Report: Trent Baalke likely will land with the Broncos

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If/when (when) the 49ers fire G.M. Trent Baalke, Baalke apparently won’t be looking for work for long.

Via Matt Maiocco of, Baalke likely will land with the Broncos.

Baalke’s role is unclear; he’d either be in the pro personnel department or the college scouting department. Baalke became the G.M. of the 49ers in 2011, securing a promotion from V.P. of player personnel in the same cycle that saw the 49ers hire coach Jim Harbaugh.

Instantly, the team improved, appearing in three straight NFC title games and one Super Bowl. Since 2013, however, the wheels have come off for the 49ers. Since the “mutual parting” with Harbaugh two years ago, the 49ers have gone 5-11 under Jim Tomsula and 1-13 under Chip Kelly.

“I don’t worry about it. It is what it is,” Baalke said Sunday regarding his status, via Maiocco. “I’m going to keep putting my head down and going to work. It’s just something you can’t control. You try and control the things that you can control.”

It’s a pragmatic and ultimately accurate view. And Baalke hardly can be surprised. The team has lost 13 straight games, and the 49ers now face the possibility of having only one win for the first time in franchise history.

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  1. He was never meant for this job, but leave it to the Jed to hire sycophants over talent. Him getting canned would be reason enough to celebrate but ultimately the Yorks are still in charge so hope’s lost.

  2. Who cares where he goes? So long as he goes is all that matters. Never again should York choose managers over coaches. Its been a complete mess since.

  3. Retread, had your chance ruined it, i do believe Harbaugh has shown that you are a dumba** and he is a winner. If anyone can make Colin look like a nfl caliber qb, they are smarter than you. As a fan of the broncos, i don’t want this guy anywhere around my team

  4. Coming as a 49ers fan…. Broncos better not let him evaluate wide receivers, running backs, cornerbacks, quarterbacks, tight ends, safeties, defensive ends. And you will have a run on injured draft picks as well. This guy can not get the H out of SF (he should’ve been toast after the Bills game) quick enough for me. The amount of talent he has let walk via FA (not to mention terrible drafting)… Walker, Crabtree, Gore, Davis, Boldin. How much more explosive is this offense with Walker, Crabtree, and Boldin out there? Whew. And sadly Gore, Davis, and Boldin were like a combined $8 million a year keep. This guy right here……We are playing so many third string guys… It’s just insane.

  5. That would be surprising as Elway clearly is the face and voice in charge there and I can’t see him wanting somebody who likes his name in the press like Baalke does. Can’t recall the last time I even heard the name of anybody else in the Broncos front office.

  6. Don’t like to call for people to be fired, but this guy has been just ridiculous. I’m a 30-plus-year 49ers fan and not only is this the worst 49ers team I’ve ever seen, it may be the worst single-season NFL team I’ve ever seen. Other than Carlos Hyde, I guess, and 4-6 other players (Navorro Bowman, but he’s out again), the 49ers have absolutely no apparent talent. It’s completely, totally unreal.

    The fact that this individual (Baalke) evcn has a current NFL job shows the complete disconnect between the York family and anything remotely resembling a successful franchise. I cannot fathom rooting for another NFL team, and so I guess I’m stuck, but I’m preparing for a long, long dry spell. Jed York appears to be utterly, completely clueless. How in the world did a successful, 5-title franchise turn into the current version of the 1990s Cincinnati Bengals?

    And what’s worse, there’s no hope. Who in God’s green earth that’s worth anything would want to go be the GM there, and have to deal with the York family, and a rebuild that looks to be years in the making? What free agents would want to go there?

    That family doesn’t care what I think, or what any 49ers fan thinks. That stadium is making them money on top of money, somehow, even though it’s a dump, too, a brand-new, state-of-the-art dump. But some fans keep going.

    Every 49ers fan should keep their hands in their pockets. Don’t renew PSLs or season tickets. Don’t go buy jerseys, or coats, or T-shirts, or anything else. And even that may not make a difference.

    It’s an awful time to be a 49ers fan, the worst period in their history, way worse even than the Mike Nolan-Mike Singletary days. It’s bleak, a hanging-from-the-cliff situation.

