Russell Wilson tries to turn the page on Richard Sherman’s criticism of the offense

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson launched his Wednesday press conference with a joke.

“Don’t make me take y’all’s credentials today,” he said with a smile.

It was a tonge-in-cheek reference to Tuesday’s comments from cornerback Richard Sherman, who capped a combative press conference regarding his complaints about offensive play calling with a threat to “ruin” a reporter’s career by getting his credentials revoked. Later in the press conference, Wilson offered a less frivolous reference to Sherman’s remarks about the offense.

“Who knows about if it could go too far?” Wilson said regarding whether Sherman has taken it too far or eventually will. “We’re not worried about that, we’re moving on, everyone is focused and committed to winning and committed to one another. We’re all competitive, we all want to be great, we all want to win. We’ve all had a lot of great wins, we’ve had some tough losses, but at the end of the day it’s about choosing to be committed to one another. That’s what we are. We have all the love in the world for one another and that’s really our only focus. I think that’s where our focus is right now.”

Still, it doesn’t sound as if Wilson will be factoring Sherman’s views on not throwing from the doorstep of the end zone in the future.

“I hope we get to the one yard line again, and I’d throw it again too if it was the right call, right timing,” Wilson said, specifically in reference to being at the one yard line at the end of the Super Bowl. “I have all the confidence in the world in that, I have all the confidence in the world in the players that we have. I have all the confidence in [running back] Thomas Rawls, all the confidence in all the other running backs we have. I have all the confidence in our receivers and tight ends and offensive line to make the play. You prepare to win, you prepare to do everything we can to be at the highest level and it goes both ways, it’s a reciprocal thing. We have all the confidence in the world in our defense, all the confidence in the world in special teams and our field goal kicker and what he can do. There’s no reservations in my mind, no hesitation at all and we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to win and finding ways.”

Wilson nevertheless insists that Sherman’s apparent lack of confidence in the offense will not become a distraction.

“It’s not an issue for us,” Wilson said. “We’re focused on practice, we’re not really talking about it. You guys ask questions so I think it’s important to answer and make sure that you guys understand, but for us we’re committed to winning, committed to one another. I know everybody on the defense is committed to us, we’re committed to the defense, and vice versa. We’re committed to the Seattle Seahawks and being all in on that. That’s the passion and love we have for one another. As a journey, great things are going to happen, we believe that, it’s because of how we prepare. That’s our sole purpose.”

That may not be Sherman’s sole purpose. Wilson, coach Pete Carroll, and anyone else can try to talk their way around it, but the truth is that Sherman: (1) has no regrets about what happened last week; (2) believes he has the right to do it again whenever he wants; and (3) probably at some point will. The only question is whether that will happen with the season on the line — and whether it will potentially derail the season.

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  1. He reminds me of TO. I hope the Giants or Dallas humiliate that Seahawks D in the playoffs just so his foot is stuck back in his mouth. Giants should be playing them first and if they can’t do it then Dallas should be able to.

  2. Don’t be shocked if Pete Carroll ends up coaching the Rams. Some of the leaders in Seattle like Wilson and Sherman are just weird dudes. Carroll is such a positive guy, but he might be looking for an escape.

  3. Since we are hoping, Russell…

    I hope Sherman is traded to the AFC next year and meets Seattle in the Super Bowl and Wilson throws him a pick from the opponent’s 1 yard line with the game in the balance. I have all the confidence in the world that Russell would be fine with that because as long as he has his commitment to his teammates, he doesn’t need championships.

  4. Yo Sherman. You made it, bro. You’re a millionaire football star celebrity. Quit actin’ like you’re still some punk from Compton and the “man” is out to get you. Check the ego before it destroys you.

  5. Remember when Wilson threw that interception in the super bowl? Good thing because patriots would be 0 – 3 in super bowls since Spygate. Belichick should wake up every morning and call Sony and Carroll to thank for his sb wins.

