Tony Romo may request, and get, a release in the offseason


With so much talk about what the Cowboys will do at the quarterback position for the rest of the current season, little time has been spent talking about what will happen at the quarterback position after the season.

It’s been presumed that the Cowboys will make Dak Prescott the starter for 2017 and beyond, and that the Cowboys will trade Tony Romo. But Romo may not want to be traded.

As one source with knowledge of the situation recently explained it, Romo may be inclined to request a release in lieu of a trade. This would maximize his options and, in turn, ensure that his new team won’t be diluting its roster by giving up draft picks and/or players.

It was reported several weeks ago that Romo is eyeing the Broncos. He’s also keeping tabs on several other teams, potentially including the Cardinals and Dolphins.

Why the Dolphins? If Ryan Tannehill eventually needs full-blown ACL reconstruction, there’s a chance they’ll need a Sam Bradford-style replacement for 2017. Romo could be that guy.

The more immediate question is whether at any point between now and the end of the 2016 Romo will be that guy for the Cowboys. Once the season ends, though, a different dance will happen between Romo and the team. With a far lesser degree of ugliness and hard feelings between Romo and owner/G.M. Jerry Jones than existed eight years ago between Brett Favre and Packers G.M. Ted Thompson, the Cowboys may be willing to give Romo a parting gift consisting of the ability to pick his next team unfettered by a trade.

The biggest risk for the Cowboys is that Romo will land in Washington. Again, given the existence of a positive relationship between Romo and Jones, Romo will be far less motivated than Favre was to stick it to the team that no longer wanted him to be its starter.

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  1. Hard choice for Dallas, but the talented and experienced Romo will make a difference wherever he lands. Hopefully it won’t be Washington.

  2. Already tired of this story. There are a lot of reasons not to root for the Cowboys to go all the way, but the constant shots of Tony Romo on the sidelines every time Prescott throws a TD … makes for a long January.

  3. TheCommish says:
    Dec 17, 2016 9:26 PM

    … the constant shots of Tony Romo on the sidelines every time Prescott throws a TD … makes for a long January.

    Won’t happen that often, and it won’t be that long of a January.

  4. The Cowboys would be wise to get something for him in return if they could, I would think a team like Jets, or Broncos (depending on cap) would like to have a a good QB. Unfortunately there is a big difference between Favre and Romo, while no one can guess when an injury is going to come about. GB had the benefit of point out the iron man played ever week. While Romo is coming off multiple injuries in the last 2 seasons.

    So I think its likelier that he would probably get moved for a 3rd which is better than outright releasing, and the Cowboys could use that to trade up and get player they REALLY like, like someone to replace Witten when he is done soon, or a RB to take lighten the load for Zeke. Unless they are going to try running him to the end like they did with Murray.

  5. The Cowboys and Jerry are so dumb… Banking on a rookie who may just be fools gold. Just dumb… and I’m a Redskins fan. I’m way more worried about Romo than I am about Dak. Romo’s a real pro and he has always had my respect. #HTTR

  6. Romo landing in Washington wouldn’t matter. They’ve got some WRs they need to resign and no running game.

    What are they going to do, franchise Cousins and sign Romo for 10 million? Speculate all you want but there’s a better chance of Gabbert winning the SB next season than Romo playing for the Skins.

  7. Cobrala- The Redskins have a top 10 qb not a top 5 qb. With that said he’s not signed thru next year so most likely the Redskins would only have interest if Cousins decides he’s wants a contract starting higher than they want to start at like 25 mil a yr. Romo then would be band aid alternative they would hope to sign for 2 yrs while they groom someone.

  8. The Redskins will trade the next 4 years of first round picks to the Cowboys for Romo, only to have him start just two games a year against the Cowboys.

  9. Romo is NOT going to Washington. Why does that always get floated around?

    Romo wants a PED Manning sendoff… let a top-5 defence try to win me a superbowl as I throw duck after duck. He wouldn’t get that in Washington, that’s for sure.

  10. Romo is an injury just waiting to happen….. Don’t see any SMART team out there giving up draft picks for a guy that can’t take a hit without heading to IR….
    Then again, there are the Jets…..