  7. Yorks left Baalke in place an doesn’t even know what he is in control of …isn’t he supposed to be in control of the players and coaches?? He got what he wanted now says he cant control it…

    .This might be the best “take a team from the Penthouse to the outhouse” stories in a long time…

  8. Him and Jed York just have those faces that you want to punch right in the suckhole. Baalke you suck. Jed Dork you really suck! It’ll be a while before the Niners are relevant again, but getting rid of this idiot is a step in the right direction.

  9. Ya we instantly improved and went to 3 straight nfc championship games because of Harbaugh not baalke. Jed is a moron and kept his yes man lap dog around and fired the guy that was winning games because his mommy and daddy gave him the keys to a franchise that he is driving full speed into a ditch.

  10. The team improving in 2011 had ZERO to do with Baalke. Literally that entire team were made up of Scot McCloughan draft picks. Jim Harbaugh was the reason for the turnaround yet idiot Jed York and Baalke love to take credit for it when in reality they were simply along for the ride. Why anyone would want a clown like Baalke involved in their organization is shocking to me.

  11. This franchise cheated via the cap and unrecorded payments during the Montana and young days. Now time to pay the price.

    Huge laugh.

    And a joke of a stadium.

    Go San Jose Niners!

  12. Jed York may be dumbest person on this planet. Bar none. The buck stops here.

    Sorry, but his parents are dumber than him for putting him in charge.
    They are the actual owners of this laughing stock of a team.

  13. That’s good news. I would rather seem him land with the Patriots, Dolphins, or Jets, but landing with a current AFC team that usually does well is fine with me.

  14. @ufiadman: The salary cap started in ’94. Montana was already in KC by ’93. Not sure where you get. your info that the Niners somehow cheated the salary cap while Montana was there – it didn’t exist yet.

    That aside, this story is amusing. Who would leak info like this? Surely not the Donks. Has to come from Baalke’s agent, or maybe even Jed. No matter – as long as the York family owns that team, they’re doomed.

  15. Trent had one good draft in 2011. Incredible whiffs since then. Always focused on long armed pass rushers (Aldon, A Lynch, Armstead, Lemonier, Buckner) with top picks. No QB’s or speed threats on the outside or backfield.

    Whoever inherits the Niners will have some decent defenders here and there, a few pieces on the offense (Kerley, Hyde, McDonald etc) and with the right GM and coach, Niners might go .500 sonner than most think.

    Knowing York, he will promote Tom Gamble. Which might not be bad.

  16. Sad to see such a storied franchise fallen into such a state of chaos. Time to ‘hold Jed York accountable’ (whatever that means)

    Question for the masses;

    Which of the following ownership/mgmt teams would you NOT want to see running your franchise?

    1) The York/Baalke money making machine

    2) The Haslam group over in Cleveland

    3) Irsay/Grigson in Indy

    Last year you could have put Jerry Jones on that list, but what a difference two draft picks make, no?

  17. How is it that bad coaches/GMs continue to find jobs in the NFL?”

    The Broncos aren’t hiring Baalke as a GM. They’ll put him in a job that he’s suited for. He’s a capable scout and has some managerial ability. If you keep him in a limited role and let him focus on defense, he can be a valuable contributor. The York’s mistake was making him GM. He’s proven beyond any doubt that he’s not suited for that role. The York’s other mistake was not recognizing this fact sooner. And, of course, the York’s biggest mistake was choosing Baalke over Harbaugh. They’ve been in a death spiral ever since.

  18. People forget Broncos have Matt Russell as our defacto GM. Russell is the one who banged the table for Von Miller and hit that one out of the park at a time when not many people had Von going #2 overall.

    So whatever role Baalke takes, he’ll be working under Russell and Elway which should make any Broncos fan sleep better at night knowing we have proven talent finders watching over Baalke.

  19. I’m cool with Baalke. He found some talent himself, (tho you could argue it was harbaugh). Hyde, Aldon Smith (yes we know how that one turned out), Kilgore, Trade and Sign Anquan Bolden. Baalke did some things well. I think he can spot a football player, and like the guy above me said, working under proven talent evaluators is not a bad thing. We do have Tom Heckert in the front office after all.

  20. Wonderful. Yet another “It is what it is” quote from the world of sports. Other than “it’s us against the world”, and “nobody believed in us”, it’s the most overused and misused quite in sports. Enough already!

  21. Haha, here’s another reason why the donkeys will be cellar dwellars for years to come. Trent frigging Balke?? Just like prior to Manning. Perennial sub .500 team. Oh yeah, and 1 year of decent play from Teblow.

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