  6. The Seahawks will be cursed until they just admit the obvious that it was the worst freaking call of all time and a major blunder and commit to run from now on from the the one…

    Then they can run a few times and put it in the rear view mirror…and maybe Wilson can throw in the future…but from the one, fades and corners bro, not to the compacted middle…Jimmy F Graham….Bevell and Wilson from the one, not a good combo…I would rather drink untreated swamp water…

  7. Wilson deserves better than Sherman for a team mate.

    Tell him not to let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird brain for the rest of this year, then deal him to a losing organization.

  8. Russell Wilson, who forever will be the symbol for snatching defeat away from the jaws of victory

  9. At least the Broncos waited til they were in the locker room to talk about it, that’s why their Off/Def stand off isn’t in the media as much as this one.

  10. Listen, you’ll. I am not a seahawk fan but if I were management, I would think about cutting ties with sherman. He is arrogant, and over rated. They have a good defense in spite of him. He is an absolute headache for any team.

  11. Why does Seattle’s Def vs. Off get more press than an all out fight being broken up by the coach in Denver’s locker room? Seems to me that Seattle players are moving forward, but the media will not let it. Mean while you have a guy who will shoot himself getting into fights that need the coach to break up. You would think that the team who lost last week and is the defending champs would be a bigger deal.

  12. “Everyone is focused and committed to winning and committed to each other”
    Except for Thomas who is in a quandry about whether he wants to return once he heals up. A return would mean getting back to making Sherman look like he is special at corner while Sherman markets himself by continually hogging the spotlight. We will see soon enough how well Sherman backs up his mouth in this playoff stretch.

  13. I’ve seen enough passes completed on Sherman… that he should just shut up.

    Primadona… sheesh. Some NFL players need a shrink… and medication…. and a muzzle.

    Hate to say… love to see him scorched for major points… then laid out by a very legal block.

  14. Sherman is a good motivator of team mates, by bad mouthing them to the press. I wonder why other players don’t do that?
    Maybe fear of getting cut?
    You can get away with a lot if you are a star player.
    Hopefully the day comes after he’s declined, and he mouths off, and is cut.

  15. Just what you need this time of year, Sherman popping his mouth off, but this time, about his own teammates !!!

  16. “magnumpimustache says:
    Dec 21, 2016 9:01 PM
    You remember when Wilson threw that interception in the super bowl?

    That was awesome.”

    What was even better was the look of pain and agony on Dick Sherman’s face as he was yapping it up and mugging for the camera on the sidelines. Then The Throw happened and he went from “Look at ME!” to “My heart has been ripped out of my chest”.

    Too bad Percy Harvin isn’t still on the team to take care of Dick Sherman and his cancerous attitude.

  17. On to Cincinnati – On to the Playoffs

    NFC West Champions – Again. And the haters can’t stand it. It’s nice being Seattle. We don’t care what the rest of you think about our team. Deal with that.

  18. magnumpimustache says:
    Dec 21, 2016 9:01 PM
    You remember when Wilson threw that interception in the super bowl?

    That was awesome.

    As a Packers fan, I’m surprised that wasn’t ruled a TD.

  19. Enjoy the first round of the play offs Russel because after that you and your bunch of jackwads will be sitting home watching the rest of the playoffs. Love it

  20. This team’s window is closing fast, and they all know it.

    Another tough loss in the playoffs ought to be just enough for this group to turn on each other.

  21. Bevell is a boring offensive coordinator, who lacks creativity. While Hawks getting their butt kicked vs Green Bay, all Bevell had was same ol _hit. Not one trick play was tried to take heat off of offense. Rodgers should of had surgery, after the beatings by DE’s. And don’t remember one bunch formation, or flee flicker.

  22. Calling out Derrel Bevell as the idiot Seahawk fans have known him to be will not derail the season. More likely it will save it.

  23. magnumpimustache says:

    You remember when Wilson threw that interception in the super bowl?

    That was awesome.
    You remember when Wilson played a flawless game and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl 43-8? That was awesome

  24. Everyone in Seattle would be happier with the offense if the team hadn’t tried to go cheap on the offensive line. The fans know it and the players know it.

