Salvation Army says Ezekiel Elliott’s leap led to increased donations


Shortly after Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott celebrated a touchdown by hopping into an oversized Salvation Army kettle behind the end zone in Dallas on Sunday night, the organization tweeted out a picture of Elliott to ask for donations.

It appears to have found an audience. Lt. Col. Ron Busroe of the Salvation Army told Darren Rovell of ESPN that the organization took in $182,000 in online donations in the 12.5 hours after Elliott’s dip in the kettle. That marked a 61 percent increase in donations over what they took in over the same time period a week ago and Busroe said it’s been welcome as they’ve seen lower donations from their traditional street kettles this year.

“We needed this boost,” Busroe said. “It’s certainly the most we’ve been talked about in the five years I’ve been here. We were trending on Twitter last night.”

Elliott was penalized for the jump and said he would match a fine from the league — typically $12,154 for excessive celebration — with a donation to the Salvation Army. The league said Monday that Elliott will not be fined, but Elliott said he’ll still be making the donation.

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  1. If anyone other than Elliott wins the MVP the league voting is rigged. He put Dallas on his back last night and trampled a very good defense. Oh e also had 128 yards CALLED BACK on some questionable penalties. Best offensive player in the game and it isn’t close. Honorable mention to leveon bell and antonio brown

  2. “The league said Monday that Elliott will not be fined, but Elliott said he’ll still be making the donation.”

    This guy is a GOOD DUDE!

  3. Mostly, I think the people who bash either (or both) the SA or Red Cross just do so to rationalize the fact they never donate. It seems to make them feel better. So, at least two cheers for Elliott.

  4. never thought I would have been in this boat … but, The Salvation Army fed my family this Thanksgiving when we had an emergency and death in the immediate family the night before Thanksgiving … no food was prepared and no one was in the mood to cook. There was a post on FB about them serving meals for those in need in the community and they would deliver too … they did and the meal was awesome.

    We have since donated to them.

  5. As i continue to marvel at elliott i wonder who to compare him to. It’s a combination of guys actually. Explodes to the hole like tony dorsett, once into the open field his vision is like marshall faulk’s was and as far as contact goes he seeks it somewhat like marshawn lynch did. He is a very very bad man

  6. If a football player does something that encourages charitable giving, then he should be commended.

  7. Really like this young man. Stud on the field and seems to have a good heart as well as appears to “get it” which we don’t see from a lot of our highly skilled youth these days.

    At this point I’m just hoping the post-draft stuff can go to rest and nothing changes my opinion (which it seems to have, but keeps popping up… assuming it just gets clicks at this point or more would have come out).

  8. I think the league has gone overboard with what it defines as celebration. They missed a great opportunity to build some goodwill by not donating $12,154 on top of what Ezequiel is sending. Not suggesting that players should do whatever to try to outdo Ezequiel, but the NFL could have gone a little further when they decided not to penalize.

  9. I’m a PROUD Roman Catholic and while Salvation Army is it’s own church, I’m more than happy to make donations because they provide an AWESOME service to those in need, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

  10. Such great news if nothing comes out of his domestic violence crap. Otherwise, goodell will have another headache – similar to deflategate, except involving, you know, real human vixtims.

  11. I’m really amazed the No fun League didn’t fine the dude. I f the Scrourges in NY had a brain among them, they would be dangerous. Greed, greed, greed. Get the tax payer to build billion dollar stadiums, so they can make more money. Make sure that warm sunny southern dome stadiums make money, so ones in North starve.

  12. I had a great aunt who was abandoned by her husband with two pre school children in Grand Junction, Colorado in December of 1930. The Salvation Army saved their lives.

    BTW, kudos to Zeke for donating $21K to the Salvation Army. And at least the NFL realized the PR hit they would take if they fined him.

  13. This one simple gesture will make more positive difference than all of the multi-millionaire idiots that refuse to stand for our national anthem.

  14. I trust the Salvation Army and the Red Cross more than I do politicians to actually help people in need.

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