Earl Thomas “caught in between” retiring and returning

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Shortly after Seahawks safety Earl Thomas broke his leg in an early December victory over the Panthers, he tweeted that he had a lot running through his mind “including retirement.”

He said the next day that it wasn’t just post-injury hyperbole and that he was taking things one day a time. During a Tuesday interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Thomas said emotions were heavy at that time but that he still feels “kind of the same way” about possibly walking away from the game because of doubts about fully recommitting himself to the demands of professional football.

“Yeah, I’m kind of enjoying just waking up in the morning without the pressure,” Thomas said. “Peace is starting to return to me, bro, and I think that’s my ultimate goal in life. I just want to have peace. But I can say when I went back to the [Seahawks practice facility] the other day, my competitive juices came right back. I don’t know, man. I’m kind of caught in between right now. … I’m never going to step on a football field half-heartedly. When I go out there, I want to be out there with my balls hanging — don’t want to say my balls hanging, but just — no fear, that’s a better way to say it. But if I have any doubts, I don’t want to play the game.”

The Seahawks would probably like to know how he’s feeling before free agency and the draft, but that still leaves plenty of time for Thomas to ponder all sides of the question and come up with a decision about his plans for 2017 and beyond.

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  1. Awesome player. I can understand that he wants to play at 100% and not just cash a paycheck
    Much respect

  2. The inevitable conclusion to this will be a statement wherein Thomas was overwhelmed by support from the fans and his teammates, and that he is back on board to help the team compete for a championship.
    The rest of the retirement rhetoric is nonsense, dude just needs some attention and love from his adoring fans. Not a surprise coming from a player on the biggest ‘look at me’ team in the NFL.

  3. Well, seeing his team decline so much has to be one of the reasons.

    Also, not using steroids has to clear his head somewhat.

    Maybe he doesn’t like being angry all the time?


  4. .
    It’s Brett Favre redux. We are looking at eight months of daily speculation. Anyone hear from Michael Sam lately?

  5. Best idea yet;
    Make an informed decision once healthy. Remember this guy isn’t used to missing games.

  6. All you haters ought to think before typing. He is not a “look at me” player, never has been. You’d all take him and immediately make him the starter in your teams defensive backfield.

  7. It sounds like he’s coming back and just wants to be sure. Nothing wrong with that at all. He wants to make sure he’s “all in” because that’s the only way he plays.

  8. I bet if the Seahawks are willing to renegotiate his contract and give him more money, he will be back. Too bad he has a buffoon for a head coach.

  9. I remember Sam Bradford (who is tissue paper soft) getting flak for months….for much less

    That being said, you’re talking about a guy that’s never had a major injury until now. It’s only natural to think about it when you are rich, young, and relatively healthy. Do you still want to risk it? Maybe still thinking about it a month later isn’t as natural, but I can’t blame him for the initial comment/thought

  10. Oh good god, give me a break… this right here is a perfect example of typical millennial snowflake mentality, surprisingly coming from ET… ZERO chance he’s going to retire… he just wants himself some attention

  11. so many haters… the guy has already had success
    (SB WINNER) and is rich. i can’t hold anything against him if he wants to be done. I will also be the first to say i’d want him on my team so don’t confuse this statement as a sign of disrespect. If he comes back i have no doubt he will be the same player. but i don’t think its fair for people to judge him and tell him what to do. its his life, he should do with it as he wishes

  12. The usual dim crew in here….yeah that Earl Thomas always gabbing to the press in his career. Give me a break, the guy is a player and a pro who lets his play do the talking.

    Reporters stick their microphones in a guys face and ask question, and the guy answers about as brutally honest as someone can.

    If he wants to go, sure…but if you’re blessed with the ability, the window is short for a carreer. This is a broken bone, not a concussion or other medical issue that could get worse.

  13. You dummies are really mailing it in today. Earl Thomas III is the only star on the Seahawks drafted in the 1st round. He came from one of the biggest schools and went with the 12th pick. Since his 2nd year he has been the best FS and possibly the best defensive back in the league. And you almost never hear from him. He never seeks attention, never shies from a challenge. He doesn’t weigh in on social issues, doesn’t party with celebs, never appears in the papers in a negative light. He would be the beat player on at least 20 teams right now.
    But, yeah, he is a primadonna “look-at-me” snowflake.

  14. Don’t like the Seahawks, but respect the player. Hoping he can get healthy and back to the player he once was. I’ll always root against Seattle, but wish ET the best.

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