Skip Bayless loves him some Skip Bayless

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In a development that is both hilarious and entirely unsurprising, notorious hot-take artist and Troy Aikman agitator Skip Bayless has peeled back the curtain to reveal a degree of sensitivity to social media that few actually possess. We think.

As noticed by Ollie Connolly, Bayless posted comments on a Facebook Live stream that contained over-the-top praise of Bayless. He apparently intended to do it under a dummy account. The dummy, of course, was Bayless himself.

Most media types claim to ignore the things said about them on social. Most are lying. But few, presumably, stoop to affirmatively creating false praise of themselves.

The question now becomes whether and to what extent others do the same. It possibly will become a cottage industry for those in the media who cover the media.

For some in the media, the Bayless embarrassment could become the source of inspiration. As long as they’re not dumb enough to forget to switch to the dummy account before signing their own praises to the rest of the world.

Many will think it’s merely humorous. Others will wonder whether the behavior speaks to deeper flaws of character that will make anything Bayless says inherently suspect.

This would assume that anyone actually listens to Bayless. I’m not convinced anyone does.

Except for the dummy who runs his dummy accounts.

55 responses to “Skip Bayless loves him some Skip Bayless

  1. My mother taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say about Skip Bayless then don’t say anything so, …….!

  2. It also exposes the media flaw of promoting one of their own as being any more of an expert at anything than the average reader. You might have to find a way to justify what Bayless did in order to cover.

  3. Hopefully Sharpe will troll him incessantly, so the 25 people who actually watch the allegedly “fastest growing sorts show” can be amused.

    Meanwhile Skip will ape not just The Orange Haired One not just in trying to praise himself anonymously, but then lying about it after he gets caught.

  4. LOL. This guy is such a clown. When Stephen a Smith is viewed as the “reasonable one”, then you know you have issues

  5. reading a comment calling Skip “the man” does not encourage me to watch, listen, or read Bayless. Give us something linking insight his commentary provides rather than fandom.

    Only the mouth breathers go, “Oh, I hear Skip is the Man and I gotta check that out.”

  6. That happens quite a bit on message boards. Came to the conclusion there are people getting paid to post contrary info to stir up the flock. It’s quite evident when the shill’s post doesn’t get deleted but other posts that expose the scam do.

  7. Skip’s the only guy that likes Skip.

    The fact he’s using a dummy account to give himself props surprises no one.

    Honestly – were I his boss – I’d consider it a fire-able/suspend-able offense. His having a job is based upon having an “audience” – he’s faking his audience.

  8. do you actually think Skip actually wrote this and not some intern? Skip may love him some Skip, but Florio sure loves writing about Skip loving Skip.

  9. Lots of celebrities have sock accounts, usually controlled by people hired to praise the celebrity.

    Looks like Bayless considers himself more of a celebrity than a media person. Not that he’s good at either one…

  10. “Others will wonder whether the behavior speaks to deeper flaws of character that will make anything Bayless says inherently suspect.”

    How could anything be more inherently suspect than his having said it?

  11. The guy is such a sad and empty soul.

    I remember reading an article about him in which he says he sacrificed having children for the good of his career.

    It doesn’t get much more pathetic than that.

  12. Everyone says they don’t like Skip, but he’s still got a gig, so someone is paying attention. I try not to, but I failed in this instance, I hope my laughing at him doesn’t help him out.

  13. Not since Howard Cosell was there a more obnoxious sportscaster but you have to remember, at least Howard Cosell had an ounce of talent, something nobody ever accused Skip of having.

    Its like the TV programming executives asked themselves, “What’s more annoying that scraping your fingernails across a chalk board” and then sign Skip based on that answer.

  14. What a sad, sad little man. He must be dying inside knowing that nobody loves or respects him. To be driven to posting fanboi email on his own account under false pretenses to gain an ounce of pride truly shows how hungry he is for approval and acceptance. This little man needs help. If this isn’t the reality check he needs as proof, then nothing can save him. Just fade to black Skip. Nobody will miss you.

  15. This Bayless guy is so irritating. I will never watch anything with him in it just on principle.

    That said, isn’t it possible that he wrote that intentionally as a joke? I don’t know. Seems plausible enough though. You may be jumping to conclusions by accusing him of “forgetting to switch his accounts.”

  16. His show is complete rubbish now, who cares what he says.
    He has a huge ego, and he never should have left Stephen A.
    I guess he has to write phoney notes about himself, because no one else cares.

  17. Our society places odd value on many things, that this guy actually makes serious $$ has to be near the top of the list.

  18. Well, he’s about the only one who “loves him some Skip Bayless”. His last show stunk and so does his new one. Unwatchable no matter who they pair him with. Drama queen…it’s supposed to be a sports show!

  19. You really don’t think this was intentional? Skip Bayless is a troll and he knows that praising himself with his own account draws more attention to him and his show in the end.

    You guys are feeding the troll.

  20. Bayless exists only to keep Screamin’ A. Smith from being the most irritating person on television.

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