  84. bchap17 says:
    Dec 17, 2016 8:42 AM

    If call someone a racial slur, the reaction to that slur likely will not be a positive one particularly for you.

    The 50s are gone, bruh.
    Hope you don’t live in a concealed carry state, bruh.

  85. No room for these types in the NFL. Teams should stay away from bad news types. No excuse for this kind of conduct and the video proves it. Shades of Ray Rice.

  86. orange and blue own the nfl says:
    Dec 17, 2016 11:52 AM
    This guy has Raider written all over him
    He has the cleanest team in the league written all over him?


  87. I’m a 200 lb. white male. Would he be allowed to hit me if I pushed him and slapped his face? If I were a black male? If I weighed 120? If I were a 200 lb. mannish-looking female? Hopefully the government will soon issue guidelines on which people you are allowed to hit after they push you and slap your face in public.

  88. In addition to showing him crush her face. It also showed no spitting. I hope my team doesn’t draft him.

  89. Mixon has done his penance. He was suspended for a year, this video is from 2014 even though many of you seem to think it was more recent.

    Personally, I don’t understand the outrage. The aggressor in this situation shouldn’t receive a pass because they were drunk and a woman. I don’t think men should hit women, but if a women slaps someone she is subject to the consequences of her actions.

  90. A man should never never never never strike a woman. It is never okay even if she strikes you first. OU should be ashamed that this criminal ever stepped on the field representing this alleged university of higher education. If it were my daughter he’d be a dead man.

  91. What he did was terrible, but he was already punished. I’m amazed how this place turns into a bunch of SJWs when it comes to gender issues but tends to be a little more manly (for lack of a better term) when it comes to other social issues that are discussed here. People with objective principles believe in logic/facts and don’t succumb to the emotional hysteria that comes after the fact. Why are all these men here acting like the snowflakes that need safe places and get “triggered”? Is it a case of “white knight-ism”? The video is supposed to trigger 3rd wave feminists and NeverTrumpers, not clear thinking individuals.

  92. Dude might fool some people into thinking that was self defense because she slapped him first, but plenty know enough about boxing to know a feint when they see it. Using one to provoke a slap so you can say you were defending yourself when you give your best Mike Tyson impression immediately doesn’t mean you were defending yourself. It just means the feint worked.

    Given the punch technique, he’s had enough experience to know exactly what a feint is.

  93. The Truth says:
    Dec 16, 2016 8:43 PM
    And with the 30th pick in the 2017 NFLdraft the New England Patriots select……..frauds!

    Ummm, you’re almost right, but that would be the 32nd pick! And BB will still trade down…

  94. @ myspaceyourface
    “What a scumbag…
    If that was my sister or daughter he’d be looking for his hand.”

    Well…..maybe if you raised your daughter right to keep her hands to herself and not think she could resort to violence without any consequence, there wouldn’t ever be such an issue……just a thought. Not saying you haven’t but the girl in the video surely thought it was ok to unleash physically when it wasn’t warranted.

  95. While we should condemn him for what he did, this is nothing like Ray Rice. Ray Rice’s wife did not slap him and shove him. She did nothing to warrant any sort of physical response. She was absolutely the victim in that situation.

    I do believe that Mixon reacted wrongly. I do think it alters my perception of him. But I do not feel any sympathy for the girl at all. She got more than she deserved, but she made the interaction physical. She hit him, he lunged, and she hit him a second time. So yes, she absolutely is in the wrong, just as he is. I don’t see any victims here. I don’t want anyone acting the way either of them did.

  96. Dam, this happened in 2014 and since then the young man has done nothing wrong. Why is this even an issue right now. Let the dude play ball. He made a mistake, it was dumb, its over. I hope he has a very successful career.

  97. Cant break a woman’s face even if she does hit you first. I don’t think her lawsuit will go anywhere since she did put her hands on him first, but just because something may be legal/illegal doesn’t mean its right or wrong in the eyes of the people.

    the NFL has too many cases of domestic violence among its players and I would imagine this would be a P.R nightmare for anyone who drafts him. Not worth it running backs are a dime a dozen nowadays

  98. He followed her into the shop to hover and intimidate her. He was looking for the fight. She responded physically and he broke her nose and knocked her out. Hope some of you morons don’t really believe she was hurting or threatening him. He accomplished what he followed them in there for…to hurt her or the guy she was with. No defense for his action.

  99. the nfl embraces slurs as long as they are on the field.

    the issue here is the punch; personally i think he followed them into a building and did what he planned.

    he is lucky that breaking 4 bones in a female’s face is a misdemeanor in oklahoma.

    the law is what it is enforced as.

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