Larry Fitzgerald hints at playing elsewhere in 2017

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When Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald signed a one-year extension with the team, it was sold by some in the media as a conclusive indication that Fitzgerald will spend at least two more years with the Cardinals. And it now sounds as if Fitzgerald has only two more games with the Cardinals.

Appearing on Westwood One with Jim Gray, Fitzgerald seemed to create the impression that he’ll play in 2017 — if he’s playing for a contender.

“No, I wouldn’t say that I’m contemplating [retirement] right now,” Fitzgerald told Gray. “But I’m uncertain what I’m going to do moving forward. But I still love the game, I love the competition. I love being around the guys and competing for a championship. That’s a lot of fun to me, and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.”

Where’s he’s at right now is with a team that isn’t competing, and that may be replacing quarterback Carson Palmer in 2017. It seems that Fitzgerald still wants to play if playing means winning. The real question is whether he thinks winning will happen in Arizona.

Fitzgerald’s father, a Minnesota sports writer, has said that Larry, a ball boy for the Vikings as a youth, “always wanted to be a Viking because he is a Viking.” Despite a 2-7 slide since starting 5-0, the Vikings could be contender if/when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and if/when the offensive manages to periodically block someone.

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  1. Vikings are trash. Congrats on your September Suoer
    Bowl queens fans. You guys always dive head first into the shallow end can’t ever let things evolve.

    Blair Walsh goes perfect from 50+ rookie year. Naturally he’s the best kicker ever(recently released from the team)

    Favre joins Vikings and they start wining games everyone said SB only for the Vikings to lose to the Saints and NOT make the SB

  2. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t going to play for the Vikings until he’s played for the Packers. Good players play in Green Bay, then the Vikings take the cast-offs after they’re used up. That’s how it works.

  3. smart larry, always liked your game, now get yourself away from the quitter Palmer and you’ll be ok

  4. I would say Dallas but it’s not their style. They like to get younger and not older since Jason Garrett and Will McClay took over.

  5. If he wants to play for his home state, he will go to Minnesota, but that offense needs more help than just Fitz, not even AP (who many feel is done in Minn,) can run behind that offensive line, and QB position has health and play concerns all over it. If he wants to play for a team that is most likely to give him a chance at a ring he would go else where, like NE and as much as it would pain me to say Dallas, he has never been afraid to run block, or maybe even Seattle could use an upgrade at WR.

    I love Fitz, but him being elsewhere feels weird, and would be like seeing Tim Duncan in something other than a Spurs jersey.

  6. If Fitzgerald leaves the Cards, he’ll want to go to a team with a throwing QB who chucks it downfield – which leaves the Vikings out. Why leave AZ to go to a team with a check-down Charlie passing game?


  7. “I would say Dallas but it’s not their style. They like to get younger and not older since Jason Garrett and Will McClay took over.”
    Garrett doesn’t do anything without Jerruh’s say.

  8. Larry Fitzgerald hints at playing elsewhere in 2017


    Run … finish your career with a team that has a good/great QB and a chance to make some noise in the playoffs.

  9. He can’t come right out and say he wants to finish his career in Minnesota so this is his way of hinting to Minnesota that he want sot come home. And for those who want to talk bad about the Vikings, just remember all of there problems are because of the offensive line. I’ve never seen a line so banged up before. They will get that fixed in the off season. Also, Teddy is unlikely to be ready for the start of next season. It will be Bradford’s team again. And Sam has not been the Vikings problems. He has actually been the leagues most accurate passer this year (check the stats) so with what should be a better line next year, Sam and Larry could put up some numbers.

  10. Florio… are you serious right now? He didn’t hint at anything. And Sam bradford has played well enough to earn himself another year at least. Teddy looked ready to take a jump, but nothing was set in stone that it would happen.

  11. Good WR. Nothing personal but overrated in my opinion. Gets way more hype then he’s deserved.

    Can’t even touch Moss when Moss felt like trying.

    Not even as good as Chris carter, Tim Browne, Sterling Sharpe or even Terrell Owens.

    Hell…… James Lofton, Andre Reid, Irving Friar and Art Monke were all better.

    He’s not even worthy of #80 the GOAT’s name mentioned or even compared too when speaking of WR greats

  12. @faithful49er707 – Do you even watch any other teams besides your dreadful Santa Clara 49ers? You should try it sometime, there are some quality players out there, believe it or not – like Larry Fitzgerald.

  13. The Vikes are the sentimental choice but the smart money favors Baltimore, KC or Indy. These teams could use a vet in the recieving corp. The only other NFC option is Philly.

  14. dlc1224 says:
    Dec 19, 2016 10:23 PM
    Steelers have a spot for you Larry


    Steelers don’t need him. They have many good young receivers to go with the Amazing Antonio.

    Patriots are the contender that’s currently scouring waver wires to fill out a thin WR depth chart and will maximize Fitzgerald’s contribution.

