Hue Jackson frankly has no idea who his starting QB is next week

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In weeks past, Browns coach Hue Jackson has been quick to name a starting quarterback.

But at 0-14 and coming off another less-than-inspired quarterbacking performance from Robert Griffin III, Jackson has flung the door back open for Cody Kessler or Josh McCown (or really anybody who walks through the door) for this week’s game against the Chargers.

Everything’s going to be on the table,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m going to look at everything. I just have to. I owe these guys the best opportunity to win in the locker room. With the effort they’re giving me, I have to give back to them as a leader. I have to make sure I’m putting the right people out there for them. . . .

“Everybody. Everybody is in play. Absolutely.”

Had Griffin given them any real reason, he could have had the next two games as an audition for the future. But they’ve scored an average of 11.0 points per game in his three starts, so there’s no compelling reason to keep on with the experiment. Yesterday was better than last week, but when you’re winless the week of Christmas, everything’s sort of relative.

“That’s up to coach,” Griffin said. “He wears the HC hat for a reason. I felt like I came out and played better this game, but we didn’t win the game and that’s what it comes down to. Whatever coach decides, that’s his decision and we’re all going to roll with it.

“I know I’m going to go out there and fight with my guys and until the end no matter what, so that’s the only thing I can focus on. I’ll go back and watch the tape, but I do feel like I played better this week.”

At this stage, it only matters as to their ability to go 0-16 and hold off the 49ers for the first pick in next year’s draft. And considering their options, the Browns have a selection of guys who can help them reach such a goal.

24 responses to “Hue Jackson frankly has no idea who his starting QB is next week

  1. The Giants were actually very interested in Hue after Coughlin left last season…..but Hue was too worried about “being in charge” so he never bothered to interview with them and took the disgusting Browns job. I wonder if Hue has any regrets?

  2. At this point if he is good to go Kessler has to be the obvious choice, he is the only one that might be part of the future even if it’s in a small way.

  3. If the healthy, the answer should be Kessler. He’s the only one with a prayer’s chance of having an NFL career ahead of him. RGme is 100% done and McCown is a 40 year old journeyman back up. Pretty easy choice.

  4. This is a bad team! The defense can’t stop anyone! If anyone thinks that a QB change is going to make this team better knows nothing about football. Griffin was put in a bad situation, no protection, drop passes, poor play calling, and bad route running. Tom Brady couldn’t help this team! Blame the QB or make a QB change or go back to the other QBs that have lost the 12 other games. Yea that’s the answer, go back to Kessler who has had two concussions or Josh who throws the football to the other team………. Protect Robert, run plays that take advantage of his skillset, he’s dropping back in the pocket with no protection the play calling is vanilla.

  5. Other than Haden and Thomas, who is really worthy of starting on any other team? No wonder they are losing, they have quality players.

  6. Kind of puzzling they didn’t keep callahan and give him a chance. Couldn’t have been worse. They could cut mccown and rg3 and get the cap hits over with already

  7. And here I thought Pettine was the worst coach I ever saw. But this year brings some competitors for that award: Kelly (SF), Bradley (late of Jax), and now Huey (that’s his real name, btw). But at least Pettine won a game or two.

    Unofrtu7nate as it is, the Browns need go fire their current football ops personnel and Huey and hire someone with solid football management experience. They can then pick the HC. These positions cannot be held by the same person.

    Then they need to release some players that clearly cannot play at the NFL level…

  8. Maybe call Brian Billick, he has a much better grasp on your teams talent than you coach. His prediction that you would not win a game this year is looking stout.

  9. There’s a good chance the Browns catch more passes from Rivers than their own QB this week. Dude is a pickle machine this year.

  10. First off, stop with the “they are tanking it” nonsense, it just shows how little you know about football. The Browns are really that bad, no tanking is needed (this from a long suffering fan). Second, NFL fans with a beef with the Comish-the Browns fans have the most legitimate one with him. Ole Rog was the one who hand selected Haslam as the next owner. You know, the guy charged with screwing over the trucking companies by the feds, the same year he was approved to buy the Browns.

  11. Kessler at least had them in a few games this year, while RGlll has had 3 blow out losses in three games. If Hue sticks with RGlll then that should be all the ammo that Jimmy Haslem needs to fire Hue. But on the other hand, if Hue doesn’t have what it takes to fire his good buddy Ray Horton for fielding the worst defense in NFL history, that should be enough ammo for Jimmy also. That defense is so soft they don’t even know how to hit and tackle. That defense should be so embarrassed by their play, that at least one player would step up and actually put a NFL hit on SOMEONE!

  12. As a life long Browns fan, addicted to the struggle that is the factory of sadness, I will admit that originally, I was intrigued by the RG3 signing and figured it wasn’t a bad shot in the dark at a former Heisman winner and 2nd overall pick.

    Now….. Not so much. He’s rolling ground balls to Coleman and Pryor, has zero accuracy, and his deep ball is awful, it just floats out there for the DB to catch up to the WR.

    Kessler needs the reps, you need to try and develop the guy you took in the 3rd round (the one nobody else had ranked higher than a 5th round pick).

    We have a lot of work to do in the draft & unfortunately there is no QB worth the #1 pick. Take the model of the other teams in the NFL and build your team around your offensive and defensive lines. You win in the trenches. And then address the putrid secondary.

  13. @kneedragr…

    I suggest gettin’ some knowledge.

    It was technically the RAVENS that fired BB. He was fired AFTER they announced the move.

    Also, BB was fired AFTER Modell had promised to keep him on.

    So….yeah…there you go, pal.

  14. I think upper management forced these RG3 starts on Hue. This is his way of thumbing his nose at them at this point. Sunday is their last chance to win. It has to be Kessler.

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