Washington cuts into lead after blown call on Cam Newton


Cam Newton thought he finally got a call. Until he didn’t.

The Panthers were just driven out of field goal range with a chance to add to their lead, when Newton was flagged for taunting Washington’s Trent Murphy.

Of course, the fact that Murphy had hit him helmet-to-helmet as Newton was sliding might have angered the Panthers quarterback a bit, causing him to flip the ball in Murphy’s direction before making a first-down signal.

That Newton was taunting was obvious. But he and everybody else seemed to be surprised when Murphy wasn’t penalized, and Panthers coach Ron Rivera continued to chew on officials after the play. Since the opener, the Panthers have been trying to get people’s attention about the hits to the head Newton is taking, to no apparent avail.

Washington responded with an 89-yard touchdown drive, with Robert Kelley plowing in for the score, before a missed extra point which left the score 13-9. It was an odd momentum swing, as the Panthers had been the aggressors all night prior to the flag.

24 responses to “Washington cuts into lead after blown call on Cam Newton

  1. It’s right per the rules. Since Murphy had already committed himself when newton began to slide and the contact wasn’t a “forcible” blow to the head, it’s clean.

    As well it should be. Common sense dictates that there’s not much Murphy couldn’t done differently there.

  2. If that was Brady, Rodgers, Brees,Rivers, Flacco, Manning, Ben, Palmer, flag would have been thrown. This is going to be turned into this week’s racial fire storm.

  3. What a stupid diva Newton is. Flipping the ball at Murphy to take Carolina out of FG range? Bonehead move. People call Aaron Rodgers a diva but Cam is ten times worse. No wonder the Panthers tanked this season. I would want to have nothing to do with this man as a teammate. Karma for all his look at me hot dogging.

  4. Cam is a damned whiny baby for such a large specimen.
    Pretty boy syndrome? Thinks he’s too pretty to mess up? I know he’s in love with himself. With all the bow ties and what not.
    If he was a good quarterback, it wouldn’t matter. But he’s not. He’s like Bortles. Living on his draft position.

  5. The defender was committing to trying to take Cam down at the same time Newton STARTED to go down into the slide.

    So on a bang bang play I feel it was a good noncall, its bad enough when a player trying to get cheap yardage sliding late or stepping out of bounds and then getting yardage tacked on, because they timed it well, and then were hit “OB”

    All those other QBs may have got that call, but it would be more likely that they would have got it, because they started their slide MUCH earlier, making the hit late much clearer and not up for interpretation.

  6. Give me a break. Cam waited until the last second, maybe hoping to get a late hit on him, to go to the ground. The redskins player left his feet diving for Cam’s midsection. While the player was airborne Cam started his slide and the player grazed cam’s helmet while Cam was on his way to the ground.

    You can’t change physics.

  7. Newton was very late to slide. I actually thought Trent Murphy did a good job not nailing him.

    At the very worst, it’s a 50/50 call.

    The Newton response? Unsportsmanlike Conduct. All day, every day.

  8. “It was a missed call. You can’t hit a sliding quarterback… you can’t hit a sliding quarterback in the head.”

    Uhhhhhhhh. I think the Redskins just proved you can…….

  9. I have no dog in this hunt. Maybe I’m rooting very lukewarmly for Carolina due to playoff implications. There was nothing illegal about that hit. It was a late slide, impossible for the defender stop in mid air and there was no targeting with the helmet, only grazing contact. Some of you Panther homers need to remove the blinders.

  10. It could have been a lot worse obviously, but it was still a penalty.

    I think the ref missed it because it wasn’t bad. But it was still a helmet to helmet hit on a sliding QB. I believe by the rule book, intent doesn’t matter–it was contact.

    I am not sure how the ref missed this. Or any one of countless calls in a typical game–bad spots, long conferences, phantom PI calls, obvious PI calls missed, phantom holding calls, and in the prior detroit-chicago game, a call meant for the chicago that was called on a detroit player–the wrong team!

    I don’t know if making the officials work full time would help, but they need to do something. It seems that they are unofficially using replay monitors to check spots of the ball–just make it official. I would follow what belichick said and let them review everything.

    And better technology for checking if a ball broke the plane. Its a billion dollar industry, they can afford more camera around the end zone and sidelines for more accurate calls on out of bounds.

    And for the love of everything, stop the excessive celebration penalties. As long as they aren’t trying to start a fight or directly taunting the other team, just let it go. One player did snow angels and got a PI flag and another did not. And per the NFL, thats …ok because it was a judgement call that one player was excessively celebrating with his snow angels. I guess the other was doing it wrong..

  11. First, he didn’t even hit him helmet to helmet. His arm barely grazed Newtons helmet. Newton is a runner and Murphy was already going for the tackle before Newton started to slide. Think it’s funny people say it was helmet to helmet when the ref had the best view of it out of anyone. What about that hit from the Carolina defender on Reed completely away from the play and went right after his hurt shoulder. That was obvious intent to injure but the refs missed that call huh?

  12. anyone actually SEE the play?…msn dingbat also posted hit to the head missed call….when CLEARLY , there was NO contact AT ALL!

  13. QBs have an easy out to slide to give themselves up, its up to them to decide on sliding late, getting hit, and possibly not getting the call they feel they are “entitled too,” or sliding early giving up an extra two yards but making a hit being delivered black and white instead of the grey area.

    There are pictures all over, the defender is all ready lowering himself to tackle, and Newton is starting to prepare to slide but a player chasing a scrambling QB doesn’t have time to to stop on a dime like that, or guess if the runner is getting ready to slide or juke.

    Cam has situational awareness, which is why he tried sliding when he did to try and get a first down, via penalty, he slid after just getting back to the LOS on 3rd and 9. That was his best chance to get it, as far as the”head shot goes” defenders need some room players sliding late are likely to get contacted in the head when opponents slide late from players that are all ready commited to making a tackle

  14. hey Darin Gantt-Newton did not ” flip the ball in Murphy’s direction” he flipped the ball directly at him and it hit him. The correct call was made.
    Newton (the biggest cry baby in the NFL) has a history of sliding late in an attempt to draw flags and the refs aren’t buying it.

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