  15. @6250 claimer

    Did you become a Seahawks fan before or after 2012? Why did your fan base have to rip the “12” slogan from the Texas A&M Aggies? Why is your favorite team more known for its 1st round LB bust out of Oklahoma being madden truck sticked by Bo Jackson on a MNF game then anything else? Why is it that we (SF49ERS) currently suck, but yet still own beach front property in the 12 Seattle Seahawks fans that exists heads?

    Dinner has just been served.

    Make sure to chew on that slowly and don’t choke on the tough questions

  16. Arizona has $10M in dead cap coming due if they trade or release him. Can’t see it happening, sorry Larry you signed the contract.

  17. Add a couple oline who can you know, block. Teddy gets healthy and you add Fitz to that group, the Vikings can be good. As an Eagles fan I would really appreciate losing the last two games and we need as much help as we can get and we got your pick.

  18. artic19 says:
    Dec 19, 2016 10:58 PM

    What is really funny is Packers fans actually think they will be in the playoffs.

    Laugh it up funny girl, not only will the Packers make the playoffs, but they will win the NFCN and host a playoff game. And they will be a prime spoiler in the playoffs. Suck it.

  19. He’ll end up in Seattle. They have no serious rivals for the division, the best defense in the NFL (again) and they don’t cheat. Cards can have Jermaine Kearse off our scrap heap.

  20. he shoulda gone to NE a year ago… Bill generally passes on a guy a year too early rather than a year too late. Then again, he brought Chad in for a season….

  21. Come home to Minnesota, Larry
    You will be welcomed with open arms
    Your veteran leadership will bring some great balance to a relatively young WR corps

    Perfect match!

  22. Sure but the Vikings aren’t a contender until they can fix that offensive line. Your football team lives and dies on offensive line play.

    Want proof?

    Colts, Vikings, Cowboys. Luck had somewhat of a line and he lit the league up, has no line, colts are done. Vikings were able to protect BARELY at the start of the year and did fairly well, then the injuries hit more and now they have a rookie at tackle who is a converted defensive end and rated the worst tackle in the league, Vikings started losing. Cowboys? 12-2, best offensive line in the league just about as they’re physical and literally huge guys.

    It’s not a coincidence. You don’t have a line, you don’t have a competing football teams. And most teams don’t have a line.

  23. The only way Bridgewater is going to make it back is if he’s been going to get a little HGH from Peterson’s doctor. Even with Bridgewater the Vikings are far from a contender. They need a new head coach, at least 3 offensive linemen, at least one corner…they were stupid enough to pick up the option on Xavier ‘Toast’ Rhodes…stupid move, a QB…the 15 time defending off season champions need a hell of a lot more than an old man like Fitzgerald. That organization is a true dumpster fire.

  24. It is the first time Larry has made comments like this, which is what worries me. Still a lot talent on AZ roster, but also a lot of FA, which might be his thought and why he is uncertain. Any type of rebuilding approach and I think he is gone. But if roster issues are properly mitigated I think he will be back. With one year left I think it is safe to say he will not go to Seattle and Larry has to much class to do that anyway.

  25. Nobody should be against Fitz joining an offense on the brink of an SB appearance, regardless of which one it might be.

    He’s put in the miles, class act, stellar talent.

  26. Come home to Minnesota, Larry. With a health O-line, the Vikings will be contenders next year. Besides, you deserve to be a Viking–it’s where you belong.

  27. Personally I’d love to see Larry in New England as he is a type of Bill loves (smart, good route runner, student of the game, run blocker, etc..) and Brady would love for that matter. I just don’t see the fit with what they have currently. Perhaps Dola’ is gone after this year but he and Larry aren’t the same, and Danny can return punts if needed, etc versatility Bill likes.

    Mitchell looks good and is a rookie, he’s not going anywhere. Neither is Edelman. Hogan has looked good overall in his first year in the offense. We will see what happens with Bennet and Gronk but doesn’t matter at their position. And then you throw in Floyd, much younger with higher ceiling.

    I’d still love to see him in camp next summer competing because you just never know how things turn out and he’s a great team player.

  28. I seriously doubt Larry would be thrilled at the prospects of playing for a coach who proudly announced Trump as his truelove. (Gross.) If he makes a move, he’ll gravitate to much saner turf than the Pats.

  29. I can see the patriots as a possibility… Belichick loves veterans and Brady likes smart wide receivers… But it would just be so strange to see his name on a non-cardinal jersey.

  30. I know he has a soft spot for his hometown vikings but they have become a dumpster fire. O-line needs to be a start-over and the league has this defense figured out. One halfway decent wide receiver isn’t enough to make up for a terrible offense either. They most likely will finish 7-9.

  31. Patriots will jump all over him unless he wants too much $$$. Floyd won’t be offered a contract. Fitzgerald will be a great outside the numbers receiver to compliment the offense.

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