Titans come back to stun the Chiefs on the road, take first in division


At some point, people might have to accept that the Chiefs might be pretty good.

But they’re definitely going to have to wrap their minds around the fact the Titans are OK too.

The Titans moved into first place in the AFC South with a 19-17 win over the Chiefs, moving them to 8-6.

It was a remarkable win, with Ryan Succop hitting a game-winning 53-yard field goal with no time left. The Chiefs had called timeout to make him wait on a freezing day, and he actually missed that attempt short before drilling the game-winner.

The Titans had a chance to tie the game after Derrick Henry’s second touchdown run of the day, but their two-point conversion attempt was stuffed and they trailed 17-16. It was a bold call with three minutes and 12 seconds left in the game, but they might have just wanted to get in out of the cold, on a day when temperatures didn’t reach double digits.

The Chiefs couldn’t get a first down though, leaving Marcus Mariota just enough time to put his team in position.

Mariota threw for 241 yards and the Titans ran for 148.

For the Chiefs, it was just their fourth loss in their last 24 games, and came on a day when they forced three turnovers and seemingly did everything right.

Except for trying to ice the kicker, as much as anything.

29 responses to “Titans come back to stun the Chiefs on the road, take first in division

  1. Titans are a dangerous team if they win that division. KC in Arrowhead is tough task. This win lets NE control their fate to the 1 seed but road matchups in Miami and Denver arent going to be easy.

  2. As a huge Chiefs fan, Alex Smith will be lucky to win a playoff game. He sucks, SF took a risk getting rid of him but understood his ceiling is 100% average.

    The Chiefs, not counting Hills freaky fast 65 yard run, put up 10 points at home against an average at best Tennessee team. All while winning the turnover battle by 2.

    They are a QB away from being great, but this damn QB (who is supposedly so smart) does nothing but continually stall the offense.

    The icing on the damn cake was Reid not challenging an obvious touchdown. Reid, your play calling sucks, always take the points.

  3. Alexis chokes ok but he is such a “good boy” that he gets a pass. Alexis defense has protected him all year, sure he should signs of competence every now and then but Alexis is not that good and never will be we LOL.

  4. coaching 101:….. late in first half the chiefs go for it on 4th and goal ,and get stopped…. i was yelling at the TV… take the points(the chip field goal)!!…. 101: dont take pts off the board…. chiefs lost it right there late in the first half……….

  5. Hey where are all the Chiefs fans that were bashing the Broncos last week??? At least the Broncos didn’t blow a 14-0 lead AT HOME against the Titans!! I’m a Titans fan and I was so annoyed by the Chiefs fans here last week.

    Go Titans! Huge win. Still can’t believe the Titans are 8-6

  6. Sad day for Chiefs fans, and I’m one of them, but I was happy for the Titans and their fans. Good game by them. Now, if the Broncos beat the Pats today, next week’s xmas game Broncos at Chiefs will be HUGE, and I’ll be in Vegas, Baby!

  7. @bannedfromchoirpractice

    Thank you for being gracious in defeat. KC has a great team, it took a lot of heart for the Titans to scratch and claw their way to victory. Wouldn’t surprise me if these two teams cross paths again next month.

  8. Still can’t believe Florio picked the Chiefs to win because Mariota grew up in Hawaii…. so absurd

  9. jasons81 says:
    Dec 18, 2016 4:35 PM

    Thank you for being gracious in defeat.

    The only time she is gracious

  10. I’ll take the 10th winningest coach in league history over a QB who’s never been 10th best in any given year that he’s played.

    Reid is restricted by Smith, and Smith restricts the whole offense.

  11. Just curious. Before the game winning fg the announcers kept talking about how hard the footballs were in the cold weather and that it was going to be a tough kick with a hard ball. In that cold weather, shouldn’t the balls have been soft?

  12. Titans fan here:

    I liked going for two because had they kicked it, KC would have had 3:12 left and 2 TOs in a tie game needing only an FG to win the game. They would have been much more aggressive on Offense.

    Being behind actually helped the Titans. KC was predictably conservative, they ran the ball three straight times and Titans got it back with 1:12 left now only needing a FG to win.

  13. maust1013 says:
    Dec 18, 2016 4:54 PM
    jasons81 says:
    Dec 18, 2016 4:35 PM

    Thank you for being gracious in defeat.

    The only time she is gracious

    Apparently, I’ve made an impression on you (whoever you are).

  14. Good game Titans! If the Chiefs O can’t run three minutes off the clock to end the game, they don’t deserve to win. Chiefs D made plays all day but when they needed one the most they couldn’t get it. That is a credit to the Titans offense.

  15. PFTCommentSectionIsFullOfBigotry says:
    Dec 18, 2016 4:20 PM
    Thank You Titans, now Oakland please do your JOB!!!


    Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, the Chiefs are underrated………………….. they only get up for the Raiders! and when they do……………always lose the following week!

    I got ta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muah…………………………..@K.C.! love you!

  16. Chiefs need to start looking at finding a more dynamic QB. Smith is good for what he is but he will never win a championship with his ultra conservative style of play. He very rarely turns the ball over but when he does it is all the more hurtful because you know he can’t make it up like he top tier guys can.

  17. The Texans are in first NOT the Titans. The Texans have the tiebreaker sewn up. The division is going to come down to the last game of the season Texans vs Titans.

  18. Sure are a lot of clueless Titan (The Stolen Franchise) fans in here. You’re QB is putting up numbers that are average at best and you’re winning because the other teams are doing stupid things. Denver and KC should have beaten you and surly your smart enough to see that??? Or maybe not…..

    You’re patting yourselves on the back giving your team WAY too much credit.

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