Matthew Stafford on Pro Bowl snub: “I don’t care”

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford isn’t particularly concerned about not being chosen to the Pro Bowl.

Asked today why he thinks he wasn’t selected despite playing well this year, Stafford shrugged it off.

“I don’t know,” Stafford said. “And I don’t care.”

Not being chosen isn’t necessarily an insult to Stafford: Although he’s had a good year, you can certainly make a case that the three NFC quarterbacks chosen ahead of him — Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, Dallas’s Dak Prescott and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers — have all had better years.

And, of course, there are two other things to consider about Stafford, and about every player snubbed for the Pro Bowl: There’s a good chance Stafford will still end up being chosen to the NFC Pro Bowl team when another quarterback drops out. And Stafford would prefer not to make the Pro Bowl, because he’d rather be in the Super Bowl a week later.

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  1. Stafford has hardly ever gotten love from someone who doesn’t follow him. He’s always been a good qb, he just now has a line that can provide time for him to get through his reads.

    Same at UGA, he was a good qb then in college.


  2. It’s not a HUGE snub I guess but imagine Stafford behind that Cowboys line with Zeke back there. Now put Dak on the Lions. I don’t think he has 4 wins.

  3. Anyone who really knows Matthew is not surprised by his not caring about the Pro Bowl….He is the ultimate team player, always has been ,always will be….

  4. And neither does anyone else…

    I’m not sure why the pro-bowl, the hall of fame, the Heisman trophy, or any other subjective accolades continue to get coverage. They don’t mean anything.

  5. I would have given Stafford the nod over Rodgers due to Rodgers’ lack of being consistently great and Stafford doing more with less, but Goofdell loves Rodgers – as proved when the league did nothing over Rodgers’ 2015 admisson of a long-running scheme to present improperly inflated sets of balls in the hopes the refs would let them pass. Rodgers’ rating for the 5 years before deflategate was 109, and since then 96 – a 13 point drop.

  6. Matt needs better players around him, particularly on the O line. If he had even a semblance of an NFL average running game, it would dramatically change his career path and the Lions short and long term fortunes.

    It falls on Quinn to keep stacking the O and D lines if he wants to build a true contender. The little guys makes the highlight reels but it is the big uglies that are the engine of a team.

  7. worst year for refs and Pro Bowl snubs. keep it going NFL. you’re headed in the right direction. maybe Mark Cuban was right.

  8. Like their Super Bowl teams in the 90s, the MVP of the Cowboys is the OL and it’s not even close.

  9. He needs to win a big game on the road (this week’s game would be wonderful) and win a playoff game. Do that and the love will come.

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

  10. Of course he cares, who wouldn’t. There’s just no point in whining about it. I give him credit for figuring that much out at least.

  11. Not that it has anything to with football, but Matt Stafford is one of the all time great people to play in the NFL. One of the classiest and most humble players I have ever come across. Hard not to root for him.

  12. I love it! The pro bowl, all star games, etc., even the HOF is just so darn political it doesn’t carry that much weight. Stafford is leading the Lions to a lot of victories. That’s really all that matters.

  13. Roger has turned the Pro Bowl into an even bigger joke than it was, and by playing it the week before the Super Bowl, a good portion of the people selected don’t even show up.

    At least they went back to the AFC vs. NFC formula, rather than that stupid schoolyard pick nonsense.

  14. If you follow him at all you know that he genuinely does not care. When he threw for 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns and the team won 11 games, he still wasn’t chosen. The one year he did go (as Alt) he was named MVP. This year he is being knocked because his stats don’t match up quite as well as those listed ahead of him…and all he has done is carried a 3-4 win team to the brink of a division championship. And he is still only 28. I’m pretty sure he can live with that.

  15. How is it a snub? All three guys chosen are having better seasons. You can’t make any sane argument picking him over Dak and Matt. Aaron is the only guy you could argue with but I’d take Rodgers since Matt’s performance has declined the last few weeks.

