Rams won’t rule out essentially trading for a coach

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Plenty of coaches currently under contract with other teams reportedly want to work for the Rams. The Rams aren’t ruling it out.

A source with knowledge of the Rams’ plans told PFT that the Rams will consider all opportunities to improve the team, specifically in response to the question of whether the Rams would attempt to acquire a current head coach from another team.

Jay Glazer of FOX reported that NFL coaches with other teams are interested in the Rams job. The only problem is that those coaches currently are under contract. Absent a release of their existing contracts, the coaches can’t leave — especially not for another NFL franchise.

Here’s how the procedure would work. The Rams would contact a team with a coach under contract and express interest in hiring the coach. If the current team is willing to consider the possibility, the teams would then attempt to work out compensation, if/when the coach changes teams.

At that point, the new team would try to negotiate a contract with the coach.

So it’s not really a trade, and teams can’t technically trade the contract of a coach to a new team. But, as a practical matter, it’s a trade; compensation goes from one team to the next to acquire the coach.

Here’s the problem for the Rams: They already will send their first-round pick and third-round pick in 2017 to the Titans as part of the Jared Goff trade. So they’ll have to pull off a deal without those picks, and the cupboard will be even more bare for the next head coach.