Skip Bayless loves him some Skip Bayless

Getty Images

In a development that is both hilarious and entirely unsurprising, notorious hot-take artist and Troy Aikman agitator Skip Bayless has peeled back the curtain to reveal a degree of sensitivity to social media that few actually possess. We think.

As noticed by Ollie Connolly, Bayless posted comments on a Facebook Live stream that contained over-the-top praise of Bayless. He apparently intended to do it under a dummy account. The dummy, of course, was Bayless himself.

Most media types claim to ignore the things said about them on social. Most are lying. But few, presumably, stoop to affirmatively creating false praise of themselves.

The question now becomes whether and to what extent others do the same. It possibly will become a cottage industry for those in the media who cover the media.

For some in the media, the Bayless embarrassment could become the source of inspiration. As long as they’re not dumb enough to forget to switch to the dummy account before signing their own praises to the rest of the world.

Many will think it’s merely humorous. Others will wonder whether the behavior speaks to deeper flaws of character that will make anything Bayless says inherently suspect.

This would assume that anyone actually listens to Bayless. I’m not convinced anyone does.

Except for the dummy who runs his dummy accounts.