    I am so sick of people going on about QB snubs every year. THREE guys get picked per team and there are almost always more than 6 deserving QBs. What about Brees? Guy leads the league in yards (on pace for over 5200), TDs (on pace for 39 or 40)and is 4th in QB rating and I don’t see the articles here going on about him not being selected.

    I am sure some will say “yeah but he’s on a team that isn’t good” as though that should somehow factor into the pro bowl selection which should be purely based on stats/performance. If all that matters is winning then may as well just have the teams selected from the rosters of the top say 4 teams in the league.

  16. Well, hopefully he’ll get a pass for playing in the nfc championship game or preparing for the super bowl.

    Rodgers stunk half the season, Stafford has been consistent.

  17. LOL People are always on here swearing they don’t watch or care about the Pro Bowl, but then come on here complaining when certain players don’t make it.

  18. Everytime I see this guy’s name in print, all I hear in my head is that annoying ESPN draft analyst annoyingly saying his name over and over again on draft day. Annoyed me so bad I can’t remember his name though it’s the one that the one comedian does an impression of.

  19. His answer was perfect to a stupid question.

    It’s kind of ridiculous to even ask this question unless you can tell me a good reason anyone of the three selected should be dropped for Stafford.

    Stafford’s had a very good year.

    Not everyone gets a trophy.

    Move on.

  20. Not even a debate he is better than Dak Prescott. Behind that o-line with Zeke in the backfield Stafford would probably have 40 tds already. This is not taking anything away from Dak, but c’mon man. He got in because he’s on a popular team that is leading the league, not because he’s better than Stafford or Brees. On the flip side, Stafford should be happy and he shouldn’t care. The Pro Bowl is a joke.

  21. Here’s to one of the NFL’s good guys and one of the best QB’s in the game.

    Go Lions, it’s a Motor City Shakedown.

  22. I disagree with the comment above about the Hall of Fame not meaning anything. The guys voting for the Hall of Fame take it very seriously and do a lot of analysis to try and get it right. Just read some of Peter King’s articles about how each nominee gets an ‘advocate’ who makes a case for them to all of the other voters. The Pro Bowl, on the other hand, is mostly a popularity vote.

  23. He’s had a Pro-Bowl quality year but like others said – only 3 get to go.

    Those stating he should go over AR – I don’t see it.

    Aaron has more yards, more yards per game, 10 more TD’s, 1 less INT and an overall PR better by almost 5 points.

    You simply can’t make the case that MS played at a pro-bowl level but AR didn’t. Or that MS is playing at a HIGHER level than AR is – on average over the season.

    It’s about the season, not one game.

  24. On the bright side, other than the ultimate excuse of playing in the SB, he won’t have to manufacture an excuse since he wasn’t selected. And if he’s picked as a replacement…oops, sorry already had family vacation planned. Where? To an undisclosed location.

  25. Everyone drops out in the Pro Bowl….Don’t be surprised if so many players withdraw, they’ll have to call on the beer vendor and the heckling fan in section 420 just to complete the roster.

  26. well, the pro bowl is voted by the fans,.. who as everyone knows are always very rational, and ALWAYS the most informed.

    I mean, they only watch their team, so they KNOW their guys are going,… anyway back to reality.

    I wouldn’t care either, pro-bowls really aren’t a mark of talent as much as who’s fan base is bigger and doing well enough,… which has zero to do with individual talent.

    So can’t blame him, FURTHER more, most players don’t like going cause it’s just another possible injury for a game that ABSOLUTELY doesn’t matter.

  27. matthoover4 says:
    Dec 22, 2016 5:53 PM
    Drew Brees leads the league in yards and touchdowns.

    I’d say it’s safe to say he’d like an explanation.

    2 4
    Report comment

    two likes 4 down votes,.. but he actually leads the league in both of those stats,… 4 PEOPLE have their heads sooo buried they think this guy is lying,…. this is why the probowl doesn’t matter,…

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