  11. As soon as Romo gave that speech a few weeks ago, I figured he was trying to better up Jerry Jones so that he’d give him his outright release.. Romo was so angry when they wouldn’t allow him to compete with Dak for the job. He still wants to play, and is going to be super motivated to prove to the Cowboys that they should have gone with him. Of course he wants to go to a team like Denver, and he doesn’t want Denver to have to weaken their chances by paying a big price. Romo is still in his prime and will have his best year ever next year.

  12. Love Romo but c’mon, he’s a hit away from a wheelchair. Surprised his wife or his doctor isn’t on him to hang it up. Man he goes to Cleveland or somewhere he could get really messed up.


  14. “The biggest risk for the Cowboys is that Romo will land in Washington.”

    Huh? I wouldn’t put that in the top 20 “risks”. Never going to happen.

  15. If Romo has his eye on Denver, he may as well put it back in – they already have their QB for 2017 and beyond. Thanks and good luck in Cleveland or Buffalo or Chicago or Arizona or anywhere but Denver…

  16. Not one word of the cap hit for cutting Tony. Those dollars are allocated whether he’s on the team or not. By keeping him, you have covered the backup QB spot. He’s going nowhere.

  17. Looks like the same articles are being written, they just change what it’s called. There’s already been a report that Romo would be cut after this season for the same purpose. That “release” is nothing more than a cut. It was reported then that because of Tony and Jerry’s relationship beyond qb and owner that instead of trading him they’d do him that favor and just cut him. Go Cowboys

  18. Dallas needs to shut up with all of the distracting Romo Talk. And Romo needs to stop drawing unnecessary attention to himself, zip it and just sit the rest of this string out until the season is over. t’s almost like Jerry Jones and Romo are trying to intentionally scuttle their own team’s chance for success. Go figure or get a clue Cowboys!

  19. The Texans are a decent QB away from being a contender but they made their bed with Brock and will remain a pretender. It would be interesting to see what Romo would do there if he could stay healthy.

  20. Fans will say the Cowboys should demand some compensation, however, I believe that many fans don’t understand what Jerry Jones
    is about. It can be argued that Jerry is too friendly or too close with many of his players. It can be argued that Jerry is the opposite of
    Bill Belichick …where Bill sees a players decline and immediately moves on, where Jerry believes he can get another year or two out
    of a player. Given his way I would argue that Romo may well receive
    a release from ownership that he has had a uniquely close relationship

  21. As a die hard Dolphins fan I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if Romo came for 1 year and 1 year only contingent on if Tannehill will be out for the year…. I don’t see Romo taking a 1 year deal though…. I also still believe that Dak is a little overrated, Ezekiel is the reason that team is where it is….. Not Dak

  22. First, Miami would never pay for Romo when they have a cheap, more dependable backup in Matt Moore, who just proved he can go in if Tannehill were ever out. The bigger thing is why would Tannehill need ACL reconstruction based on a sprain ? He isn’t even having surgery.
    Romo is bagged goods. He had an awesome career and even more amazing considering he was never even drafted.
    #hangemup #gotaknowwhentofoldem

  23. Romo to the Bears would make sense. They have some talent, some cash coming off the books, and a high draft pick. Could be a quick turnaround for them.

  24. …..Father time has caught up with Romo….the only two people who don’t realize it is Tony and Jerry……..whichever team Romo lands on next year he’ll be on the shelf by week 6……

  25. It would be interesting to see if the man crush Jerry has on Romo means more than getting assets in return that could prolong the Cowboys Super Bowl window. They trade him to the team offering the best package of picks and/or players. Hopefully for Romo and football fans, he’s sent to a team that can compete and not a cellar dweller.

  26. @ shaggytoodle says:
    Dec 17, 2016 9:42 PM
    The Cowboys would be wise to get something for him in return if they could, I would think a team like Jets, or Broncos (depending on cap) would like to have a a good QB.


    NY Jets?

    I honestly think he will avoid the AFC East… He ain’t winning anything there until the GOAT retires. Although it intrigues me to think about the Division finally having a QB other than Brady. Romo going to the Jets would be a terrible career move… Worst Owner, Worst Coach , Worst Team.

    Just Sayin!

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