  25. The good news is that when Sherman’s playing days are over, we know he’ll make a great offensive coordinator.

  26. Its on Mommy and Daddy Sherman. If they raised him to disrespect everyone he comes in contact with, fans, players, refs, media, then it is on them. He makes a lot of money. Some people confuse lots of money with people that have value. Outside of a football field, where is this value. Anyone with that much money can throw a bit at charities and that still doesn’t make them a good person. What makes each person is how the represent themselves to the world. Richard Sherman in the grand scheme of things is nothing. Want to talk about ruining a career. Joe Blow has a greater chance of ruining Shermans career coming across the middle and targeting his knee or head. We live in the now and tomorrow Sherman could be a speck on the dust of NFL history and he will be remembered as an idiot.

  27. What’s funny is that Jim Moore (ESPN Seattle), that media guy Sherman confronted has no problem with his statement…says Moore,
    “In my mind, it’s hardly newsworthy enough to be a story. If anything, I figured Seahawks’ beat writers would make a note out of it and put it in little type at the end of their stories.”
    As for Seattle imploding; not likely. Seattle has a real opportunity to secure their #2 seed and a first round playoff bye this weekend, with a little help from Detroit and Atlanta. They can still do so by winning out as well. In other words, Seattle is sitting better than most in the league.
    The Seahawks have Bennett back, Rawls is healthy, Lockett has moved up to the #2 receiver spot, Terrell is doing fine at FS, the line did better against the Rams front, Wilson is finally mobile, as our Baldwin and Graham. A note on pro bowl voting…Justin Britt at center was voted as an alternate, which makes his missing the Tampa game even more obvious to how important he is to the line.
    RB CJ Prosise, Seattle’s promising 3rd round pick may well be back from injury for the playoffs, a huge boost to Seattle’s offensive scheme.
    Seattle is still 1st in points allowed defensively and finishes their season with Arizona at home (only team undefeated at home in 16) and the 49ers on the road.

    Sherman isn’t going to implode a team; in fact, Seattle and their post season experience returns to the playoffs for a 5th straight year in a far better situation than they faced in 2015.
    Finally, Sherman actually apologized for his comment (seems to have missed national exposure) and as a team, Seattle is not a location other playoff teams are looking forward to visiting.
    The pundits have spoken; let’s see how the games play out.

  28. Wonder how cool Sherm would be if Mr. Wilson decided to ask the coach and media why Sherm seems to give up passes and TD’s whenever he doesn’t have safety help over the top – or the thread of it?

  29. Sherman has every right to be critical of the offense. Look no further than the Green Bay game as evidence. Wilson’s offense could only score 10 points (and 7 of those came when the game was already decided), while Sherman’s defense held the Packers to a mere 38 points.

  30. ” I have all the confidence in our receivers and tight ends and offensive line”

    Russ- you’re offensive line is a joke… nice try

  31. “Nothing to see here, folks!”

    – Russell Wilson, as he tries to shove all the low scoring games into the closet.

  32. Sherman is not dissing the offensive player, he is pointing directly at Darrell Bevell who creates friction between Seahawk fans. Some absolutely hate his play calling especially in the red zone, others defend him and point to deficiencies on the offensive line.

    There is a serious problem with calls in the red zone and that’s what Sherman is vocalizing. They have targeted Jermaine Kearse 13 times in the red zone this year and he has 0 catches. The defense has had their hiccups this year but they rank near the top in every category besides 3rd downs.

  33. RegisHawk says:
    Dec 22, 2016 6:21 AM
    You forgot how (4) you’re nobody to sit in judgment, be it by implication or not.

    That has never stopped you or the rest of the 12’s when it comes to a certain AFC team in the Northeast.

  34. Dick Sherman can complain about the offense, but why is he doing it in public? Oh that’s right. He’s like a WWE wrestler in that nothing can be done behind closed doors. It all has to be in the ring with a microphone airing dirty laundry. Dick Sherman LOVES the camera and just will.not.shut.up.

    Pete: Dick, we need to talk about this controversy. Step into my office and close the door.

    Sherman: Hang on, Cheatey Petey (calls press conference, preens in front of mirror). OK.

  35. maust1013 says:
    Dec 22, 2016 10:59 AM

    That has never stopped you or the rest of the 12’s when it comes to a certain AFC team in the Northeast.

    The difference there would be my team doesn’t go out of its way to build a reputation as cheaters. In such a case, presumption is no longer part of the equation.

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