Bills still sore at Jarvis Landry, think winning would be best revenge

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Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry earned the ire of the Bills in the first game between the teams this year for a high block on Bills safety Aaron Williams that sent Williams to the hospital.

Williams, who had previously suffered a serious neck injury, wound up on injured reserve and Landry was fined $24,309 by the league for the hit. Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore made it clear Wednesday that there’s still bad feelings about Landry as the teams prepare for another meeting this Saturday, but that the team wants to get its revenge by dealing a blow to Miami’s playoff chances.

“We know what happened, we know it was a dirty hit but if we win the game I think that’ll hurt them more than doing anything out of the ordinary,” Gilmore said, via the Miami Herald. “It was a dirty hit. I mean I’ve seen it, it was right in front of me. We can’t go out there and play with emotion. We know it was dirty but like I said, we go out there and get the win then that takes care of everything.”

Landry has seven catches for 205 yards in the last two weeks and scored a touchdown last Saturday night, so stopping Landry would be a good way to put themselves on track for a win that would hurt Landry and a lot of others in Miami.

29 responses to “Bills still sore at Jarvis Landry, think winning would be best revenge

  1. The Bills have no room to talk . They have Richie Incognito, who’s one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. Plus, he is a racist.

    I find it very funny that a team with a bully loser for a coach would whine about anything.

  2. .
    Landry was fined 24k for ending Williams career. It’s the same amount that Odell Beckham was fined for removing his helmet when he was out of the end zone and off the field of play.

  3. How about Jay Ajayi runnng all over them – I would be upset about getting punked. One hit in the heat of the moment happiest – this We kind of hits used to be legal and cheeered

  4. The karma gods always win.

    Landry will get his. Just a matter of how, where and when.

    With that said, ideally it will take place on Saturday.

  5. nyneal says:
    Dec 21, 2016 5:39 PM
    The Bills have no room to talk . They have Richie Incognito, who’s one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. Plus, he is a racist.
    Hilarious! Iggy plays with a mean streak and is a model team mate and veteran presence who plays at a high level. Why would you call him a racist? Because some Mr Softee player of yours cried and took his ball and went home. Where is the big baby now? Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

    Dirty player? I know of someone in your back yard that steps on players hands and ankles while on the ground. Elbows knees and testicles when refs aren’t looking. Who? Hint: It rhymes with Poo.

  6. Landry is a dirty player… He knew exactly where he was targeting and what it would do, but he didn’t care… not one bit. After the play was over and Aaron Williams was being taken off the field, Landry came up to him with his lame apology. I ask why apologize when you knew Williams wasn’t looking and that the hit would either hurt him or worse? Now his career is probably over… and what is truly a shame is that he is a damn good player that could have had a long career… hopefully he was good with his money and will be alright. Landry’s 24k fine was an insult.

  7. Typical Rex Ryan team: focusing more energy on “running off at the mouth” than true preparation…thank goodness there’s only 2 more games of this nonsense…well, hopefully only 2 more games!

  8. whatever. it was going to happen to williams sooner or later the way he runs his mouth non-stop. I’m not saying it was his own fault, but if it hadn’t been landry, it would have been someone else at some point.

  9. Not a Rex fan,not a Richie fan, not a Whaley or Pegula fan – quite frankly, not a big fan of this Bills team – so not whining at all. With that said, if $24k is the price tag for an intentional, illegal, helmet to helmet, blind, dirty hit that ends careers – that sets a very clear precedent. Not really much different than 5 yards for illegal motion, 10 yards for holding, $25 for a parking ticket, $150 for a speeding ticket (or $25k for an OBJ helmet fine?!) – but Williams isn’t a star, so no one cares. Wait till someone purposely takes out a perennial all-pro and see what happens. What think – $24k for rolling out Brady’s knee and career? Jack ‘The Assassin’ Tatum, who put the the paralyzing – but legal – hit on Darryl Stingley called out the NFL in his book, ‘They Call Me Assassin’. This is a – very old – NFL problem, not a Miami problem, not a Buffalo problem – an NFL problem.

  10. Fins are going to have a very tough time trying to beat the Bills this week. Fins 24 Bills 20.

  11. “I ask why apologize when you knew Williams wasn’t looking ”

    Why would a safety not be looking?

    Nobody purposely was trying to end anyone career. If a Bills wr had done this to another afc east team you guys would have loved it as a great hit.

  12. The hit was high but it was from the front. Its not Landry fault the safety wasn’t paying attention to whats in front of him. I could see behind him or even from the side but right in his face. Landry was looking for a big block and thats exactly what he got. Its unfortunate that the Williams suffered a serious injury from it but the only thing intentional about it was Landry was looking for a crushing block NOT intentionally looking to injure or end anybody carreer or season. If it was meant to injure Landry would not have immediately felt bad and apologized. You could see Landry on the side line just beating himself up for it….he was clearly feeling bad because injury wasn’t his intention but rather a big block kinda like Hines Ward for the Steelers used to do

  13. Watch the play he is blocking for a teammate running with the ball down the field. When football was real football 70’s 80’s 90’s those hits happened all the time…I hope Landry scores 3TD’s and shuts up everbody

  14. It was a dirty hit. I felt bad for the guy. Landry had a questionable dirty hit against a Cardinal defensive player that I thought had something to do with Tannehill getting hurt later in the game. Landry is a passionate player, but he needs to dial it down when he’s blocking guys who are defenseless.

  15. Facts. 1 Laundry is a tough player who looks for contact. 2 Rex Ryan is not the coach you would want if you want a consistently winning football team. He is to much a buddy to his players. Nice guy,good assistant type but not a no. 1. 3 This game is stacked against The Fins because I just dont think we are that good. I have watched every game and apart from the Jets last week not once have we put together a nice solid game. We are a very indeciplined team both with penalties and gap assignments. This will hopefully improve with another offseason under our coaches but this year I am afraid Rex will be smiling on Christmas Eve.

  16. I saw Aaron Williams dive at the New England player to try and save a TD. NE was gonna get in, I wish he would never have done it. Passionate leader in the secondary and a Top 10% player in the league. I’d like to have that harder hitter back, he would have cleaned Landry’s clock – clean.

  17. Williams already had a neck injury prior to the Landry hit. If you fans were so worried about the mans well being, perhaps you should have sent him a letter urging him to retire after the first injury. Apparently, at least to Williams, it was worth the risk to be back on the field and running across the field without looking where he was going. Was the hit high, yup. Was is dirty, no way. You can’t play football with your head up your butt.

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